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Data Center Technology
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Nov 3
IBM Cloud Private is a hybrid cloud play with an emphasis on equipping developers with tools and capabilities for managing applications in multi-cloud contexts, but IBM needs a bolder and more joined-up approach to marketing its cloud solutions.

Nov 3
IBM Cloud Private is a hybrid cloud play with an emphasis on equipping developers with tools and capabilities for deploying and managing applications in multi-cloud contexts, but IBM will face strong competition in this segment from a host rivals.

Nov 2
VMware has announced its intention to acquire SD-WAN vendor VeloCloud. The move expands VMware’s ability to integrate networking wherever workloads reside and apply a seamless, consistent policy. The acquisition increases competition with Cisco.

Oct 31
Key themes of the 2017 Open Source Summit Europe included the continued ascendency of Kubernetes, which has fast become the most popular container management platform, and the support Kubernetes is receiving from vendors like Microsoft and Docker.

Oct 26
A new Cisco-Google alliance will enhance both companies’ ability to offer hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises and advance the use of Kubernetes for container orchestration, but AWS could yet thwart Google’s bid for hybrid cloud supremacy.

Oct 17
The transformation of NetApp’s business away from traditional storage and towards solutions that help enterprises manage and capitalize on data has resulted in an expansive set of brands that require careful marketing and management.

Oct 13
Cisco has improved its ACI capabilities with multi-site management and Kubernetes integration for consistent workload policies. Its security enhancements, leading to more granular policy enforcement, are important for all enterprises.

Oct 4
At its annual user conference, Oracle introduced a series of comprehensive investments in AI spanning both operations and business requirements with mobile chatbots, AI-infused LoB apps and a full set of AI cloud platform services.

Sep 29
Enterprise IoT technology providers, in response to customer concerns over IoT costs and complexity, are taking matters into their own hands, creating prebuilt solutions specific to discrete IoT use cases and simplifying development processes.

Sep 29
NetApp Insight 2017: Solution Announcements Will Reinforce Strategy Success and Further Fuel Takeover Rumors

Sep 29
Dell EMC has broadened its support for Microsoft data center environments with updates to its cloud, server and hyperconverged infrastructure offerings, but the decision to combine them in a single announcement potentially weakens their impact.

Sep 29
To succeed with its plan to target industrial IoT growth opportunities, newly formed Hitachi Vantara must assert its core differentiators, including its extensive OT experience, “co-creation” approach and revamped Lumada IoT software.

Sep 22
Cisco’s Intersight offers users a more intuitive way of running server infrastructure compared with existing management tools, but many of its most useful ML-based capabilities won't be available until FY 2019 or FY 2020, limiting its short-term impact.

Sep 21
Hitachi Vantara’s Smart Data Center offers a holistic approach to managing IT by utilizing both predictive analytics and IoT, but Hitachi faces the challenge of communicating a new brand and the need to raise its data center solutions profile.

Sep 21
Hitachi Vantara’s new converged infrastructure systems offer a simpler and more efficient way of managing IT infrastructure, while supporting the company’s industrial IoT strategy, but the new brand and strategy must be carefully communicated.

Sep 20
Arista launched its Any Cloud Platform, which is its vEOS virtual router managed by CloudVision and can run in cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure as well as virtual servers from KVM, VMware, and soon, Microsoft.

Sep 18
SD-branch is more than an extension of SD-WAN or multi-function branch-in-a-box of years past. SD-branch encompasses the virtual environment, lifecycle management, and workflows for customers to optimize branch office software and services.

Sep 15
The VMware-IBM collaboration will deliver new hybrid cloud services and capabilities to customers, while increasing the competitiveness of their offering relative to alternatives, but the partners have failed to specify a deployment timeframe.

Sep 12
Partnerships with HyTrust, Veeam and Liquidware will bring new capabilities to Pivot3’s hyper-converged infrastructure platform, enhancing its utility and competitiveness, but Pivot3 will continue to face a tough and increasingly busy market.

Sep 8
OnApp has entered the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) market with an appliance that is differentiated by built-in private and hybrid cloud management capabilities, but the new solution will have to compete against multiple HCI heavyweights.

Sep 6
VMware’s messaging from VMworld 2017 was very much about signaling its plans to manage enterprise workloads wherever they may reside. However, much of the product features are roadmap items showing VMware’s aspirations.

Sep 6
At its annual Connect conference, Huawei set down its plan to become one of the five dominant public cloud platform providers, but it intends to do so in a fairly unorthodox manner.

Sep 1
With the launch of VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware and Amazon plan to dominate the hybrid cloud solutions market, but the duo must deal with Microsoft’s ‘VMware-killer’ Azure Stack offering, which will run on technology from VMware parent Dell EMC.

Aug 31
The launch of several new and updated solutions to support data center modernization efforts reflects VMware’s holistic approach to addressing the changing needs of enterprise IT, but their relevance may be lost in this combined announcement.

Aug 30
Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software and its strategic alliance with Google represent a strong bid for market share in the hybrid cloud solutions market, but Nutanix and Google must both now build momentum and credibility for their strategy.

Aug 29
With the launch of VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware and Amazon will be able to tap growing enterprise demand for hybrid cloud solutions, but the partners need to move quickly to build momentum and credibility for their new solution in a busy market.

Aug 22
Gluware, relaunched from Glue Networks, now offers a multi-vendor network automation and orchestration suite that aims to provide a feature-complete out-of-the-box experience. It’s a tall order, but if successful, it could change IT networking.

Aug 21
Although Cisco’s predicted acquisition of Springpath is unlikely to create immediate benefits for Cisco’s rapidly growing HyperFlex business, full ownership of Spingpath’s software platform may open up future product development opportunities.

Aug 7
Lumina Networks launched its company with people and software assets from Brocade’s SDN software suite. The new company, funded with $10 million, comes with 200 customers, a focus on service provider clients, and a high-touch approach.

Jul 27
Although Microsoft has announced that Azure Stack-powered appliances from key manufacturer partners are now available for pre-ordering, Microsoft must address enduring concerns about its hybrid cloud offering while navigating rising competition.

Jul 21
In networking, as in other aspects of IT, simpler is better. Intent-based networking, while complex under the hood, offers IT simple approaches to network management, but only if it is fully embraced. Half-hearted commitment will set IT back.

Jul 20
Oracle expands its hybrid cloud offering as a unified platform, spanning PaaS and SaaS to better combat AWS and Azure.

Jul 13
Although HPE and Microsoft’s new go-to-market alliance, formed through the Cloud28+ community, will create new sales and partnership opportunities for both companies, the competitive response from their major rivals will be strong and swift.

Jul 13
Viptela’s Cloud onRamp for IaaS offers the vEdge Cloud Router in AWS’s and Azure’s marketplace while Cloud onRamp for SaaS treats traffic similarly to other application traffic. Neither pushes the envelope but competitors will have to respond.

Jul 11
Intent-based networking promises to change how IT manages the network, relying on automation and dynamic reaction to configuration requests. But don’t fire your network administrators just yet; the road to IBN is still long and bumpy.

Jul 10
As Google and Nutanix join the list of vendors targeting rising enterprise demand for hybrid cloud solutions, competition will coalesce around several areas, namely the delivery of an effective hybrid and multi-cloud management experience.

Jul 10
Cisco's enterprise security product portfolio is growing broader and deeper. It has many untapped opportunities within its grasp, but it must build better integrations and go-to-market messaging focusing on customers' desired outcomes.

Jun 30
Red Hat’s new hyper-converged infrastructure solution provides existing customers with an open source software-based offering for edge-of-network deployments. However, Red Hat needs to evolve the solution in order to achieve wider market impact.

Jun 29
Cisco’s new “The Network Intuitive” campaign calls for a major rethink of the network that promises self-aware infrastructure driven by business outcomes. But for that to work, Cisco will need to help customers reimagine app development itself.

Jun 28
With its new hyper-converged infrastructure solution NetApp will compete more directly against HPE and Dell EMC. However, it risks confusing potential customers with an expansive and evolving solutions portfolio for hybrid cloud data management.

Jun 27
Security, interoperability, complexity and connectivity are issues inhibiting broader IoT adoption, but as businesses seek to roll-out their IoT applications, vendors are responding quickly to improve their products, partnerships and services.

Jun 23
To remain competitive in the increasingly vibrant market for hybrid cloud management solutions, vendors need to expand the capabilities of their solutions, offer flexible delivery options and expand the range of cloud platforms they support.

Jun 22
Cisco announced its intent-based networking initiative with new software capabilities in DNA Center, a new Catalyst 9000 switch family, and developer support in Cisco DevNet. It's an ambitious launch that will impact customers and resellers.

Jun 20
Arista Networks new 7280R2, R2 line cards, and 16-slot 7500 chassis highlights what Arista does well: faster, denser switching and routing. Existing 7500 chassis customers can take advantage of R2 line cards as needed without a rip and replace.

Jun 13
Despite showing growing maturity and the emergence of new consumption models, OpenStack, a leading open source standard for cloud computing, faces a range of limitations and challenges, as well as emerging competition from Amazon and Microsoft.

Jun 5
VARs, integrators and managed service providers are all vying for your SD-WAN dollars, and that makes for a complicated, dynamic and highly competitive landscape.

Jun 1
Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement is a cross-catalog purchase agreement covering software, hardware, support and services and includes a 20% overage allowance and no charges in arrears. It’s intended to overcome competitive license and cost objections.


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