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Enterprise Data and Analytics
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Feb 21
Many organizations are unsure of how to best incorporate AI to meet their industry-specific challenges – often because use case options are so varied. Mid-sized companies, in particular, should explore options offered by their telecom providers.

Feb 8
Already predictive analytics and AI are coming together to solve big data quality problems. Now Sisense is adding its own innovative twist to this mix, applying advanced design and visualization concepts to the task of data preparation.

Feb 8
RapidMiner has introduced Auto Model, a new tool for RapidMiner Studio, which speeds the creation of predictive data models through the application of machine learning itself, but the biggest improvements target basic lifecycle requirements.

Jan 31
Underscoring its inclination toward specialization, SAS has introduced SAS Visual Text Analytics, a new solution geared toward the analysis of unstructured text with features including sentiment analysis, text mining, and contextual extraction.

Jan 31
GlobalData’s recent survey reveals that the promise of new capabilities and the ability to improve the customer experience are the top benefits driving artificial intelligence adoption.

Jan 18
MicroStrategy promoted a new analytics platform release (version 10.10) at its annual customer event in Las Vegas, emphasizing the opportunities inherent in blending insight with governance across user, department and company.

Jan 18
Google hopes to widen the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, specifically machine learning (ML), through the introduction of AutoML, a drag-and-drop ML data modelling tool specific to the problem of image recognition.

Jan 12
Enterprise buyers looking to simplify their data integration woes through centralization are missing the value inherent in diversity, namely the opportunity hidden within the metadata shared across disparate cloud and premises data stores.

Dec 22 2017
New app development technologies in a cloud era have created a significant competitive opportunity for IT market leaders to help enterprises orchestrate the whole application and platform ecosystem of technologies across the entire lifecycle.

Dec 22 2017
Our top predictions for 2018 tackle enterprise challenges including the ever-growing use of public cloud computing, the need to manage disparate cloud platforms, and a desire to reinvent DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.

Dec 22 2017
In 2017 the enterprise data and analytics vendor community emphasized opportunity. In the coming year we expect to see a shift towards quality, solving problems such as data governance, and putting AI to work within tactical business workflows.

Dec 20 2017
The IoT market is presenting broader opportunities among IT leaders in the form of innovative development, security, streaming analytics and open source IoT operating system, all dispensed via cloud offerings.

Dec 7 2017
Here’s what we’ve learned from this week’s computer chess smackdown where Google’s AlphaZero, after just four hours of training, decidedly trounced the highest rated chess engine in the world, Stockfish. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the TPUs.

Dec 6 2017
In 2017, the enterprise data and analytics vendor community emphasized opportunity, but the coming year will reveal a shift in focus towards quality, solving problems such as data governance, and putting AI to work within business workflows.

Nov 29 2017
Microsoft is creating a new API that will make location services a native component of the Azure platform, which will bolster the company’s IoT efforts, but a slow rollout and incomplete partner gallery indicates intent rather than execution.

Oct 26 2017
Digital home assistants like Google Home Mini owe users much more than privacy; if they are to be truly trusted, they must also explain how they think and how they make decisions. The problem is that AI may not be able to provide any answers.

Oct 19 2017
Artificial intelligence is an incredibly powerful tool, capable of predicting the future; but whether you’re predicting the weather or optimizing a delivery route, AI lives or dies according to the humans within whose care it finds itself.

Oct 17 2017
The transformation of NetApp’s business away from traditional storage and towards solutions that help enterprises manage and capitalize on data has resulted in an expansive set of brands that require careful marketing and management.

Oct 13 2017
At its 10th annual user conference, modern BI leader Tableau unveiled a means by which customers can embed business processes within the Tableau interface, effectively upending commonly accepted ideas about the role of analytics in business.

Oct 11 2017
At its 10th annual user conference, Tableau announced the greatly anticipated beta of a new, in-memory data processing engine, promising both performance improvements and a seamless upgrade path for customers seeking large scale deployments.

Oct 4 2017
At its annual user conference, Oracle introduced a series of comprehensive investments in AI spanning both operations and business requirements with mobile chatbots, AI-infused LoB apps and a full set of AI cloud platform services.

Sep 29 2017
Enterprise IoT technology providers, in response to customer concerns over IoT costs and complexity, are taking matters into their own hands, creating prebuilt solutions specific to discrete IoT use cases and simplifying development processes.

Sep 29 2017
NetApp Insight 2017: Solution Announcements Will Reinforce Strategy Success and Further Fuel Takeover Rumors

Sep 27 2017
During its annual SAP TechEd event in Las Vegas, SAP announced a new product and made several enhancements to its analytics portfolio with the intent of unifying hybrid cloud/premises analytics workloads and embracing disparate data sources.

Sep 13 2017
Despite the hype, artificial intelligence currently helps people to do their jobs better rather than providing meaningful insights, but many organizations will need to re-platform to take advantage of such augmented collaboration.

Sep 6 2017
At its annual Connect conference, Huawei set down its plan to become one of the five dominant public cloud platform providers, but it intends to do so in a fairly unorthodox manner.

Sep 5 2017
At its annual customer event, Huawei unveiled a new cloud artificial intelligence initiative that, while light on details and lacking in packaged solutions, will allow the company to make hay using its expertise in hardware.

Sep 1 2017
Oracle updated its IoT Cloud PaaS, adding a new digital twin capability, self-training AI models, supply chain integration services; the vendor also rolled out new pre-built IoT apps, amplifying its commitment to solutions over raw technologies.

Aug 31 2017
Digital assistants like Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa are a lot like people in that they are the most interesting and useful when they specialize, and when they become experts in a given field such as human resources.

Aug 30 2017
Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software and its strategic alliance with Google represent a strong bid for market share in the hybrid cloud solutions market, but Nutanix and Google must both now build momentum and credibility for their strategy.


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