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Service Provider Infrastructure
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Jun 19
VMware’s vCloud NFV-OpenStack 3.0 asserts its telco intentions, adds carrier-grade capabilities and openness to provide a bridge between the network and IT operations; however it’s only catching on rival delivering performance and resiliency.

Jun 18
At Perspectives18, Ribbon focused on three key themes: GPUs to augment processing capabilities and boost cloud SBC; expanding its Ribbon Protect security offerings; and using its “company within a company” Kandy to grow UCaaS and other new services.

Jun 15
Telco Systems struck an agreement with Arm whereby it will lead the development of new uCPE and NFV edge solutions based on NXP and Marvell SoCs; the move strengthens Arm’s telco presence in the uCPE market and challenges x86 for certain use cases.

Jun 15
Affirmed has published the performance characteristics of its virtual EPC while leveraging Intel’s latest Xeon processors. As operators begin deployments at scale, testing helps in network planning and scaling.

Jun 13
ARRIS has integrated RDK software into its EPON gateways, easing and consolidating cable operator back office management of DOCSIS and fiber access networks. However, with more MSOs moving to EPON, this is a mandatory table stakes move.

Jun 13
Cisco unveiled new developer capabilities, including open APIs for its DNA Center and expanded DevNet developer community membership, fortifying its intent-based networking (IBN) ecosystem credentials, but IBN complexities can slow down adoption.

Jun 13
Juniper’s new Penta silicon adds performance and power efficiency to its MX Series routers, and programmability positions it to attract third-party innovation. Yet, competitors have raised the bar with respect to performance and power consumption.

Jun 1
Casa Systems’s New Apex PicoStrand tackles some key challenges in small-cell deployment by enabling installation on cable strands. It’s best suited for converged fixed/mobile providers but a harder sell for pure mobile operators.

Jun 8
Formula 1’s new OTT video streaming service, F1 TV Pro, has been very poorly delivered through the first two races. F1 owner Liberty Media needs to resolve this situation fast or face a fan base rejection of this direct-to-consumer service.

Jun 8
AT&T will use Nokia’s WING network grid to expand its international IoT capabilities and help manage IoT complexity. The deal is the largest by far for WING and should get the attention of other large operators struggling in IoT.

Jun 7
Nokia has garnered increasing traction in the 10G-PON market; this week, it announced XGS-PON builds with Frontier in the three most populous U.S. states. XGS-PON and upgradeable optics propositions are driving near-term 10G buildouts.

Jun 7
Iskratel and Teleste have garnered a key operator deployment for their joint GPON-DOCSIS solution, highlighting the fact that some cable operators are choosing alternatives to CCAP and/or EPON. Still, further market validation for DPoG is needed.

Jun 6
KEYMILE has expanded its FTTx portfolio with the MileGate 2112, which supports up to 16 ports and enables fiber-speed connectivity over in-building copper. While competition is tight in the FTTB market, the 2112 merits operator attention.

Jun 6
Cisco has debuted its Cloud-Native Broadband Router to address the emerging virtual CCAP sector, touting the superiority of its cloud-native solution over virtual machine-based rival platforms to establish differentiation in this nascent market.

Jun 1
Openet’s recent MDS Global partnership, using the vendor’s real-time charging capabilities to augment its digital BSS-as-a-service offering, confirms it is differentiating its portfolio to meet the new digital service innovation demands of operators.

Jun 1
Ciena bolsters its Blue Planet portfolio with the Packet Design acquisition to round out its automation capabilities in Layer 3. The move comes at a critical time when SPs are increasingly evaluating and deploying network automation solutions.

Jun 1
MEF’s 3.0 update demonstrates a commitment to delivering on the goals of its bold Transformational Framework launched last year, to bring service agility and standardization for telco services; however look to follow-up status on each project.

May 31
Lumina’s funding announcement denotes two things: leading telcos and cloud service providers are willing to invest into expanding ecosystem diversity by bolstering hardware-neutral players, but making money from SDN is still relatively hard.

May 31
TIA’s new Network Service Assurance Program aims to bring best practices to new network-dependent consumer services, but will be challenged to bring carriers and vendors on board for yet another project designed to foster digital services success.

May 25
Five years ago, antenna-based OTA TV in North America was all but dead, with wireless data operators lobbying to ‘repurpose’ the OTA spectrum for expanded data coverage. But with the advent of massive cord-cutting, consumers have rediscovered OTA.

May 22
Project Airship intends to help operators take hardware from the loading dock to an OpenStack cloud, and provide lifecycle management once it enters production; initially focused on cloud operators, it can also be a boon for enterprises.

May 17
In recent years, vendors of enterprise small-cell solutions have moved toward increasingly direct competition with distributed antenna systems (DAS). But the spread of 5G, these vendors say, could be the end of DAS as we know it.

May 15
The radio unit portfolios of major RAN vendors have become broad, diverse, and complex. To understand how they stack up next to one another, a visual analysis provides some unique insights. These five charts help map out the RU landscape.

May 11
ZTE’s decision to cease all major operations in the wake of a seven-year export ban imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce is prompting – for now – a change in all GlobalData’s ZTE company and product ratings.

May 11
Digital transformation in the Middle East represents a significant opportunity which Huawei is committed to supporting through its updated vision, cloud- and AI-powered product portfolio, and ecosystem-led approach.

May 8
Nokia acquired SpaceTime Insight to enhance its AI credentials and expand its IoT asset management capabilities. SpaceTime is small, but brings a significant customer base that should boost Nokia’s prospects in non-CSP verticals.

May 4
Tech Mahindra used its TechMNxt event to showcase an expanded focus that includes more emphasis on moving up the services “value chain.” For the communication sector, that includes an expansive focus on enabling network transformation journeys.

May 3
Cisco is selling its Service Provider Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) business back to Permira Funds, in order to focus more acutely on its ‘Five Pillars’ (i.e., core business) strategy, ending its uneven six-year run in the video software space.

May 3
While AI was featured front and center in many of the discussions at the event, mobile broadband connectivity in emerging regions remains key for Huawei to sustain growth in its carrier business unit.

May 2
At this year’s OFC, vendors showed ways for boosting wavelength transmission speeds beyond 400G, and launched a slew of modular systems. However, system vendors using commercial chipsets may have trouble achieving competitive differentiation.

May 1
Huawei used the 2018 analyst summit to put strategic emphasis on the central role AI is playing in its ROADS-driven telco software portfolio development, but needs more message consistency and differentiate more directly against AI-driven rivals.

Apr 30
Huawei generally de-emphasized its services business at this year’s analyst summit. However, the company identified an increasingly vital services role surrounding key growth initiatives like cloud transformation and ‘smart care.’

Apr 27
Nokia’s Edge Cloud Server delivers Airframe data center services at the cell site with the performance and intelligence to support low latency, high throughput 5G traffic, ReefShark provides differentiation, but others are sure to follow.

Apr 27
Huawei believes optical will need to expand to satisfy thirst for data and video traffic, while network automation is the new focal point of the vendor’s SDN software development. Customers will need to swallow another change of direction, though.

Apr 26
Incognito unveiled its Digital Home Experience Solution, augmenting its ACS offering with new capabilities aimed at accelerating and automating resolution of customer multi-device home WiFi network issues, but VoWiFi capabilities must be added.

Apr 25
At its annual analyst summit, Huawei emphasized its SingleRAN Pro concept and new variations of its LampSite enterprise RAN solutions. However, it downplayed both the CloudRAN vision it debuted two years ago and, at a high level, 5G itself.

Apr 24
The seven-year export ban imposed on ZTE by the U.S. Department of Commerce hurts ZTE first and foremost, but could have major repercussions for many U.S. suppliers, ultimately reducing their role in the complex global telco value chain.

Apr 24
U.S. pay-TV operators lost 1.5 million subscribers in 2017, as consumers continued to migrate to OTT. While broadband gains are sustaining operator margins, both operators and content providers must explore new ways to capture consumer dollars.

Apr 20
Collaboration between China Unicom and Cisco enables the operator to announce multiple new cloud-based services, which leverage SDN and segment routing technologies to transform their IP/MPLS network into a cloud-based delivery platform.

Apr 17
Telco software vendors are updating their AI solutions, with Nokia bolstering its Customer Experience Index with automated machine learning, but they need to augment their multivendor and AI-specific services capabilities to win more AI business.

Apr 12
Operators must execute their omnichannel strategies, delivering a consistent, rewarding customer experience according to customer shopping preferences, whether at the retail outlet or online using any device, or lose badly to the digital brands.

Mar 30
At OFC 2018, ZTE demonstrated 50G PON, setting the stage for its new TITAN OLT platform. For ZTE, commercial proof points for TITAN remain to be seen, as well as the value proposition of a massive OLT in an increasingly decentralized, SD-A world.

Mar 30
Metaswitch disaggregates its entire software portfolio to enable white box suppliers to selectively integrate its proven protocol, management and network operating system components; but stops short of making them open source.

Mar 29
ARRIS has enabled the first Gigabit services in Europe delivered by Remote PHY technology with Danish cable operator Stofa. While a small deployment at present, R-PHY promises a bright broadband future for cable operators and their customers.

Mar 28
Ciena’s ONAP-enabled Blue Planet Policy Subsystem may give the company first mover advantage in a complex NFV MANO market. Nevertheless rivals, even as ONAP members, will be quick to highlight the superiority of their proprietary equivalents.

Mar 27
AT&T takes a bold step to deploy white box routers at cell sites, bringing years of open source software and hardware evangelizing to a critical plateau. But now the hard part begins as much of its future service rests on “open” everything.

Mar 23
AT&T’s collaboration with the Open Networking Foundation to integrate Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction, an open source software stack, with Open Network Automation Platform, demonstrates AT&T’s firm commitment to the open source SD-Access framework.

Mar 22
In a positive strategic move for ADTRAN and Sumitomo, their joint global alliance bolsters ADTRAN’s EPON portfolio and cable operator proposition, while Sumitomo Electric resells ADTRAN’s SD-Access solution set and new channel focus in Japan/Asia.

Mar 20
For years, vendors have been investing in – and talking up – the possibility of transmitting data using light waves. A trial launched by Philips Lighting in March is a clear sign that meaningful LiFi deployments may be just on the horizon.

Mar 16
With the spotlight on 5G mobile transport, we see it requires a new approach to handling traffic between cell sites and the core; simple backhaul has morphed into multi-technology transport leaving complexity to be tamed through SDN and analytics.

Mar 15
At its services event, Cisco sharpened its focus on key network operator priorities, including 5G, automation and security. But the journey toward “intent-based networking” is just underway and the related services story needs more elaboration.

Mar 13
TEOCO has launched AirborneUTM, a platform developed to allow operators delivery of drone-based IoT services, markedly differentiating its portfolio, but managing 3D radio environments and scaling UAV services requires broader ecosystem support.

Mar 14
Cisco’s new Cybersecurity Report calls out an increasing threat from increasingly sophisticated attackers. Service providers are embracing analytics, automation and AI to help identify threats and mitigate damage from attacks.

Mar 12
ONF launched the Stratum open source SDN switching platform, promising to deliver on the ‘software-defined’ vision of SDN; support from Google and backing by 24 founding members help assure success, but it may take a while to reach broad adoption.

Mar 12
At Mobile World Congress, wireless backhaul vendors were talking more about D-band spectrum, though it could take years to commercialize. Meanwhile, the vendor landscape saw two new partnerships – both aimed at the U.S.

Mar 9
Nokia’s launch of the new PSE-3 DSP introduces probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) modulation to optical networks. It promises sizeable efficiency gains, but requires significant rethinking of optical network operations and design.

Mar 9
Cisco introduced compelling updates to its NCS 1000 series with a 9.6T transponder and a disaggregated line system featuring Crosswork automation support. The new additions are not record-breaking, but significantly strengthen Cisco’s DCI lineup.

Mar 8
MWC18 saw major TEMs focusing on the future 5G core while other players focused on today’s opportunities. Amidst a few product surprises and the ongoing wrangling over the merits of open source MANO, steady progress was in evidence all round.

Mar 8
Coriant upped the ante in the feeds-and-speeds race by launching new sleds for its compact Groove G30 solution, promising 9.6 Tbps of capacity in one rack unit, but this benchmark will be reached in Q1 2019 and rely on the use of 400G client ports.

Mar 7
Netcracker unveiled its 5G monetization solution at MWC18, targeted at enabling operators to accelerate the commercialization of new 5G services, but identifying the winning 5G use case is paramount for delivering long-term competitive success.

Mar 7
At Mobile World Congress, RAN vendors’ main task was to sound the start of the commercial 5G era. But, during the show, another effort might have stolen the spotlight: a movement to break today’s RAN architecture into pieces.

Mar 7
Nokia’s new PSE-3 coherent DSP promises high capacity gains per fiber and lower power consumption, using probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) modulation. Yet, PSE-3 based products are six months away and the competition is likely to react.

Mar 5
The mobile core and automation came into focus at MWC18 as vendors showcased innovative solutions to deliver 4G, 5G and multiple variants of IoT services. Innovation engines from all vendors are at full speed – perhaps a bit ahead of the market.

Feb 27
Amdocs debuted its AmdocsONE platform to spur digital transformation of operator business models, by enabling DevsOp-led deployments of microservices and cloud-native applications, but competition is already intense and operator barriers loom.

Feb 23
Cisco has launched its Crosswork automation portfolio, claiming sizeable gains in operational efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction in large-scale IP production networks. It has yet to prove multi-vendor and multi-layer capabilities.

Feb 22
Affirmed’s 5G cloud-native micro-services platform delivers 150 Gbps of throughput from a single Intel Xeon server, performance and distributed deployment models are significant differentiators as operators begin to scale new services.

Feb 22
Accedian acquires network and application performance management specialist Performance Vision, rapidly boosting its European and enterprise presence, and augmenting its telco assurance portfolio, but risks dilution of telco channel focus.

Feb 21
Nokia’s new Security Risk Index and a white label option help differentiate the vendor’s managed security service offering, but it should identify security partners in order to establish more security ‘street cred.’

Feb 21
Ruckus Networks, part of ARRIS, unveiled a portfolio of equipment to support Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). The CBRS market will take time to develop, but Ruckus has some advantages when it does.

Feb 20
CommScope is adapting to the coming 5G “era” with two new solutions: an unnamed 5G fixed wireless access radio aligned with xRAN and a C-RAN antenna system named “Era.” The former could be more impactful than the latter.

Feb 15
With its Boston debut, AT&T is executing on its service expansion, targeting MDUs in metros outside of its current wireline service footprint. But AT&T must grow its customer base dramatically to exact a higher impact on the market.

Feb 15
Harmonic is well behind the leading vendors in the CCAP market in terms of both customer count and supported subscribers. But, the deployment of its virtual CCAP solution with Com Hem in Sweden shows that Harmonic is not to be counted out just yet.

Feb 14
Ericsson launched a long list of new RAN products for Mobile World Congress with one primary message: Operators don’t need to wait to start deploying 5G networks. Forget plugging in, the vendor says; it’s time to ‘turn on.’

Feb 14
AT&T is tapping Accenture to help develop microservices for an internal ordering system, expediting service delivery to the end customer by creating a more agile ordering system, ensuring Verizon does not run away in building out microservices.

Feb 14
Openet’s new open Digital APIs offer reduced digital platform integration costs and timescales, directly challenging incumbent OSS/BSS solutions, but major rivals are ready with their own flexible, cost-saving platforms.

Feb 14
Iskratel fired an opening salvo at the 2018 FTTH Council Europe, touting the benefits of a multi-PON deployment strategy. While PON coexistence is not a new concept, the absence of Huawei, Nokia and ZTE gave Iskratel greater exposure in Valencia.

Feb 13
ONAP reached an inflection point in gaining acceptance as the de facto industry-wide standard by adding Verizon and Samsung as ‘Platinum’ backers and Bell/Amdocs showcasing DevOps’ vital role, but the ETSI-aligned OSM alternative remains a barrier.

Feb 6
At MWC 2018, RAN vendors will target the enterprise opportunity; 5G focus will be on evolving the core. End-to-end security will be pervasive, while cellular IoT vendors and operators will push “stability” to differentiate from LPWA alternatives.

Feb 6
Pensa’s NFV Maestro aims to help carriers accelerate for 5G using intelligent service automation. Nevertheless, despite significant endorsement by strategic partner Nokia, Maestro now needs to show more validation of its existing NFV credentials.

Feb 5
Verizon plans to launch an NB-IoT network by the end of 2018. Building out NB-IoT in addition to its existing LTE-M network enables Verizon to address new use cases; it also represents a hedge in case LTE-M adoption doesn’t take off as planned.

Feb 1
Ericsson reported another quarter of revenue decline, significant losses and restructuring pains. Despite faint signs of stabilization on the horizon, executive departures reflect a company that has yet to properly adjust its sails.

Jan 31
Nokia’s new ReefShark family of chipsets – developed internally for AirScale basebands and massive MIMO units – claim several capacity and efficiency benefits. However, the timing of ReefShark’s spread through the portfolio is unclear.

Jan 31
In summer 2016, Calix and ADTRAN were the winning vendors for Verizon’s NG-PON2 lab trials, on the strength of their OLT hardware and software-defined access solutions. 18 months later, Calix stands alone as Verizon begins NG-PON2 field trials.

Jan 29
Ciena launched L-band capability for its GeoMesh Extreme submarine transport solution, promising much better fiber utilization. Yet, using C+L bands requires specially prepared cable plant, limiting the L-band use to new cable deployments.

Jan 26
Nokia has introduced a small cell supporting MulteFire, a nascent technology allowing enterprises to deploy their own private LTE networks without licensed spectrum. It has thus signed on to be MulteFire’s biggest promoter -- and guinea pig.

Jan 24
Metaswitch “MaX” is a smart solution for an underserved small business market segment, strengthening the company’s position in the mobile market. Nevertheless, some incumbent application server rivals may be quick to replicate MaX and fight back.

Jan 19
Huawei FANS the Flames of NetwoHuawei has successfully completed a Fixed Access Network Slicing (FANS) field trial with Vodafone Ireland, setting the stage for partitioning of networks by service/customer type, business division and even by operator. But commercial FANS awaits.rk Slicing with Vodafone Ireland FTTH Field Trial

Jan 17
Ericsson has added 5G support to its Radio Dot System solution, which helps enable mobile service inside medium and large enterprises. Speeds of 2 Gbps will entice operators, but some new deployment challenges may rein in their excitement.

Jan 10
Saguna Networks announced a Starter Kit version of its multi-access edge computing solution – a simpler, less expensive way for service providers to start using MEC. With 5G coming, operators unfamiliar with MEC are running out of excuses.

Jan 5
Mavenir acquired mobile sponsored data specialist Aquto and unveiled its hosted service plan model to renew innovation of prepaid mobile services, but did not gain the postpaid monetization apps key to boosting loyalty in integrated environments.

Jan 3
GlobalData’s Global Telecom Technology & Software team prepared 2018 predictions. This document summarizes key findings and takeaways across all segments, providing a thorough view of the telco infrastructure market to aid in 2018 planning.

Dec 29 2017
Our top IP predictions for 2018 tackle operator challenges including massive growth in bandwidth, deploying programmable routing and switching solutions, simplifying and automating network operations, and helping operators compete.

Dec 28 2017
While EXFO moves to finalize its acquisition of mobile assurance specialist Astellia, boosting its service assurance telco footprint and portfolio and spurring consolidation in the assurance market, it must act quickly to establish differentiators.

Dec 22 2017
Operators and webscales will accelerate optical transport transformation in 2018, using WAN SDN, automation, and webscale design principles. Webscale opportunity will grow, while traditional CSPs will have to adjust, or suffer consequences.


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