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Enterprise Data and Analytics
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Jun 14
Tableau has announced its intent to purchase MIT startup Empirical Systems in hopes of eventually equipping BI customers with an integrated, predictive insight engine that won’t impose any complex data preparation or modeling requirements.

Jun 7
The latest enhancements to Hitachi’s Unified Compute Platform family of converged, hyperconverged, and rack-scale systems will help Hitachi serve data center customers requiring support for more demanding workloads and multi-cloud enablement.

Jun 7
During its Sapphire Now user conference, SAP announced several new features and capabilities that help round out its AI platform.

Jun 6
Under SAP’s systems of intelligence initiative, SAP Leonardo Blockchain leverages machine learning to help enterprises tackle revamped supply chains within a data-driven model.

Jun 6
During its annual Sapphire Now user conference, SAP unveiled a number of enhancements to SAP Analytics Cloud that together position the product as a single, universal analytics user interface across its entire portfolio.

Jun 6
Bringing together several supportive products, SAP has launched HANA Data Management Suite, targeting customers seeking to manage data sources across cloud and premises as well as between disparate, public cloud platforms.

Jun 5
When implementing AI solutions, businesses will achieve the best outcomes when their project teams draw from expertise across the organization.

Jun 1
Amazon is taking the idea of utility pricing to a new, low level with the introduction of pay-per-session pricing for its self-service business intelligence tool, Amazon QuickSight, maxing out at $5 dollars per month, per user.

May 25
Hexaware delivers value to its customers by emphasizing digital transformation. The systems integrator is placing its bets on solutions that help businesses migrate to cloud-based services, adopt automation, and improve the customer experience.

May 23
Informatica introduces Spring release, revealing both its continuing effort to reinvent itself and demonstrating a keen understanding of a market need for combined metadata, security/governance, DataOps, and machine learning capabilities.

May 21
SAP is working with Volvo Ocean Racing team AkzoNobel to instrument sailors as they compete in one of the world’s most grueling boat races, using the SAP Leonardo IoT platform, a little imagination, and a weatherproof Raspberry Pi.

May 18
Oracle’s acquisition of broadens its AI focus by adding machine learning management capabilities.

May 9
Google launched ML Kit, a toolset to help developers embed AI into mobile applications. Since developing AI-infused applications is a highly complex process, solutions that streamline the process are a welcome addition to developers’ toolkits.

May 9
Google announced its next generation of artificial intelligence-optimized TPUs, solidifying the company’s position as one of the leaders in the market when it comes to providing computational power in support of AI workloads.

May 9
At Google I/O 2018, CEO Sundar Pichai showed how Google Assistant could use AI to masquerade as a human, booking a haircut and making dinner reservations. What happens, then, if that assistant eventually learns how to pass itself off as you?

May 8
Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, a collection of AI-informed PaaS capabilities spanning numerous products, together designed to speed time to market and lower long-term investment risks and costs.

May 7
Though last week’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe conference demonstrated the continued ascendency of application performance management technology Kubernetes, don’t expect a serverless, developer-led, infrastructure-agnostic world anytime soon.

May 3
Huawei showcased its Video Cloud Platform at its recent analytic event, touting its application for public safety. The company pointed to widespread adoption in China, but can it find a market for its solution overseas?

Apr 27
The 15th Huawei Analyst Summit expounded on Huawei’s vision of “boundless computing” and provided insight into its plans for edge computing and hybrid cloud enablement, but Huawei needs stronger articulation of existing and planned solutions.

Apr 27
Building on its 2017 move to a subscription-based model, Tableau has introduced a new user pricing plan and rolled out a long-awaited data preparation tool, both designed to broaden its reach across the enterprise.

Apr 26
GlobalData takes a closer look at Huawei’s new market messaging around the creation of an intelligent world and assess its impact on big data and IoT, artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, and data center technologies.

Apr 26
There are many AI-savvy chipsets on the market right now, each fine-tuned to support specific AI workloads, development frameworks, or vendor platforms. But, what if developers could flexibly combine AI-specific hardware on the fly?

Apr 25
How will Huawei make good on its new goal of creating an intelligent world? We think the key lies in the company’s efforts at seamlessly combining a wide array of fit-for-purpose AI-savvy chips within a single composable environment.

Apr 9
Rather than run the current race to build the first general purpose quantum computer, IT services powerhouse Atos is instead courting the attention of what might just matter the most, namely the hearts and minds of future quantum developers.

Apr 9
Edge computing will transform the deployment and consumption of data center resources as well as the type of workloads data centers support, but in order to succeed, IT equipment vendors need to develop transparent strategies and solution sets.

Apr 2
IBM Think was promoted as an event that would bring together the greatest minds in AI. So did IBM move the proverbial needle when it comes to AI? An emphasis on helping companies get started with AI signals a resounding “yes” to that question.

Mar 30
Edge computing promises to transform data centers and support diverse use cases. However, despite a growing range of solutions that include edge servers and HCI for edge locations, IT vendor success depends on making important strategic choices.

Mar 30
The Q1 2018 IoT Watch from GlobalData’s IT Technology and Software team analyzes some of the latest IoT technology initiatives from across the industry, with a focus on global technology solutions providers and IoT-focused industry associations.

Mar 29
The Q1 2018 IoT Watch from GlobalData’s IT Technology and Software practice analyzes IoT innovations from across the industry, including the launch of new IoT business divisions and moves to establish IoT security standards.

Mar 28
When it comes to swapping ones and zeros, quantum computing promises to outpace traditional processors in pure scale. Yet its true promise will play out when we learn how to invoke quantum phenomena in order to speed up artificial intelligence.

Mar 23
At its first annual Think Conference in Las Vegas this week, IBM unveiled a number of new capabilities and expanded partnerships, all centering around the importance of big data in supporting artificial intelligence (AI).

Mar 19
Domo remains as flamboyant as ever in both how it goes to market and how it approaches BI as a business operating system. Yet, new messaging and a technical focus on scale hint at a newfound maturity for the cloud-first analytics vendor from Utah.

Mar 16
Domo remains as flamboyant as ever in its approach to BI as a business operating system. Yet, new go-to-market messaging and a technical focus on scale and management hint at a newfound maturity for the cloud-first analytics vendor from Utah.

Mar 14
Progress entered a saturated market for chatbots with the release of NativeChat. Though not a game changer, with NativeChat Progress offers businesses a compelling entry to AI, and a springboard to adoption of additional cognitive solutions.

Mar 14
Many organizations are looking to adopt some form of AI technology over the next year. These businesses must ensure that their AI solutions do not contain unintentional biases that are at odds with established corporate ethics policies.

Mar 6
Salesforce has made Einstein Analytics more accessible by enabling users to work with data using natural language queries and chart type recommendations. Though not a game changer, the new capabilities improve ease of use for non-IT professionals.

Mar 2
The Internet of Things is not only changing how consumers interact with the world around them; it is also driving a tectonic shift in how companies process and analyze device data. Forget big data warehouses; the edge is where it’s at.

Mar 1
The partnership announced last week between IBM and Unity has implications that extend far beyond gaming; by exposing a larger audience to the capabilities of AI, the two companies are driving AI adoption in other areas as well.

Feb 28
Internet of Things adoption is certainly being driven by the promise of data and analytics at scale, but its ultimate feasibility still depends on something much more mundane, namely how efficiently it can move data across the network.

Feb 21
Many organizations are unsure of how to best incorporate AI to meet their industry-specific challenges – often because use case options are so varied. Mid-sized companies, in particular, should explore options offered by their telecom providers.

Feb 8
Already predictive analytics and AI are coming together to solve big data quality problems. Now Sisense is adding its own innovative twist to this mix, applying advanced design and visualization concepts to the task of data preparation.

Feb 8
RapidMiner has introduced Auto Model, a new tool for RapidMiner Studio, which speeds the creation of predictive data models through the application of machine learning itself, but the biggest improvements target basic lifecycle requirements.

Jan 31
Underscoring its inclination toward specialization, SAS has introduced SAS Visual Text Analytics, a new solution geared toward the analysis of unstructured text with features including sentiment analysis, text mining, and contextual extraction.

Jan 31
GlobalData’s recent survey reveals that the promise of new capabilities and the ability to improve the customer experience are the top benefits driving artificial intelligence adoption.

Jan 18
MicroStrategy promoted a new analytics platform release (version 10.10) at its annual customer event in Las Vegas, emphasizing the opportunities inherent in blending insight with governance across user, department and company.

Jan 18
Google hopes to widen the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, specifically machine learning (ML), through the introduction of AutoML, a drag-and-drop ML data modelling tool specific to the problem of image recognition.

Jan 12
Enterprise buyers looking to simplify their data integration woes through centralization are missing the value inherent in diversity, namely the opportunity hidden within the metadata shared across disparate cloud and premises data stores.

Dec 22 2017
New app development technologies in a cloud era have created a significant competitive opportunity for IT market leaders to help enterprises orchestrate the whole application and platform ecosystem of technologies across the entire lifecycle.

Dec 22 2017
Our top predictions for 2018 tackle enterprise challenges including the ever-growing use of public cloud computing, the need to manage disparate cloud platforms, and a desire to reinvent DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.

Dec 22 2017
In 2017 the enterprise data and analytics vendor community emphasized opportunity. In the coming year we expect to see a shift towards quality, solving problems such as data governance, and putting AI to work within tactical business workflows.

Dec 20 2017
The IoT market is presenting broader opportunities among IT leaders in the form of innovative development, security, streaming analytics and open source IoT operating system, all dispensed via cloud offerings.


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