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Enterprise Data and Analytics
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May 24
At its annual user conference, customer experience management player Genesys introduced Kate, an AI platform designed not to compete with the likes of IBM Watson or Einstein, but instead to blend capabilities with those offerings.

May 16
SAP has re-launched its SAP Leonardo as an “digital innovation system” intent on blending AI, IoT, big data and the cloud to operationalize advanced, machine learning (ML) capabilities and surface those within line of business workflows.

May 16
At its annual user conference, Informatica quietly introduced a new brand identity, which is designed to break with the past and target enterprise cloud data management with product and channel changes far beyond marketing and branding themselves.

May 11
Microsoft demonstrated numerous technologies at Build 2017, emphasizing the scale, openness and intelligence available to developers surrounding use cases such as IoT. Unfortunately, most of the offerings on display are still in private preview.

May 10
Red Hat’s re-energized partnership with Amazon smartly emphasizes AI-driven IT automation as a way to root out the foibles of human decision-making; it also points to a future where operational and business analytics can at last intertwine.

Apr 13
Huawei Analyst Summit 2017: When it comes to big data, Huawei is looking beyond its sizable hardware portfolio, offering instead a cloud platform built on established open source standards augmented by partners focused on select vertical markets.

Apr 6
Tableau has moved to a subscription license model based on named users rather than server cores, opening up new opportunities with larger, company-wide deployments, but this move will also constrain Tableau’s ability to handle customer diversity.

Mar 31
The seemingly immutable law of data gravity, which has kept massive data stores behind the corporate firewall, is no more. Platform providers are actively redefining such laws, showing that even the largest data lake can live in the clouds.

Mar 30
The IoT market continues to attract increased investment and innovation from equipment and solutions vendors, with a specific focus on micro data centers, application platforms, big data solutions, IoT security and retail-focused IoT initiatives.

Mar 30
Domo recently held its third annual Domopalooza user conference, treating more than 3,000 attendees to a three day musical ski party; we dig into the method behind this madness, assessing Domo’s go-to-market strategy and its long term objectives.

Mar 28
MicroStrategy’s latest BI platform update adds integration with external NLG providers and introduces new APIs, which together promise to help business users gain direct access to and derive a clear understanding of business insights.

Mar 24
At IBM InterConnect 2017, IBM emphasized the competitiveness of its Watson-backed IBM Cloud, while also launching several new solutions to support enterprise hybrid cloud initiatives. IBM will not be alone in targeting hybrid cloud opportunities.

Mar 23
Domopalooza 2017: Domo showed its commitment to self-service BI, adding easily consumed services covering embedded analytics, chart annotations, alerting, pre-built dashboards, and data governance.

Mar 15
BOARD International has added conversational intelligence to its BI, discovery and planning platform with natural language processing that can both interpret questions and annotate results.

Mar 10
Will Google’s growing emphasis on machine-based insight and open source software be enough to displace rivals Amazon and Microsoft in the enterprise?

Mar 9
Google wants to democratize AI and operationalize machine learning (ML) by building developer-friendly APIs and pre-trained data models, but what the company really needs is a new breed of developer.

Mar 7 has partnered with IBM to infuse its CRM software with technology from IBM Watson, bringing into sharp relief the importance of surfacing business insights within line-of-business apps.

Mar 3
Though only an incremental upgrade in terms of versioning, Tableau’s 10.2 release of its flagship data discovery tool introduces a substantial step forward in handling complex datasets directly within the product.

Mar 1
Late to the game, SAP adds big data and analytics technologies to its PaaS offering, which has also been rebranded to better reflect its broader solutions for addressing intelligent IoT and mobile apps.

Feb 24
At Cisco Live! EMEA 2017, Cisco Systems demonstrated how it is transforming into a complete enterprise IoT solutions provider. The implications of this transformation for Cisco’s networking and data center solutions are wide-ranging.

Feb 17
IBM has introduced a new private cloud rendition of its vaunted Watson machine learning service, extending the company’s analytical modeling reach into the very heart of big business, namely the IBM z/OS mainframe.

Jan 27
Cisco’s surprise acquisition of application performance management leader NetDynamics paves the way for the company build a literal bridge between operational and business analytics; but is Cisco ready to deliver end-to-end business optimization to its core networking customers?

Jan 25
BlackBerry wants to put its intelligent mobile device expertise to work within the ultra-competitive IoT marketplace; the trick will be to build an end-to-end platform that works with, not against, established enterprise IoT platform players.

Jan 18
The National Retail Federation’s 2017 Big Show was a hit in NYC, filling up the Javits convention center. One common theme was understanding the customer, but tracking people is less effective than tracking products.

Jan 18
Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Database Cloud Service not just within a VM but also on bare metal, creating a comprehensive onramp to the cloud for on premises customers in need of both high performance and consistent management.

Dec 30 2016
In 2016 nearly all the major IT vendors declared some sort of a commitment to helping enterprise customers build and operate hybrid clouds. In 2017 expect more focused hybrid cloud strategies and the further refinement of solution capabilities.

Dec 28 2016
We look forward with our top 2017 predictions, uncovering a rapidly changing landscape for IT professionals, who will see vendors move further away from products as discrete entities, and toward extensible, orchestrated, cloud-savvy services.

Dec 23 2016
Cisco’s plan to terminate its Intercloud Services public cloud has positive implications for the vendor’s hyper-converged solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure businesses, both of which will be a strong priority for Cisco in 2017.

Dec 22 2016
Micro data centers represent a technological and strategic response to the growing need for distributed IT and edge computing. IT vendors such as HPE and Huawei have already responded to the opportunities, and others are expected to follow suit.

Dec 21 2016
There may be no such thing as true altruism, but it’s safe to say that the multifaceted demands of IoT are creating a perfect storm of advantageous cooperation among technology and service providers, data producers and insight consumers.

Dec 16 2016
Microsoft’s venture fund for AI includes a number of stipulations regarding not just what AI can do, but also how it impacts humans, seeking to protect us from our own creations. The question is: can those noble goals protect us from ourselves?

Dec 14 2016
The IoT market is heating up as barriers drop, stemming from innovation driving new solutions around edge-based gateways, key messaging/networking protocols, device security, and integration/API solutions.

Dec 14 2016
Despite HPE’s proclamation of a major milestone for its research project “The Machine,” which promises to transform future computing and data center architectures, delivery timeframes and future goals remain considerable and ambitious.

Dec 13 2016
At its recent Discovery Event in London, HPE announced several innovations that add further clarity and momentum to its multi-faceted IoT strategy. Rival data center vendors should aim to understand HPE’s IoT plan and respond accordingly.

Dec 12 2016
A pair of major market trends that began in 2016 will greatly influence the way data discovery and visualization vendors approach the opportunity of modernizing business intelligence (BI) solutions throughout 2017.

Dec 7 2016
Yellowfin has introduced a new data preparation module, which includes its own data analysis capabilities as well as self-service features like model recommendations, opening up opportunities for business users as well as IT professionals.

Dec 7 2016
Positioning user experience as a differentiator, KNIME has updated its analytics platform, featuring a more elegant approach to workflow mapping. But, the real value of this release stems from newfound data integration and cloud storage support.


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