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Enterprise Data and Analytics
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Sep 13
Despite the hype, artificial intelligence currently helps people to do their jobs better rather than providing meaningful insights, but many organizations will need to re-platform to take advantage of such augmented collaboration.

Sep 6
At its annual Connect conference, Huawei set down its plan to become one of the five dominant public cloud platform providers, but it intends to do so in a fairly unorthodox manner.

Sep 5
At its annual customer event, Huawei unveiled a new cloud artificial intelligence initiative that, while light on details and lacking in packaged solutions, will allow the company to make hay using its expertise in hardware.

Sep 1
Oracle updated its IoT Cloud PaaS, adding a new digital twin capability, self-training AI models, supply chain integration services; the vendor also rolled out new pre-built IoT apps, amplifying its commitment to solutions over raw technologies.

Aug 31
Digital assistants like Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa are a lot like people in that they are the most interesting and useful when they specialize, and when they become experts in a given field such as human resources.

Aug 30
Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software and its strategic alliance with Google represent a strong bid for market share in the hybrid cloud solutions market, but Nutanix and Google must both now build momentum and credibility for their strategy.

Aug 10
Tableau has acquired natural language processing startup ClearGraph. The deal will give Tableau control over technology specific to an important emerging market trend, but also creates integration and rationalization issues for the company.

Aug 3
Quantifying human interactions in HR has been met with some skepticism by employees and employers alike, but AI-infused chatbots are changing that by serving as a scalable, adaptive, and trustworthy HR spokesperson.

Aug 2
Looker’s most recent update to its BI platform sustains the vendor’s rapid pace of innovation, with a focus on handling data pipeline issues at scale using new data caching, customizable report scheduling, and time zone support capabilities.

Jul 19
Why are technology companies like IBM and SAP turning to a 50-year-old design and ideation methodology in order to innovate more rapidly and better respond to customer needs? The reason is simple: to find and then answer the right questions.

Jul 12
At its first annual Leonardo Live event, SAP rolled out a series of enhancements to the Leonardo platform, demonstrating the company’s vertical business acumen and interest in exploring emerging technologies like blockchain.

Jul 10
MicroStrategy has introduced version 10.8 of its flagship analytics offering with streamlined support for R, direct provisioning on Amazon, better parity between iOS and Android, more user control of Hadoop, and new data connectors.

Jun 29
Cisco’s new “The Network Intuitive” campaign calls for a major rethink of the network that promises self-aware infrastructure driven by business outcomes. But for that to work, Cisco will need to help customers reimagine app development itself.

Jun 27
Security, interoperability, complexity and connectivity are issues inhibiting broader IoT adoption, but as businesses seek to roll-out their IoT applications, vendors are responding quickly to improve their products, partnerships and services.

Jun 26
The majority of IoT users rely upon basic reporting mechanisms as found in business intelligence (BI) systems when analyzing data; are enterprises setting the bar far too low when it comes to IoT?

Jun 26
AI is both the present and the future with a plethora of cloud-based cognitive services on offer, but can enterprise buyers make use of these powerful APIs and frameworks without employing an army of data scientists and mathematicians?

Jun 12
Microsoft has made Power BI Premium generally available, allowing buyers to run it behind the firewall as well as bypass user licenses, storage limits, and refresh rates, all of which make Power BI a better fit for larger deployments and ISVs.

Jun 7
Alteryx has introduced a new collaborative data exploration and data cataloging platform that seeks to encourage self-service without sacrificing trust in data, but leveraging its capabilities will require a full investment in the company.

Jun 2
Infor has completed its acquisition of cloud-savvy BI vendor Birst, setting the stage for a combined offering capable of meeting current market interest in embedding actionable BI insights with line of business processes.

Jun 2
Tableau’s 10.3 update goes beyond basic, iterative feature enhancements to directly answer earlier shortcomings through the introduction of AI-driven analytics and hybrid cloud/premises deployment capabilities.

May 26
GlobalData primary research shows that the success or failure of an IoT project hinges on cost and complexity; using Cisco as an example, we define the three pillars of investment necessary to realize the potential of IoT itself.

May 24
At its annual user conference, customer experience management player Genesys introduced Kate, an AI platform designed not to compete with the likes of IBM Watson or Einstein, but instead to blend capabilities with those offerings.

May 16
SAP has re-launched its SAP Leonardo as an “digital innovation system” intent on blending AI, IoT, big data and the cloud to operationalize advanced, machine learning (ML) capabilities and surface those within line of business workflows.

May 16
At its annual user conference, Informatica quietly introduced a new brand identity, which is designed to break with the past and target enterprise cloud data management with product and channel changes far beyond marketing and branding themselves.

May 11
Microsoft demonstrated numerous technologies at Build 2017, emphasizing the scale, openness and intelligence available to developers surrounding use cases such as IoT. Unfortunately, most of the offerings on display are still in private preview.

May 10
Red Hat’s re-energized partnership with Amazon smartly emphasizes AI-driven IT automation as a way to root out the foibles of human decision-making; it also points to a future where operational and business analytics can at last intertwine.

Apr 13
Huawei Analyst Summit 2017: When it comes to big data, Huawei is looking beyond its sizable hardware portfolio, offering instead a cloud platform built on established open source standards augmented by partners focused on select vertical markets.

Apr 6
Tableau has moved to a subscription license model based on named users rather than server cores, opening up new opportunities with larger, company-wide deployments, but this move will also constrain Tableau’s ability to handle customer diversity.

Mar 31
The seemingly immutable law of data gravity, which has kept massive data stores behind the corporate firewall, is no more. Platform providers are actively redefining such laws, showing that even the largest data lake can live in the clouds.

Mar 30
The IoT market continues to attract increased investment and innovation from equipment and solutions vendors, with a specific focus on micro data centers, application platforms, big data solutions, IoT security and retail-focused IoT initiatives.

Mar 30
Domo recently held its third annual Domopalooza user conference, treating more than 3,000 attendees to a three day musical ski party; we dig into the method behind this madness, assessing Domo’s go-to-market strategy and its long term objectives.

Mar 28
MicroStrategy’s latest BI platform update adds integration with external NLG providers and introduces new APIs, which together promise to help business users gain direct access to and derive a clear understanding of business insights.

Mar 24
At IBM InterConnect 2017, IBM emphasized the competitiveness of its Watson-backed IBM Cloud, while also launching several new solutions to support enterprise hybrid cloud initiatives. IBM will not be alone in targeting hybrid cloud opportunities.


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