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Data Center Technology
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Jun 12
Cisco announces DevNet Ecosystem Exchange, DevNet Code Exchange, and DevNet DNA Developer Center, new initiatives that provide developers with tools, sandbox, documentation, and exchanges to share code and promote DNA Center integrated applications.

Jun 11
NetApp and Cisco have announced additions to the FlexPod converged infrastructure (CI) portfolio, including a new Managed Private Cloud offering and the first of several vertical solutions that will target industry-specific use cases for CI.

Jun 7
The latest enhancements to Hitachi’s Unified Compute Platform family of converged, hyperconverged, and rack-scale systems will help Hitachi serve data center customers requiring support for more demanding workloads and multi-cloud enablement.

Jun 7
The Vancouver OpenStack Summit saw important progress for the OpenStack community’s engagement with other open source technologies, as well as with emerging use cases such as containers, edge computing, and CI/CD.

Jun 5
Arista Networks adds P4 programmability with the new 7170 switch family. Based on Barefoot Networks’ Tofino chipset, Arista and its customers can quickly add new network capabilities and protocol support by programming the pipeline.

May 30
The latest version of Inspur’s OpenStack cloud offers improved management and scalability for enterprises that need to scale across multiple locations, but Inspur faces rising competition from rival providers of OpenStack and non-OpenStack clouds.

May 23
Pica8’s PicaPilot software creates a virtual chassis from PICOS switches simplifying deployment, management, and troubleshooting but it lacks fabric features found in competitive products. PicaPilot is an add-on license and is available today.

May 15
Red Hat’s latest set of developer tools supporting reactive microservices, Istio and Envoy integration, and serverless computing will help carry enterprise customers into the next phase of app development and deployment.

May 15
The 2018 Red Hat Summit elaborated on Red Hat’s approach to emerging DevOps modeled app platforms, including reactive microservices, serverless computing, container security, and low-code capabilities, most of which will be available by year-end.

May 14
The latest enhancements to Dell EMC’s VxRail and VxRack HCI solutions increase their ability to support more demanding workloads. However, Dell EMC is not the only HCI vendor now leveraging higher-performance technologies such as NVMe.

May 10
Nutanix has launched Nutanix Beam, which leverages recently-acquired Minjar’s Botmetric service and offers tools for managing and optimizing cloud consumption costs, security, and compliance. However, larger rivals are also targeting this market.

May 9
In this expanded report on Arista’s entry into campus networking with its Cognitive Cloud Networking launch, we dig into how it will impact the competitive landscape in campus networking and how to respond.

May 8
Arista’s Cognitive Cloud Networking hits a home run with the versatility of its Extensible Operating System (EOS), and extensive automation and orchestration capabilities to the campus core and aggregation layers, but whiffs on the access layer.

May 7
Though last week’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe conference demonstrated the continued ascendency of application performance management technology Kubernetes, don’t expect a serverless, developer-led, infrastructure-agnostic world anytime soon.

May 4
New Kubernetes support for AppDynamics and CloudCenter enhances Cisco’s competitiveness in the market for application platform management (APM), expands the capabilities of an expensive investment and targets growing customer demand for Kubernetes.

May 2
Anuta Networks’ ATOM SaaS is a cloud-delivered SaaS offering that provides management, orchestration, telemetry, and analytics in a multivendor environment. ATOM SaaS has flexible deployment options and licensing.

May 2
VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network is an over-arching vision to connect any user to any workload at anytime with full integration of VeloCloud with NSX, NSX support for Kubernetes and Azure. Missing is a solution for the campus LAN.

Apr 27
The 15th Huawei Analyst Summit expounded on Huawei’s vision of “boundless computing” and provided insight into its plans for edge computing and hybrid cloud enablement, but Huawei needs stronger articulation of existing and planned solutions.

Apr 26
Juniper enhanced its Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, adding policy management and performance monitoring to make it more attractive to enterprises. Product bundles of QFX, software, and professional services will jump-start enterprise deployments.

Apr 26
VMware says the AirWatch brand isn't being retired, but the elimination of AirWatch standalone product SKUs and the de-emphasis of the AirWatch name mean the end is likely near for a brand that essentially reinvented mobility management.

Apr 26
GlobalData takes a closer look at Huawei’s new market messaging around the creation of an intelligent world and assess its impact on big data and IoT, artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, and data center technologies.

Apr 25
How will Huawei make good on its new goal of creating an intelligent world? We think the key lies in the company’s efforts at seamlessly combining a wide array of fit-for-purpose AI-savvy chips within a single composable environment.

Apr 18
The blockchain buzz is reaching peak ridiculousness as both startup and established vendors race to attach blockchain to anything and everything. However, it’s simply not suitable for network management.

Apr 9
Edge computing will transform the deployment and consumption of data center resources as well as the type of workloads data centers support, but in order to succeed, IT equipment vendors need to develop transparent strategies and solution sets.

Apr 6
While staying true to its mobile-first strategy, Aruba is beginning its foray into artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart workplaces that adapt to workers' needs. The vendor faces a tough challenge, however, in regard to integration.

Apr 6
VMware is focused on optimizing cloud resource usage and empowering developers with its latest additions to vRealize Suite, but to unlock the release’s full benefits VMware must clarify its developer message and portfolio.

Apr 4
Pivot3’s new ‘Cloud Edition on AWS’ solution represents an important milestone for Pivot3’s hybrid cloud enablement strategy. However, the new solution will initially support only backup and disaster recovery, and only for the AWS public cloud.

Mar 30
Edge computing promises to transform data centers and support diverse use cases. However, despite a growing range of solutions that include edge servers and HCI for edge locations, IT vendor success depends on making important strategic choices.

Mar 30
The Q1 2018 IoT Watch from GlobalData’s IT Technology and Software team analyzes some of the latest IoT technology initiatives from across the industry, with a focus on global technology solutions providers and IoT-focused industry associations.

Mar 29
The Q1 2018 IoT Watch from GlobalData’s IT Technology and Software practice analyzes IoT innovations from across the industry, including the launch of new IoT business divisions and moves to establish IoT security standards.

Mar 27
We surveyed enterprise IT customers about their SD-WAN plans and the response was clear. They are satisfied with their MPLS WAN but want to add lower cost, higher capacity WAN connections and use SD-WAN to reduce overhead and improve performance.

Mar 23
Dell EMCs Virtual Edge Platform 4600 offers some useful hardware acceleration capabilities for branch network functions virtualization, but by punting the software to partners, the platform is simply hardware in a commodity space.

Mar 22
Pulse Secure updated its Services Director with enterprise management features and an application analytics package that relies on Splunk for storage and retrieval. The new features take advantage of the company’s pooled licensing.

Mar 21
Branch routers—independent from branch firewalls—are often either a hold-over from what is becoming an old architecture or a provider-supplied appliance outside the control of IT. SD-WAN doesn’t augment branch routing, it replaces it.

Mar 21
Gluware Config Modeling imports existing configurations from network devices, creates a model, and automates and orchestrates changes throughout the network. Being multivendor makes it a good fit for enterprises or an acquisition target.

Mar 15
Pivot3’s new Acuity X3 Series will help it support the HCI deployment requirements of SMBs and ROBOs, and target opportunities in the growing market for edge computing. Nevertheless, many of Pivot3’s larger rivals already offer a similar solution.

Mar 12
Nutanix has announced its intention to acquire Minjar in a move that, if completed successfully, will give Nutanix new technology for managing the multicloud costs, as well as a team of employees experienced in working with leading public clouds.

Mar 9
Nutanix aims to boost sales and build its cloud enablement credentials with new partner incentives and expanded HCI software license options. However, it would benefit from a stronger message about the links between HCI and cloud enablement.

Mar 8
Although additions to VMware Cloud Services and the expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS will strengthen the competitiveness of VMware’s hybrid cloud offerings, the appeal and benefits are likely to be restricted to existing vSphere users.

Mar 5
Red Hat has enhanced the tools it provides for managing complex hybrid IT environments, which now include new IT automation capabilities. However, to maximize the market opportunity, Red Hat needs to elaborate on the full range of benefits offered.

Mar 1
The Queens release of OpenStack helps integrate the cloud platform with emerging technologies such as containers, NFV, edge computing and machine learning. But, the full impact of Queens depends on building momentum around its various initiatives.

Feb 16
Juniper announced a number of new switches for the data center and campus. Juniper also expanded its NFX virtual services family with the NFX150 for small branch and remote offices.

Feb 16
Dell EMC’s new CI solution, VxBlock 1000, offers users increased scalability and flexibility compared with earlier VxBlocks, but Dell EMC will need to educate some customers about the advantages of VxBlock 1000 compared with HCI alternatives.

Feb 14
Dell EMC’s VxBlock 1000 offering is effectively a composable infrastructure solution that allows users to choose from a range of storage and server options, and provides simpler management and improved scalability compared with earlier VxBlocks.

Feb 2
The new Cisco Container Platform enforces Cisco’s multi-cloud strategy by offering customers a consistent way of running containers across both on-premises environments and public clouds, although initial use will be limited to Google’s Cloud.

Feb 1
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making their way into networking and network management products, but before you buy, there are some critical questions that need to be answered.

Jan 30
Cisco announced its Network Assurance Engine is expanding its intent-based networking by closing the cycle between the intended network and the actual network. Network Assurance Engine also streamlines troubleshooting and monitoring.

Jan 26
Enhancements to the HyperFlex HCI solution will significantly boost Cisco’s ability to target enterprises requiring a platform for multi-cloud deployments and on-premises container management, but Cisco faces rising competition in this market segment.

Jan 25
With its acquisition of Skyport, Cisco aims to add enhanced workload security capabilities to its HCI portfolio to support enterprise hybrid cloud initiatives. However, Cisco needs a plan for integrating and commercializing Skyport’s technology.

Jan 23
Network function virtualization and technologies like SD-WAN are compelling by themselves, but there’s something more that enterprises want that no one is addressing.

Jan 18
The cloud era’s evolving app development technologies have presented new competitive opportunities for IT market leaders to help enterprises orchestrate the entire application and platform ecosystem of technologies across the entire lifecycle.

Dec 22 2017
New app development technologies in a cloud era have created a significant competitive opportunity for IT market leaders to help enterprises orchestrate the whole application and platform ecosystem of technologies across the entire lifecycle.

Dec 22 2017
Our top predictions for 2018 tackle enterprise challenges including the ever-growing use of public cloud computing, the need to manage disparate cloud platforms, and a desire to reinvent DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.

Dec 20 2017
The IoT market is presenting broader opportunities among IT leaders in the form of innovative development, security, streaming analytics and open source IoT operating system, all dispensed via cloud offerings.

Dec 19 2017
In 2018, data center technology vendors will, through partnerships and new solutions, target the need for hybrid, and increasingly distributed and intelligent IT environments, along with simpler ways of procuring, deploying and consuming IT.


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