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Enterprise Security
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Enterprise Security
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Sep 1
Juniper's purchase of Cyphort accelerates its use of machine learning to identify never-before-seen threats from the web. Cyphort's heavy on-premises footprint and laborious configuration and management, however, are major drawbacks.

Aug 29
The acquisition of RedOwl will give Forcepoint a behavioral analytics capability not only to bolster its insider threat detection offerings, but also to serve as the analytics engine for the rest of its product portfolio.

Aug 16
IBM's surprise decision to exit the intrusion prevention appliance market and endorse former rival Cisco is not only an admission of its failed move to bolster the XGS line via QRadar, but also its waning focus on traditional network security.

Aug 4
Deceptive threat detection solutions identify and thwart the attacks that elude other enterprise security systems. It's a diverse, emerging market, but one that may eventually be absorbed by larger vendors with broad security solutions.

Aug 2
FortiCloud 3.2 will enable full management of low-end FortiGate devices, increasing ease of deployment, configuration, and ongoing management for SMBs and MSSPs, but offers little to enterprises that increasingly also want cloud-based management.

Jul 26
McAfee's new community website creates a long-awaited single, user-friendly hub to build a community around its nascent OpenDXL SPIF. But a website alone won't foster OpenDXL participation or match Cisco's more mature pxGrid community.

Jul 10
Cisco's enterprise security product portfolio is growing broader and deeper. It has many untapped opportunities within its grasp, but it must build better integrations and go-to-market messaging focusing on customers' desired outcomes.

Jul 6
Symantec is the perfect fit for Fireglass, as its web content sanitization technology was destined to be a secure web gateway feature. However, Symantec must ensure Fireglass can scale and be integrated with the former Blue Coat offerings.

Jun 28
The new TippingPoint Security Management System Threat Insights feature bolsters Trend Micro's host-based security assessment capabilities and fosters integration with the vendor's Advanced Threat Protection product family.

Jun 27
Security, interoperability, complexity and connectivity are issues inhibiting broader IoT adoption, but as businesses seek to roll-out their IoT applications, vendors are responding quickly to improve their products, partnerships and services.

Jun 22
Cisco announced its intent-based networking initiative with new software capabilities in DNA Center, a new Catalyst 9000 switch family, and developer support in Cisco DevNet. It's an ambitious launch that will impact customers and resellers.

Jun 14
Palo Alto Networks is pushing deeper into cloud-based security with not only cloud-delivered NGFW services for distributed sites, but also a new framework service to provide integrated third-party cloud-based security applications.

Jun 1
The wide-ranging new security solution collaboration between IBM and Cisco will undoubtedly help their mutual customers, but it remains to be seen whether the duo can successfully sell, implement and support complex joint solutions.

Jun 1
Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement is a cross-catalog purchase agreement covering software, hardware, support and services and includes a 20% overage allowance and no charges in arrears. It’s intended to overcome competitive license and cost objections.

May 15
Following what's believed to be the largest-ever ransomware attack, enterprises and vendors alike should realize the WannaCry ransomworm is likely a harbinger of more severe attacks yet to come.

May 10
Just a day after the quick, puzzling end to its TrustPoint OEM partnership with Tanium, VMware AirWatch announced integration with a comparable endpoint tool, Dell Client Command, offered by its parent company.

Apr 26
Orchestrated, automated, high-efficacy multiproduct enterprise security architectures are not only possible, but also will soon be commonplace thanks to security product integration frameworks. This report details the SPIF landscape.

Apr 21
While positioned as a product portfolio unification, Check Point Infinity is little more than a new go-to-market message. It's an attempt to mimic security integration leaders, but without producing significant new portfolio integrations.

Apr 12
Fortinet’s cloud security announcements, including a new CASB, faster virtual firewall performance, and on-demand virtual firewall licensing for AWS and Azure, are part of an ongoing effort to bolster its cloud-delivered enterprise security.

Apr 11
IBM’s perplexing IPS rebrand produces more problems than it solves, namely risking confusion among customers, fostering the appearance of a detection-centric strategy, and admitting tacitly that it may not be keeping pace with IPS rivals.

Apr 5
Forcepoint’s new cloud-based malware sandbox means it is no longer reliant on a partnership with McAfee and will be more competitive in NGFW deals. But the sandboxing release was a long time coming, and offers little differentiation versus rivals.

Apr 4
Now an independent company separate from Intel, McAfee is positioning itself as a more focused, nimble company capable of buying, building or integrating the technologies its customers need. Bolstering the McAfee brand, however, may not be easy.

Mar 30
The IoT market continues to attract increased investment and innovation from equipment and solutions vendors, with a specific focus on micro data centers, application platforms, big data solutions, IoT security and retail-focused IoT initiatives.


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