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Application Platforms
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Application Platforms
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Nov 17
Red Hat’s newest cloud services supports operational requirements necessary for different types of apps now able to run on the platform, from net new mobile, big data, and analytics to lift and shift of traditional apps.

Nov 15
Salesforce and its rivals including IBM and Red Hat are rolling out similar cloud services in the form of DevOps automation, management, and configuration, recognizing the industry is moving into the next phase of cloud development.

Nov 14
IBM will focus key 2018 cloud initiatives on new services, tools, and architectures which support cloud-native paradigms that meet DevOps’ requirements for automation and infrastructure abstraction in their quest for CICD.

Nov 10
Salesforce’s power-to-the-people moto is backed by portfolio-wide rebranding with its most cherished brand, Force, renamed Lightning – illustrating UX and its ability to meet coders and non-coders alike while addressing modern app development needs.

Nov 7
SUSE’s new application platform builds on its DevOps technology acquisition from HPE last year, aimed at helping SUSE leverage its OpenStack relationships and move up the cloud stack.

Nov 3
IBM Cloud Private is a hybrid cloud play with an emphasis on equipping developers with tools and capabilities for managing applications in multi-cloud contexts, but IBM needs a bolder and more joined-up approach to marketing its cloud solutions.

Nov 3
IBM Cloud Private is a hybrid cloud play with an emphasis on equipping developers with tools and capabilities for deploying and managing applications in multi-cloud contexts, but IBM will face strong competition in this segment from a host rivals.

Oct 31
Key themes of the 2017 Open Source Summit Europe included the continued ascendency of Kubernetes, which has fast become the most popular container management platform, and the support Kubernetes is receiving from vendors like Microsoft and Docker.

Oct 26
A new Cisco-Google alliance will enhance both companies’ ability to offer hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises and advance the use of Kubernetes for container orchestration, but AWS could yet thwart Google’s bid for hybrid cloud supremacy.

Oct 25
By prominently featuring Kubernetes at the center of its Azure Container Service, Microsoft solidifies a container strategy that directly threatens public cloud rival AWS.

Oct 18
Instana, a startup built by a group of APM vets, is taking on the competitive DevOps market segment by addressing key pain points, including the need for multi-language support and minimal configuration setup.

Oct 17
The transformation of NetApp’s business away from traditional storage and towards solutions that help enterprises manage and capitalize on data has resulted in an expansive set of brands that require careful marketing and management.

Oct 17
Alongside the rollout of its blockchain strategy this week, IBM’s professional group, GTS, announced two new cloud services aimed at helping enterprise IT operators migrate and deploy workloads from the data center into a hybrid cloud environment.

Oct 9
Oracle may be late to the cloud party, but its core integration and API platform serves as a strong foundation for its modern app development plans.

Oct 6
At its annual Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle made several enhancements to its Cloud Platform presenting enterprise developers with new opportunities around blockchain, mobility, and serverless computing via integration and API management innovations.

Oct 4
At its annual user conference, Oracle introduced a series of comprehensive investments in AI spanning both operations and business requirements with mobile chatbots, AI-infused LoB apps and a full set of AI cloud platform services.

Oct 2
Application platform vendors are emphasizing a complete cloud stack through an end-to-end solution set which addresses intelligent, enterprise-grade applications and a broader role for operations and LoB users.

Sep 29
Just ahead of JavaOne, Oracle’s long-awaited Java 9 and Java EE 8 releases include key cloud and microservices updates alongside a revamped update cycle involving the open source community.

Sep 29
Enterprise IoT technology providers, in response to customer concerns over IoT costs and complexity, are taking matters into their own hands, creating prebuilt solutions specific to discrete IoT use cases and simplifying development processes.

Sep 29
NetApp Insight 2017: Solution Announcements Will Reinforce Strategy Success and Further Fuel Takeover Rumors

Sep 29
SAP is combining its PaaS and business apps strengths, enhanced through cognitive intelligence and presented to enterprises as solutions. The analytics innovations, along with RAD tools, are being fulfilled via partner technologies.

Sep 29
To succeed with its plan to target industrial IoT growth opportunities, newly formed Hitachi Vantara must assert its core differentiators, including its extensive OT experience, “co-creation” approach and revamped Lumada IoT software.

Sep 14
Application platform providers have big plans for the IoT market segment, playing a crucial role in the ecosystem alongside partners that need core integration and messaging platforms.

Sep 7
Microsoft has moved to further container adoption via built-in image support for ASP.NET, now available on Linux.

Sep 6
At its annual Connect conference, Huawei set down its plan to become one of the five dominant public cloud platform providers, but it intends to do so in a fairly unorthodox manner.

Sep 5
Virtualization giant VMware demonstrated its might in addressing what’s become a key barrier of adoption: moving containerized apps into production. Now the question remains whether it can grasp equally important emerging DevOps issues.

Aug 30
The new joint VMware, Google, and Pivotal container service eases infrastructure configuration requirements, which have delayed adoption, leveraging VMware’s core competencies. Overall, however, it lacks a DevOps technology roadmap.

Aug 24
Building on a two-year cloud partnership, Red Hat is bringing Microsoft Azure and SQL Server into the fold of its managed hybrid cloud via OpenShift container service and RHEL.

Aug 22
Google’s Chrome Enterprise OS launched today with links to Active Directory and AirWatch and covering Chrome and Android devices. The proposition could disintermediate network operators that offer enterprise mobility, and later IoT, services.

Aug 16
Red Hat’s latest set of development tools is focused on integration with its JBoss products and support for Kompose, but details around other key Java EE and microservices capabilities are hazy.

Aug 11
Community projects looking to apply more agility to the Java EE space play increasingly important role. Look for more vendor collaboration during upcoming fall conferences.

Aug 8
Lightweight middleware technologies have paved the way not only for platform services to support continuous and distributed apps, but also for SOA's reinvention as a more fine-grained, componentized set of microservices.

Aug 1
Microsoft has made a series of compelling moves as of late, embracing cloud standards, courting developers and previewing a new container service, part of an effort to position its platform services as more usable than AWS.

Jul 27
Although Microsoft has announced that Azure Stack-powered appliances from key manufacturer partners are now available for pre-ordering, Microsoft must address enduring concerns about its hybrid cloud offering while navigating rising competition.

Jul 20
Oracle expands its hybrid cloud offering as a unified platform, spanning PaaS and SaaS to better combat AWS and Azure.

Jul 19
Why are technology companies like IBM and SAP turning to a 50-year-old design and ideation methodology in order to innovate more rapidly and better respond to customer needs? The reason is simple: to find and then answer the right questions.

Jul 12
Red Hat has just made its OpenShift PaaS available to developers in 200 countries for public cloud access to the latest container-native and multitenant cloud platform.

Jul 12
At its first annual Leonardo Live event, SAP rolled out a series of enhancements to the Leonardo platform, demonstrating the company’s vertical business acumen and interest in exploring emerging technologies like blockchain.

Jul 7
The developer-oriented Salesforce TrailheaDX conference helped demonstrate how new platforms continue to democratize app development, including advanced AI technologies for CRM apps.

Jun 30
Progress Software soundly rounds out its mobile offering, which is heavy on front-end tools, and addresses backend developers through its acquisition of leading backend-as-a-service player Kinvey.

Jun 29
Cisco’s new “The Network Intuitive” campaign calls for a major rethink of the network that promises self-aware infrastructure driven by business outcomes. But for that to work, Cisco will need to help customers reimagine app development itself.

Jun 27
Application performance management is being reinvented to provide the window into the operations component of DevOps. Developers will have access to this advanced app performance technology via platform services in coming months.

Jun 27
Developers under pressure to push code faster through new forms of delivery pipelines are leaning heavily on APM for app visibility.

Jun 27
Security, interoperability, complexity and connectivity are issues inhibiting broader IoT adoption, but as businesses seek to roll-out their IoT applications, vendors are responding quickly to improve their products, partnerships and services.

Jun 26
The majority of IoT users rely upon basic reporting mechanisms as found in business intelligence (BI) systems when analyzing data; are enterprises setting the bar far too low when it comes to IoT?

Jun 26
AI is both the present and the future with a plethora of cloud-based cognitive services on offer, but can enterprise buyers make use of these powerful APIs and frameworks without employing an army of data scientists and mathematicians?

Jun 19
CFF is broadening its technology focus to include more DevOps concerns, made evident by last week’s changing membership base and the highlighting of projects which address infrastructure provisioning.

Jun 19
Multi-cloud was of course the overriding theme at this year’s Cloud Foundry Summit, but there were also key indicators of a fast expanding ecosystem in light of DevOps’ growing importance throughout the ALM.

Jun 12
Microsoft has made Power BI Premium generally available, allowing buyers to run it behind the firewall as well as bypass user licenses, storage limits, and refresh rates, all of which make Power BI a better fit for larger deployments and ISVs.

Jun 1
App platforms rivals, including IBM, Red Hat, and Oracle are contributing heavily to OSS communities as a way to supplement development tools and frameworks and significantly speed containerization/microservices adoption.

May 26
Red Hat is delivering on its promise to support a browser-based working framework of pre-wired solutions for building lightweight cloud-native apps shored by key OSS technologies.

May 24
At its annual user conference, customer experience management player Genesys introduced Kate, an AI platform designed not to compete with the likes of IBM Watson or Einstein, but instead to blend capabilities with those offerings.


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