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Enterprise Security
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Enterprise Security
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Jun 15
Palo Alto Networks is no longer content to be a next-generation firewall vendor. Its next goal is to become the world's top provider of security data and a facilitator of best-of-breed security, disrupting much of the market in the process.

Jun 14
Deep Security Smart Check, which conducts pre-deployment container image scanning, is the latest salvo in Trend Micro's battle with PaaS providers to own DevOps security and, in turn, maintain its stranglehold in hybrid cloud workload security.

Jun 5
While acquiring a NAC vendor in 2018 seems questionable on its face, Fortinet's low-cost purchase of Bradford Networks enables the vendor to compete more effectively against key rival Cisco Systems for large, multiproduct deals involving NAC.

Jun 4
Nikesh Arora, Palo Alto Networks' next CEO, is an experienced executive who knows how to help big companies grow even bigger, but he has no past experience in enterprise security and his actions at SoftBank rankled some of its investors.

May 23
Fortinet is bolstering integrations between its own product ecosystem and those of its technology partners, enabling tighter, more workflow-friendly integrations, but the program itself remains out of reach for too many small vendors.

May 11
At the annual IT Security Analyst & CISO Forum in London, CISOs debunked conventional wisdom on cybersecurity hiring and simplicity, while several innovative vendors made the case as to why they're poised to disrupt existing market segments.

May 8
Enterprises struggle with the tools and tactics to find, fix, and prevent cybersecurity incidents. Vendors at RSA Conference 2018 touted security operations offerings not only to ease customer pain points, but also to position themselves as vital.

Apr 11
New SaaS and virtualized versions of Tetration make the hybrid cloud server workload management product more easily consumable. While viable as a security solution, Cisco must do more to bolster its value proposition for security teams.

Apr 11
Secdo not only gives Palo Alto Networks the EDR technology needed to further differentiate versus its network-centric rivals, but it also provides a rich new source of endpoint forensics data to feed its nascent cloud-delivered security platform.

Apr 5
RSA's additions to its NetWitness portfolio, including UEBA via the acquisition of Fortscale, keep pace with market innovation, but the Dell business unit is still trying to advance a complex strategy linking IAM and security operations.

Apr 4
In integrating JATP, acquired via Cyphort last year, with its NGFW and security management systems, Juniper Networks seeks to build and market a unified platform. It's unclear whether the solution set's ease of use and efficacy can match rivals.

Mar 29
VMware intends to add E8 Security's technology to Workspace One to better identify security events and automate responses. Strategically, the move helps VMware appeal to increasingly security-focused end-user computing technology buyers.

Mar 21
Advancing on many fronts, Fortinet is improving portfolio integration, building on its hardware performance advantage, and adding compelling software features like SD-WAN. Overall, the vendor has never been more broadly competitive.

Mar 20
Micro Focus CEO and renowned operations guru Chris Hsu resigned after the vendor's operational struggles post spin-merge, but the change represents an opportunity to refocus strategically on product integrations that solve tough customer problems.

Mar 5
Encrypted Traffic Analytics is a potentially revolutionary solution for inspecting encrypted network traffic without the need to decrypt packets. It may have significant competitive ramifications on the enterprise security appliance market.

Feb 28
The $350 million acquisition not only enables Splunk to combine its big data and machine learning capabilities with Phantom's security orchestration offering, but also may be the first of several such acquisitions by SIEM vendors.

Feb 28
Updates to its flagship OS, Security Fabric integration framework, and partner program are important for Fortinet, but for the first time, the technology-centric vendor risks being out-innovated by its top rivals.

Feb 21
Palo Alto Networks' software and hardware updates are geared around three key objectives – automation, innovation, and efficacy – but significant technical details may hint at underlying complexity and efficacy challenges.

Feb 8
Check Point's effort to build a broad, cloud-centric solution set under the new CloudGuard brand is admirable, but it is late to the crowded CASB segment, and a rebranded vSEC solution doesn't reduce its inherent complexity.

Feb 7
Palo Alto Networks' latest updates increase usability of its virtual appliances and increase its competitiveness in cloud workload security, but the vendor's strategy to appeal to cloud app architects while shortchanging DevOps is a curious one.

Feb 6
Fortinet's pair of high-end edge network NGFWs not only debut a more powerful processor architecture, but also boost encrypted traffic inspection performance well beyond what its competitors can offer in a single appliance.

Jan 26
Check Point's trio of fifth-generation management appliances are faster and store more data while easing policy management via a single interface, but lack innovation in a time when rivals are beginning to transition management to the cloud.

Jan 25
The surprise launch of Chronicle, Alphabet's new cybersecurity spinout, proves the huge innovation opportunity in security analytics and threat detection. Can the vendor audaciously find a solution to a problem that has eluded an entire industry?

Jan 24
In rebranding and revamping its LightCyber behavioral analytics acquisition, Palo Alto Networks says Magnifier can prevent cyberattacks, but it requires a sizable commitment to the vendor's ecosystem and lacks necessary third-party integration.

Jan 23
Sky Enterprise, Juniper's new SaaS-based network device management service, doesn't fully replace its management appliances, but shows competitors that it intends to compete on ease of deployment and management and is making measureable progress.

Jan 18
With a trio of new cloud offerings, Palo Alto Networks is poised to disrupt the status quo in network security, security logging, and even how security products are purchased and deployed, if it can answer questions about execution and ROI.

Jan 17
WatchGuard's purchase of Percipient Networks adds DNS-layer filtering to its cloud-based security services, future-proofing its strategy to move beyond the midmarket to pursue more Fortune 2000 customers.

Dec 22 2017
Our top predictions for 2018 tackle enterprise challenges including the ever-growing use of public cloud computing, the need to manage disparate cloud platforms, and a desire to reinvent DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.

Dec 21 2017
Trend Micro's success is due to its laser-focus on providing the best security solution for endpoints and the evolving hybrid data center, but its recently expanded ambitions may threaten the strength of purpose that has long been its strength.

Dec 20 2017
The IoT market is presenting broader opportunities among IT leaders in the form of innovative development, security, streaming analytics and open source IoT operating system, all dispensed via cloud offerings.


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