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Enterprise Mobility Technology
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Enterprise Mobility Technology
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Mar 21
IBM released a string of DevOps tools to ease development and deployment around advanced apps, simplifying access to cognitive and security services and highlighting IBM’s enterprise-scale differentiators.

Mar 6
BlackBerry is now an enterprise software company focusing on secure mobility, collaboration and IoT. Its challenges are to grow its new solutions before the legacy ones dry up and to convince the world its radical business transformation can work.

Mar 1
Late to the game, SAP adds big data and analytics technologies to its PaaS offering, which has also been rebranded to better reflect its broader solutions for addressing intelligent IoT and mobile apps.

Feb 27
After showing off prototypes at CES, TCL has provided naming, specs, pricing, and availability details for the first BlackBerry smartphone it designed and will sell itself. TCL still has a lot of work to do.

Feb 23
MobileIron has joined its EMM rivals in pursuing IoT security offerings for devices and data. Its existing product architecture is a great fit for IoT, but it’s unclear how it plans to differentiate competitively.

Feb 10
Box’s partnership with RAD provider Mendix adds a modern alternative to enterprise content management, addressing enterprises’ need for both security/governance and rapid application development.

Jan 27
With the centerpiece of MobileIron’s EMM solution quietly moving to the cloud, the vendor finally has a fully cloud-based EMM solution that can effectively compete with key EMM rivals VMware AirWatch and Microsoft.

Jan 20
RAD’s recent innovations have the high-productivity platform poised to be an important component of the cloud development stack.

Jan 20
RAD innovations coupled with the emergence of new development architectures and cloud infrastructures have prompted a heightened sense of urgency among cloud players to include the low-code development platforms within their stacks.

Dec 14 2016
The IoT market is heating up as barriers drop, stemming from innovation driving new solutions around edge-based gateways, key messaging/networking protocols, device security, and integration/API solutions.

Dec 12 2016
There was news last week in every market segment we cover: phones, smartwatches, VR, consumer IoT, and mobile computing! This wrap-up covers the practical and strategic implications of what is usually a quiet period post-Black Friday and pre-CES.

Oct 28 2016
The decision to end its hardware efforts also marks the end of the ‘old’ BlackBerry. No longer tied to inferior handsets, the vendor’s software-centric future is based on mobile management, security, and collaboration, and its future is bright.

Oct 25 2016
The rapidly evolving enterprise mobility management market emphasizes business transformation via secure mobility, but is broadening to encompass configuration management, analytics, and IoT management.

Oct 18 2016
As EMM market leader VMware AirWatch pushes the edge of mobility toward UEM, identity-based access, and IoT, its bold ambitions create specific opportunities for competitors to challenge its strategic priorities and ability to execute.

Oct 11 2016
The new MobileIron Bridge software add-on enables MobileIron customers to manage and configure Windows 10 devices and deploy legacy Windows apps alongside mobile apps. It is key functionality to stay competitive with VMware AirWatch.

Oct 5 2016
VMware AirWatch’s Fall 2016 updates around Windows 10 and smart glass IoT device management push it further from its core capabilities but broaden its appeal. Rival vendors new and old must now be ready to counter the grand AirWatch vision.


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