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Enterprise Security
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May 15
Following what's believed to be the largest-ever ransomware attack, enterprises and vendors alike should realize the WannaCry ransomworm is likely a harbinger of more severe attacks yet to come.

May 10
Just a day after the quick, puzzling end to its TrustPoint OEM partnership with Tanium, VMware AirWatch announced integration with a comparable endpoint tool, Dell Client Command, offered by its parent company.

Apr 26
Orchestrated, automated, high-efficacy multiproduct enterprise security architectures are not only possible, but also will soon be commonplace thanks to security product integration frameworks. This report details the SPIF landscape.

Apr 21
While positioned as a product portfolio unification, Check Point Infinity is little more than a new go-to-market message. It's an attempt to mimic security integration leaders, but without producing significant new portfolio integrations.

Apr 12
Fortinet’s cloud security announcements, including a new CASB, faster virtual firewall performance, and on-demand virtual firewall licensing for AWS and Azure, are part of an ongoing effort to bolster its cloud-delivered enterprise security.

Apr 11
IBM’s perplexing IPS rebrand produces more problems than it solves, namely risking confusion among customers, fostering the appearance of a detection-centric strategy, and admitting tacitly that it may not be keeping pace with IPS rivals.

Apr 5
Forcepoint’s new cloud-based malware sandbox means it is no longer reliant on a partnership with McAfee and will be more competitive in NGFW deals. But the sandboxing release was a long time coming, and offers little differentiation versus rivals.

Apr 4
Now an independent company separate from Intel, McAfee is positioning itself as a more focused, nimble company capable of buying, building or integrating the technologies its customers need. Bolstering the McAfee brand, however, may not be easy.

Mar 30
The IoT market continues to attract increased investment and innovation from equipment and solutions vendors, with a specific focus on micro data centers, application platforms, big data solutions, IoT security and retail-focused IoT initiatives.

Mar 1
In buying LightCyber for a palatable $105 million, Palo Alto Networks gains much-needed machine learning technology to detect malicious east-west traffic inside enterprise networks. It now must play catch-up to rivals with similar offerings.

Feb 28
Enterprises need better tools to investigate security events, and vendors are finally starting to deliver. Also: opportunity for SMB NGFW vendors; Symantec’s small steps; rivals team up on threat data sharing; and Cylance draws the ire of rivals.

Feb 24
At Cisco Live! EMEA 2017, Cisco Systems demonstrated how it is transforming into a complete enterprise IoT solutions provider. The implications of this transformation for Cisco’s networking and data center solutions are wide-ranging.

Feb 23
MobileIron has joined its EMM rivals in pursuing IoT security offerings for devices and data. Its existing product architecture is a great fit for IoT, but it’s unclear how it plans to differentiate competitively.

Feb 22
Cisco’s new midrange NGFWs are a significant competitive boost to what’s arguably been a weakening solution set versus high-growth rivals Palo Alto and Fortinet. New management and threat intelligence features help ease other solution shortcomings.

Feb 15
In its last set of major updates before its impending spinout, Intel Security overhauled its SIEM UI, added virtual IPS support for AWS and OpenStack, bolstered its OpenDXL SPIF and committed $1 million to the Cyber Threat Alliance.

Feb 10
Themes to watch for at RSA Conference 2017 include the emerging markets for serverless security and security product integration frameworks, as well as signs of new life for a legacy product segment seen as over the hill.

Feb 9
By acquiring Skyfence from Imperva, Forcepoint gains established CASB technology that it is already familiar with, but the deal further burdens a company already challenged to integrate technologies from Stonesoft, Websense, and Raytheon.

Feb 8
Palo Alto Networks’ hardware and software refresh offers notable across-the-board advances, especially network-level credential theft detection and policy-based adaptive authentication, but between the lines, the vendor’s shortcomings are apparent.

Feb 7
Trend Micro has announced a new version of its Deep Security server workload protection solution, and is adding its XGen multifaceted threat detection technology to both Deep Security and the TippingPoint IPS line.

Feb 2
Fortinet’s new top marketing executive plans to build a program tailored to Fortinet’s unique assets and corporate culture, but it is unclear whether she can overcome the same pitfalls that recently doomed her two predecessors.

Feb 1
Fortinet is poised to be enterprise security’s next dominant force, if it can get out of its own way. Despite strong technology and leadership, stumbles in sales, management software, and integration threaten to limit Fortinet’s potential.

Jan 25
Cisco Systems’ pxGrid, the security product integration framework built into Identity Services Engine, now has 50 technology partners and improved usability, but it is a lackluster response to Intel Security’s disruptive OpenDXL.

Jan 17
Forcepoint is incorporating its venerable Stonesoft NGFW technology into a broad enterprise security platform, but in doing so, it risks jeopardizing the product capabilities it champions as differentiators and the brand identity it seeks to build.

Jan 11
The latest version of Fortinet’s FortiOS offers more detail on the vendor’s vision-heavy Security Fabric effort. Meanwhile, its repackaged management software now features a full-blown SIEM, but glazes over its increased complexity.

Jan 10
The new 100 Gbps TippingPoint 7600NX IPS is merely a commercialized version of a long-time custom offering, but is expected to mark the beginning of an overdue hardware refresh after years of minimal product development under former owner HPE.

Dec 28 2016
We look forward with our top 2017 predictions, uncovering a rapidly changing landscape for IT professionals, who will see vendors move further away from products as discrete entities, and toward extensible, orchestrated, cloud-savvy services.

Dec 19 2016
Despite a recent infusion of promising Blue Coat technology and executive talent, Symantec is making questionable short-term moves that fail to advance and perhaps even inhibit its long-term strategy.

Dec 16 2016
The security industry orients itself towards external threats, yet few are orienting themselves to the insider. CISO research from Australia shows the problem is bigger than what most think, as is the opportunity.

Dec 15 2016
RSA president Amit Yoran is leaving to become CEO at Tenable Network Security. It’s a significant blow to RSA, which was recently acquired by Dell and has been struggling to redefine itself as a security operations management specialist.

Dec 14 2016
The IoT market is heating up as barriers drop, stemming from innovation driving new solutions around edge-based gateways, key messaging/networking protocols, device security, and integration/API solutions.

Dec 5 2016
Trend Micro is a top vendor in nearly all the enterprise security product segments in which it competes, particularly hybrid server security, but a slow-building TippingPoint integration and a low-profile brand are causes for concern.


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