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Enterprise Networking
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Apr 18
The blockchain buzz is reaching peak ridiculousness as both startup and established vendors race to attach blockchain to anything and everything. However, it’s simply not suitable for network management.

Apr 9
Edge computing will transform the deployment and consumption of data center resources as well as the type of workloads data centers support, but in order to succeed, IT equipment vendors need to develop transparent strategies and solution sets.

Apr 6
While staying true to its mobile-first strategy, Aruba is beginning its foray into artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart workplaces that adapt to workers' needs. The vendor faces a tough challenge, however, in regard to integration.

Mar 30
Edge computing promises to transform data centers and support diverse use cases. However, despite a growing range of solutions that include edge servers and HCI for edge locations, IT vendor success depends on making important strategic choices.

Mar 30
The Q1 2018 IoT Watch from GlobalData’s IT Technology and Software team analyzes some of the latest IoT technology initiatives from across the industry, with a focus on global technology solutions providers and IoT-focused industry associations.

Mar 29
The Q1 2018 IoT Watch from GlobalData’s IT Technology and Software practice analyzes IoT innovations from across the industry, including the launch of new IoT business divisions and moves to establish IoT security standards.

Mar 28
Aruba Networks announced its NetInsight AI-driven analytics cloud service, which collects and analyzes WiFi data and provides recommendations to optimize WiFi and quickly resolve issues. NetInsight is available today.

Mar 27
We surveyed enterprise IT customers about their SD-WAN plans and the response was clear. They are satisfied with their MPLS WAN but want to add lower cost, higher capacity WAN connections and use SD-WAN to reduce overhead and improve performance.

Mar 23
Dell EMCs Virtual Edge Platform 4600 offers some useful hardware acceleration capabilities for branch network functions virtualization, but by punting the software to partners, the platform is simply hardware in a commodity space.

Mar 21
Branch routers—independent from branch firewalls—are often either a hold-over from what is becoming an old architecture or a provider-supplied appliance outside the control of IT. SD-WAN doesn’t augment branch routing, it replaces it.

Mar 21
Gluware Config Modeling imports existing configurations from network devices, creates a model, and automates and orchestrates changes throughout the network. Being multivendor makes it a good fit for enterprises or an acquisition target.

Feb 21
Ruckus Networks launched its access points and modules supporting LTE for in-building use. It’s a novel approach to wireless networking with strong potential, but without a list of tested and validated products by Ruckus, the launch falls flat.

Feb 16
Juniper announced a number of new switches for the data center and campus. Juniper also expanded its NFX virtual services family with the NFX150 for small branch and remote offices.

Feb 8
The Aerohive Atom is a small, dual-radio, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless access device that plugs into a standard U.S. outlet and can connect to an Aerohive network via either wireless mesh or an Ethernet connection.

Feb 1
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making their way into networking and network management products, but before you buy, there are some critical questions that need to be answered.

Jan 30
Cisco announced its Network Assurance Engine is expanding its intent-based networking by closing the cycle between the intended network and the actual network. Network Assurance Engine also streamlines troubleshooting and monitoring.

Jan 30
Cisco’s DNA Center Assurance offers deep insights into the campus network with contextually relevant event and network state correlation and forms a foundation for Cisco to build broader automation capabilities into DNA Center.

Jan 30
Wireless vendor Mist Systems’ new Virtual Network Assistance relies on diverse data collection and artificial intelligence to make sense from a chaos of network generated data.

Jan 23
Sky Enterprise, Juniper's new SaaS-based network device management service, doesn't fully replace its management appliances, but shows competitors that it intends to compete on ease of deployment and management and is making measureable progress.

Jan 23
Network function virtualization and technologies like SD-WAN are compelling by themselves, but there’s something more that enterprises want that no one is addressing.

Dec 22 2017
New app development technologies in a cloud era have created a significant competitive opportunity for IT market leaders to help enterprises orchestrate the whole application and platform ecosystem of technologies across the entire lifecycle.

Dec 22 2017
Our top predictions for 2018 tackle enterprise challenges including the ever-growing use of public cloud computing, the need to manage disparate cloud platforms, and a desire to reinvent DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.

Dec 20 2017
The IoT market is presenting broader opportunities among IT leaders in the form of innovative development, security, streaming analytics and open source IoT operating system, all dispensed via cloud offerings.

Dec 8 2017
It’s almost 2018 and SD-WAN and campus automation will be driving factors in enterprise product selection, with vendors bringing differentiated products to market. SD-WAN is poised to rocket while campus automation will be a slow burn.

Dec 8 2017
HPE has done much to strengthen the narratives about its recent acquisitions and their relationship with its wider strategy, but it now needs to build awareness of new brands such as OneSphere and GreenLake, and to address apparent overlaps.

Dec 6 2017
Aerohive is attempting to attract customers with branch offices by adding an SD-WAN product to its cloud and on-premises managed LAN and WLAN product sets. It should increase stickiness with its customers and open opportunities for new ones.

Dec 6 2017
VMware tightened integration between its virtual networking stack, NSX, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry with integration for NSX-T 2.1. The integration streamlines workflows for administrators and developers alike.

Dec 5 2017
Outgoing HPE CEO, Meg Whitman, has encouraged new CEO, Antonio Negi, to be bold and take risks. Under his leadership HPE will strengthen its focus on IoT, the edge and intelligent IT and even plans to extend edge connectivity to outer space.

Nov 27 2017
VeloCloud promises ‘Outcome-Driven Networking’ but falls a tad short, with gaps in self-learning occurring in the branch. However, new features such as segments and distributed service insertion are a big step forward for the product.

Nov 15 2017
Ruckus Wireless has announced its new ICX7650 small core and access switch family, offering 24 ports of multi-gigabit Ethernet and 90 watts of PoE per port. The new family would fit well in an existing Ruckus switch deployment.

Nov 2 2017
VMware has announced its intention to acquire SD-WAN vendor VeloCloud. The move expands VMware’s ability to integrate networking wherever workloads reside and apply a seamless, consistent policy. The acquisition increases competition with Cisco.


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