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Data Center Technology
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May 19
The May 2017 OpenStack Summit highlighted the growing popularity of hosted private clouds based on OpenStack technology. This phenomenon reflects the many genuine attractions of OpenStack and its enduring problems, including its complexity.

May 17
Array Networks joins competitors in SD-branch appliances with its own Network Functions Platform, which is a virtualization platform consolidating network functions. The platform supports pay-as-you-grow pricing and capacity reservation.

May 11
Versa’s Cloud IP Platform offers customers, MSPs, and channel partners with a versatile foundation to develop their own managed services. The new appliances with integrated WiFi, switching and LTE further streamline branch deployments.

May 11
New enhancements to Dell EMC’s hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) portfolio will strengthen its competitive position vis-à-vis key rivals, but the vendor must watch that its ever-expanding HCI portfolio does not become hard to manage and market.

May 10
Red Hat’s re-energized partnership with Amazon smartly emphasizes AI-driven IT automation as a way to root out the foibles of human decision-making; it also points to a future where operational and business analytics can at last intertwine.

May 9
Dell EMC’s new Azure Stack offering will boost its position in the hybrid cloud solutions market and among Azure public cloud users. However, Dell EMC will need to manage an expansive portfolio and may face a price war with HPE, Cisco and Lenovo.

May 5
Red Hat’s integration of Ansible with its CloudForms cloud management solution will enhance the automation capabilities and competitiveness of CloudForms, but to succeed, the move needs to be backed by strong marketing focused on its benefits.

May 2
Cisco intends to acquire SD-WAN vendor Viptela for $610 million, but the competitive impact will take a year or more to be felt.

Apr 24
Huawei recently unveiled the international expansion of its public cloud platform and a plan to target emerging markets, but in promoting its public cloud offering Huawei must not underestimate the demand for private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Apr 13
Huawei Analyst Summit 2017: When it comes to big data, Huawei is looking beyond its sizable hardware portfolio, offering instead a cloud platform built on established open source standards augmented by partners focused on select vertical markets.

Apr 5
Although the sale of vCloud Air potentially helps VMware remove some of the ambiguity and overlap that has characterized its cloud strategy, the long-term success of the vendor’s recent hybrid cloud initiatives is far from given.

Mar 31
Containerization is at the intersection of application development and a data center's infrastructure, serving as the foundation for enterprise cloud strategies and innovative services among vendors from PaaS to infrastructure providers.

Mar 31
The seemingly immutable law of data gravity, which has kept massive data stores behind the corporate firewall, is no more. Platform providers are actively redefining such laws, showing that even the largest data lake can live in the clouds.

Mar 30
The IoT market continues to attract increased investment and innovation from equipment and solutions vendors, with a specific focus on micro data centers, application platforms, big data solutions, IoT security and retail-focused IoT initiatives.

Mar 24
At IBM InterConnect 2017, IBM emphasized the competitiveness of its Watson-backed IBM Cloud, while also launching several new solutions to support enterprise hybrid cloud initiatives. IBM will not be alone in targeting hybrid cloud opportunities.

Mar 22
Although IBM has announced new solutions to help enterprises manage data and workloads in complex hybrid, multi-cloud environments, the announcement was relatively subdued and disjointed, and competition in this sector is both intense and growing.

Mar 22
By allowing enterprises to use IBM's private cloud to run their Red Hat OpenStack platform, a new strategic collaboration between IBM and Red Hat creates new opportunities for both companies and for the OpenStack platform.

Mar 7
Cisco Debuts HyperFlex Enhancements, Keeping Pace in Hotly Contested Hyper-Converged Market

Mar 3
Cisco’s strategic alliance with Docker boosts its competitiveness in the busy market for containers and application management; however, actual demand is unclear and further clarification is needed on how the duo will manage joint sales and support.

Feb 24
At Cisco Live! EMEA 2017, Cisco Systems demonstrated how it is transforming into a complete enterprise IoT solutions provider. The implications of this transformation for Cisco’s networking and data center solutions are wide-ranging.

Feb 22
Dell EMC’s new Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail solution will help it target enterprises that need a simpler and less risky way of deploying a hybrid cloud. However, it could upset partner Nutanix and will have limited appeal to non-VMware users.

Feb 17
Dell EMC’s new Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail solution will help it target enterprises that need a simpler and less risky way of deploying a hybrid cloud. However, it could upset partner Nutanix and will have limited appeal to non-VMware users.

Feb 14
Riverbed is offering a consolidated SteelHead WAN optimization product with its SteelConnect SD-WAN on a single SteelHead SD family of appliances aimed for the remote office. Riverbed also announced one-click SteelConnect in Azure.

Feb 10
Cisco’s new hybrid cloud infrastructure solution, created in partnership with Microsoft Azure, has potential to boost the vendor’s competitiveness in a busy market, while giving its hybrid cloud strategy much-needed clarity and focus.

Feb 8
HPE is throwing its weight, and money, behind the Mesosphere orchestration management technology, but the causal connection to PaaS technology partner Micro Focus is unclear.

Feb 2
Cisco’s Tetration 2.0 adds application segmentation based on discovered events orchestrating policy application and enforcement on its software agents. Cisco also released a smaller Tetration-M and a virtual version for AWS.

Feb 1
Big Switch has been busy with Big Cloud Fabric 4.0 adding new capabilities for cloud networking with VMware’s vSAN, Horizon, and vSphere 6.5 as well as tech demos with container platforms from Kubernetes, Mesosphere DC/OS, and Red Hat OpenShift.

Jan 31
Juniper’s Unite Cloud manifests with a new QFX 5110 ToR switch, enhancements to Network Director 3.0 including support for data center interconnect and Junos Fusion, and new professional services jumpstarts for Contrail.

Jan 30
Despite delivering an upbeat assessment of its hybrid cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure businesses in its Q4 and full-year 2016 results announcement, VMware must be mindful of rapidly changing market dynamics to safeguard future growth.

Jan 27
Cisco’s surprise acquisition of application performance management leader NetDynamics paves the way for the company build a literal bridge between operational and business analytics; but is Cisco ready to deliver end-to-end business optimization to its core networking customers?

Jan 20
The acquisition of SimpliVity by Hewlett Packard Enterprise has potential to transform the market for hyper-converged solutions and unlock new commercial opportunities for both companies, but it also faces several challenges and uncertainties.

Jan 20
Having failed to restructure its balance sheet, Avaya have finally filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. With continuing plans to transition to a software and services company, control over major decisions is now relinquished to the bankruptcy court.

Jan 19
The latest version of Red Hat’s container application platform, OpenShift Container Platform 3.4, offers developers new container management capabilities, but to remain competitive the vendor must further innovate and refine its message.

Jan 18
Although HPE’s acquisition of SimpliVity consolidates the market for hyper-converged solutions and increases HPE’s competitive position, the relatively low price paid for SimpliVity betrays a conservative expectation of future market growth.

Jan 18
Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Database Cloud Service not just within a VM but also on bare metal, creating a comprehensive onramp to the cloud for on premises customers in need of both high performance and consistent management.

Jan 17
Although the latest version of Red Hat’s hybrid cloud management solution offers customers new capabilities for managing workloads and containers in complex hybrid cloud environments, the vendor must work on its market message to stay competitive.

Dec 30 2016
In 2016 nearly all the major IT vendors declared some sort of a commitment to helping enterprise customers build and operate hybrid clouds. In 2017 expect more focused hybrid cloud strategies and the further refinement of solution capabilities.

Dec 28 2016
We look forward with our top 2017 predictions, uncovering a rapidly changing landscape for IT professionals, who will see vendors move further away from products as discrete entities, and toward extensible, orchestrated, cloud-savvy services.

Dec 28 2016
Despite launching new Dell Technologies group solutions, Dell EMC will continue partnering with competitors such as Cisco and Nutanix to maximize customer choice and succeed in the growing market for converged and hyper-converged infrastructure.

Dec 28 2016
Key themes for hyper-converged infrastructure in 2017 include specialization, looming market consolidation, increasing choice for enterprises, the move to all-flash storage and continued coopetition between the hardware and software vendors.

Dec 23 2016
Cisco’s plan to terminate its Intercloud Services public cloud has positive implications for the vendor’s hyper-converged solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure businesses, both of which will be a strong priority for Cisco in 2017.

Dec 22 2016
Micro data centers represent a technological and strategic response to the growing need for distributed IT and edge computing. IT vendors such as HPE and Huawei have already responded to the opportunities, and others are expected to follow suit.

Dec 16 2016
Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with Schneider Electric to launch a micro data center for distributed IT and edge computing. Although HPE Micro Datacenter will benefit both partners, expect increasing competition from this market segment.

Dec 14 2016
The IoT market is heating up as barriers drop, stemming from innovation driving new solutions around edge-based gateways, key messaging/networking protocols, device security, and integration/API solutions.

Dec 14 2016
Despite HPE’s proclamation of a major milestone for its research project “The Machine,” which promises to transform future computing and data center architectures, delivery timeframes and future goals remain considerable and ambitious.

Dec 13 2016
At its recent Discovery Event in London, HPE announced several innovations that add further clarity and momentum to its multi-faceted IoT strategy. Rival data center vendors should aim to understand HPE’s IoT plan and respond accordingly.

Dec 9 2016
In a move to simplify resource provisioning and management, HPE is expanding its composable initiative, adding a new hybrid cloud offering and technology extensions to its hyper-converged systems. Cisco and other rivals have ample time to respond.

Dec 6 2016
A new global partnership with Huawei will see SimpliVity sell its hyperconverged infrastructure technology together with Huawei’s FusionServer. In response, market rivals should emphasize both SimpliVity and Huawei’s competitive weaknesses.

Dec 6 2016
Brocade’s IP Networking unit isn’t slowing down pending its divestiture from Broadcom by filling out its spine and ToR leaf switches in the SLX family and adding new telemetry generation capabilities and enhancements to Workflow Composer.

Dec 5 2016
Arista’s new high-performance, low-latency 7160s, which offer a programmable pipeline and policy-driven table allocation thanks to Cavium’s XPliant, boost the flexibility, usefulness, and ultimately cost-competitiveness of Arista’s switching line.

Nov 29 2016
A10 Lightning SaaS offers ADC, application security, and performance monitoring for public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments, but it currently does not have global reach and the channel delivery model is at odds with on-demand services.


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