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Service Enablement Ecosystem
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Service Enablement Ecosystem
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Jun 30
Netrounds and Cisco expand their relationship to target growing operator demand for orchestrated assurance, but both companies need to prove they can meet the full range of operator automated assurance demands and accelerate adoption.

Jun 30
Nokia completes its acquisition of Comptel, providing momentum and market validation in the bid to build its standalone software business, but must counter the digital transformation moves made by rivals since the acquisition’s announcement.

Jun 29
ZTE launched its Carrier DevOps 2.0 solution at MWC Shanghai using Docker container capabilities to enable customized 5G network slicing applications, but ZTE needs to address services and licensing aspects to spur operator adoption.

Jun 28
Witbe launched its new cloud-based OTT video monitoring solution, delivered through its Galilei reference network using multiple points of presence globally, but faces near-term operator resistance to third-party cloud implementations.

Jun 27
ZTEsoft unveiled its ZSmart 9 BSS offering aimed at driving operator digital transformation with new capabilities, like continuous billing and parallel software releases, but it’s missing key pieces to solve the digital transformation puzzle.

Jun 22
Sandvine unveiled enhancements to its Business Intelligence portfolio, including upgrades to its Network Demographics and Network Analytics products, but expanding the portfolio to include capabilities like hybrid management apps is more critical.

Jun 21
Nokia launched its Nokia Autonomous Customer Care solution aimed at improving operator digital customer care efficiency using interactive bot technology, but Nokia must ensure the new bots are ready for prime time to avoid adoption fallout.

Jun 20
HP Enterprise launched artificial intelligence and high-performance computing solutions aimed at delivering swifter, more efficient business insights while boosting security, although digital transformation benefits need more ecosystem support.

Jun 12
The 2017 TM Forum Live! centered around digital transformation, with a host of vendors and operators touting their digital plans. The challenge facing operators is committing to transformation before digital competition overwhelms adaptation.

May 19
With a definitive agreement with China Huaxin to form Nokia Shanghai Bell (NSB), Nokia can now take full advantage of a key asset from the ALU acquisition to provide a key differentiator in an important market, both in sales support and R&D.

May 15
The new Netcracker 12 platform adds cloud and analytics capabilities and SDN controller support to boost operator enterprise digital initiatives like IoT and SaaS offerings. But, the ‘multispeed’ approach may be daunting to operators.

May 10
TM Forum Live! 2017 is in Nice, France next week, and with the nature of telco networks and IT undergoing radical change, the ‘Live!’ suffix is more appropriate than ever. GlobalData will be there and will host a post-show webinar.

May 10
Ericsson launches its Dynamic Orchestration solution aimed at end-to-end orchestration, especially in SDN/NFV environments, but signals the alliance with Cisco is unable to co-develop portfolio innovation.

Apr 27
What follows is a detailed assessment of the conference proceedings as they relate to the service enablement ecosystem market, Huawei’s evolving strategies, and the impact of announcements made at the conference.

Apr 19
Huawei’s SmartCare SOC solution was selected by Telefonica to deliver real-time CEM to mobile services in three countries, validating its PSPU vision, but it now faces the harder task of driving the carrier’s operations transformation program.

Mar 31
After acquiring Brite:Bill, Pontis, and Vindicia, Amdocs decided to operate the three as independent concerns. In Brite:Bill’s case, Amdocs has gained new market inroads, but must spur integration of Brite:Bill innovations into its portfolio.

Mar 29
Ericsson announced a long overdue portfolio realignment and simplified management structure to counter operating challenges. But many questions remain regarding additional portfolio rationalization, investment focus and strategic partnerships.

Mar 28
Packet Design joins NEC/Netcracker’s Ecosystem 2.0 program, combining Packet Design’s analytics with NEC/Netcracker’s Transport SDN solutions to spur deployment of SDN applications, but operators are increasingly building their own solutions.

Mar 23
Cisco completes its $3.7 billion acquisition of AppDynamics, providing a boost in the application monitoring capabilities of its digital transformation portfolio, but it now needs to take advantage of operator demand for application visibility.

Mar 23
IoT was, not surprisingly, big news at MWC. For IT vendors/systems integrators, the focus on IoT was largely buried into larger messaging around digital transformation; security, edge computing and ecosystem-building were the major IoT themes.

Mar 22
Oracle unveiled a new survey identifying operator challenges in using cloud and NFV technologies to improve the customer experience, but Oracle falls short in differentiating its cloud solutions and bolstering related vertical portfolio assets.

Mar 20
Nokia’s new org changes and management shuffle reflect the new strategic direction announced in November 2016. The moves make sense on paper, but are surprising at a time when Nokia appeared to have put its post-merger ducks in a row.

Mar 17
ZTESoft launched its POWER strategy aimed at meeting strategic operator digital transformation demands. However the strategy is undercut by a confusing acronym and puts ZTESoft behind Huawei in marketing digital transformation solutions.

Mar 16
At MWC17, telecom and IT hardware, software and services vendors focused less on “bells and whistles” and more on building the plumbing that will underpin emerging network architectures.

Mar 3
EXFO acquires Ontology, boosting its service assurance and analytics portfolio with Ontology’s network topology discovery and service-chain mapping apps, but virtual network adoption barriers persist.

Feb 24
With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 only days away, it’s fair to consider any recent vendor news as a part of their MWC messaging strategy. If so, Affirmed’s IoT solution upgrade suggests we’ll be hearing more about the enterprise this year.

Feb 23
HPE expands its alliance with Red Hat, adding support for Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph in HPE NFV System 1.4 to accelerate operator digital transformation, but faces organizational barriers in spurring operator digital services.

Feb 17
Subex previewed its digital transformation portfolio for Mobile World Congress 2017, including advanced analytics and IoT security solutions, but the announcement also pointed out the company’s challenges in fulfilling operator digital priorities.

Feb 13
Nokia will acquire Comptel for $370 million to expand its operator software portfolio and channels, especially for catalog-driven service orchestration, but faces integration and telco operations hurdles.

Feb 2
Nokia expanded its IMPACT IoT platform, adding enhanced security and pre-integrated applications targeting connected car, smart city and security/surveillance. Now it needs to take a proactive, services-led approach to help drive IoT momentum.


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