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Service Enablement Ecosystem
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Apr 24
The seven-year export ban imposed on ZTE by the U.S. Department of Commerce hurts ZTE first and foremost, but could have major repercussions for many U.S. suppliers, ultimately reducing their role in the complex global telco value chain.

Apr 17
Telco software vendors are updating their AI solutions, with Nokia bolstering its Customer Experience Index with automated machine learning, but they need to augment their multivendor and AI-specific services capabilities to win more AI business.

Apr 12
Operators must execute their omnichannel strategies, delivering a consistent, rewarding customer experience according to customer shopping preferences, whether at the retail outlet or online using any device, or lose badly to the digital brands.

Mar 20
For years, vendors have been investing in – and talking up – the possibility of transmitting data using light waves. A trial launched by Philips Lighting in March is a clear sign that meaningful LiFi deployments may be just on the horizon.

Mar 13
TEOCO has launched AirborneUTM, a platform developed to allow operators delivery of drone-based IoT services, markedly differentiating its portfolio, but managing 3D radio environments and scaling UAV services requires broader ecosystem support.

Mar 7
Netcracker unveiled its 5G monetization solution at MWC18, targeted at enabling operators to accelerate the commercialization of new 5G services, but identifying the winning 5G use case is paramount for delivering long-term competitive success.

Feb 27
Amdocs debuted its AmdocsONE platform to spur digital transformation of operator business models, by enabling DevsOp-led deployments of microservices and cloud-native applications, but competition is already intense and operator barriers loom.

Feb 22
Accedian acquires network and application performance management specialist Performance Vision, rapidly boosting its European and enterprise presence, and augmenting its telco assurance portfolio, but risks dilution of telco channel focus.

Feb 21
Nokia’s new Security Risk Index and a white label option help differentiate the vendor’s managed security service offering, but it should identify security partners in order to establish more security ‘street cred.’

Feb 14
AT&T is tapping Accenture to help develop microservices for an internal ordering system, expediting service delivery to the end customer by creating a more agile ordering system, ensuring Verizon does not run away in building out microservices.

Feb 14
Openet’s new open Digital APIs offer reduced digital platform integration costs and timescales, directly challenging incumbent OSS/BSS solutions, but major rivals are ready with their own flexible, cost-saving platforms.

Feb 13
ONAP reached an inflection point in gaining acceptance as the de facto industry-wide standard by adding Verizon and Samsung as ‘Platinum’ backers and Bell/Amdocs showcasing DevOps’ vital role, but the ETSI-aligned OSM alternative remains a barrier.

Feb 6
At MWC 2018, RAN vendors will target the enterprise opportunity; 5G focus will be on evolving the core. End-to-end security will be pervasive, while cellular IoT vendors and operators will push “stability” to differentiate from LPWA alternatives.

Feb 1
Ericsson reported another quarter of revenue decline, significant losses and restructuring pains. Despite faint signs of stabilization on the horizon, executive departures reflect a company that has yet to properly adjust its sails.

Jan 5
Mavenir acquired mobile sponsored data specialist Aquto and unveiled its hosted service plan model to renew innovation of prepaid mobile services, but did not gain the postpaid monetization apps key to boosting loyalty in integrated environments.

Jan 3
GlobalData’s Global Telecom Technology & Software team prepared 2018 predictions. This document summarizes key findings and takeaways across all segments, providing a thorough view of the telco infrastructure market to aid in 2018 planning.

Dec 28 2017
While EXFO moves to finalize its acquisition of mobile assurance specialist Astellia, boosting its service assurance telco footprint and portfolio and spurring consolidation in the assurance market, it must act quickly to establish differentiators.

Dec 21 2017
Operators are eager to make progress on digital transformation goals in 2018 by adopting flexible software licensing and pricing, DevOps, and expanded full-stack implementations, but barriers to automation and collaboration loom.

Dec 19 2017
As 2017 ends, Nokia’s focus on end-to-end solutions and continued commitment to its ‘lead-expand-grow-create’ strategy are logical. Differentiating on end-to-end and executing on non-telco strategic focal points will remain challenges.

Dec 12 2017
Network and service complexity has become a given in telecom. For service providers, this implies an increasingly difficult competitive landscape and potentially costly infrastructure evolutions. Amdocs, however, sees it as a massive opportunity.

Dec 11 2017
Network slicing has been heralded as a key feature of 5G networks that will enable operators to target diverse customer bases without building diverse networks. But, before we execute on the promise, many questions still need to be addressed.

Dec 8 2017
After a history of vendor-led “green” initiatives that have come and gone over the past decade, operators may be driving a more comprehensive and longer-horizon approach that fundamentally alters how networks are built and operated.

Dec 7 2017
VIAVI launched its NITRO platform to accelerate automation of lifecycle and workflow applications. But in order to differentiate, VIAVI must expand orchestration and hybrid management capabilities to counter existing rival portfolio offerings.

Dec 4 2017
It’s easy to focus on 5G as a massive network transformation project. As much as that’s true, executing on the 5G promise will require business transformations which may be more challenging.

Nov 14 2017
Nokia revamped its NetGuard Security Management Center to better assess and prevent network attacks including new IoT threats. The company will now need to weave its endpoint security offerings into a more comprehensive end-to-end proposition.

Nov 1 2017
TCS unveiled its approach to agile software development, requiring a dramatic break from traditional software development (especially in budgeting and scoping), but it must hone its portfolio and marketing in persuading telcos to heed the message.


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