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Collaboration and Communications
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Collaboration and Communications
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Jul 14
Unify introduces OpenScape Cloud, a flexible collaboration and communications service; However, it is not yet commercially available for customers and, unless carefully managed, partners may view Unify’s parent company, Atos, as a potential threat.

Jul 10
InfoComm 2017’s exhibition floor mirrored the market demand for easy to deploy, high quality audio and video huddle room solutions that makes the meeting join experience easy for end users. This report explores the exemplars of this current trend.

Jun 8
Utilizing IoT APIs that plug into its interaction engine and business rules engine, Mitel demonstrated at its Elite conference how the Internet of Things can be integrated with real-time communications to literally give IoT devices a voice.

May 24
At its annual user conference, customer experience management player Genesys introduced Kate, an AI platform designed not to compete with the likes of IBM Watson or Einstein, but instead to blend capabilities with those offerings.

May 12
Cisco plans to acquire advanced artificial intelligence startup MindMeld for $125 million to enhance its collaboration suite; however, IBM could see this acquisition as a potential threat, which could sour its current Cisco partnership.

May 9
At JiveWorld17, Jive Software shared its current strategy as it competes in a challenging market; however, the vendor announced it will be acquired, and any cause for optimism applies only if Jive’s roadmap continues under its new stewardship.

May 2
ESW Capital is acquiring Jive Software for $462 million and will add Jive to its Aurea portfolio. The anticipated Aurea re-architecting and re-engineering processes that follow introduce uncertainty and concern for clients and partners.

Apr 28
The manufacturing market is dominated by complex and costly ERP systems. An opportunity exists for team collaboration platform vendors to leverage business-to-business networks, to simplify global supply chains and disrupt this market adjacency.

Apr 18
Contact center solution providers are refining ways to engage with customers, improving real-time analytics, increasing the sophistication of conversations, and making those conversations more contextual over a broader range of devices.

Apr 4
Enterprise Connect 2017 focused around three common themes: cloud, collaboration as-a-service (CPaaS) and team collaboration apps; however, IT needs to act as ambassadors for their users to counter the potential issues associated with shadow IT.

Mar 21
Suite or best-of-breed? As organizations look to simplify their IT environments a ‘best-of-suites’ approach is likely to dominate until vendors can eliminate redundant functionality and provide better integration within their own offering.

Mar 13
The redesign of Google Hangouts signifies a significant strategic shift within Alphabet to focus on the enterprise segment; however, this move serves to validate many of its competitor’s strategies in this burgeoning and highly contested market.

Mar 10
The redesign of Google Hangouts represents a significant strategic shift within Alphabet to focus on the enterprise segment; however, this move serves to validate many of its competitors’ strategies in this burgeoning and highly contested market.

Mar 10
Will Google’s growing emphasis on machine-based insight and open source software be enough to displace rivals Amazon and Microsoft in the enterprise?

Mar 9
8x8 builds upon its open, integrated and interoperable messaging through the acquisition of LeChat Inc.’s Sameroom service to make people more connected; however, it could be argued Sameroom perpetuates the shadow IT problem rather than solves it.

Feb 24
Currently in private preview, Watson Workspace is late to market; however, late movers can redefine market categories on their terms. Will competitors leverage Watson Workspace Services to their advantage and should this ultimately matter to IBM?

Feb 23
The upcoming release of IBM Connections 6 will be the last of its kind. From that point on, IBM will completely reinvent its collaboration platform, throwing aside internal obligations, existing software investments and technical dependencies.

Feb 21
Assuming Avaya exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the next few months, what should the company do to succeed going forward? We entertain five changes we feel necessary for Avaya not just to continue, but to thrive within the rapidly changing UCC market.

Feb 15
Despite Amazon’s late entry into a crowded marketplace, its competitive pricing, post-meeting features (i.e., persistent team spaces), low cost and the potential for bundling with WorkMail and WorkDocs make Amazon Chime and AWS a strategic threat.

Feb 14
Avaya has expanded its partnership with Spoken Communications to create a co-developed solution which melds Avaya’s customer engagement software with Spoken’s CCaaS platform, giving Avaya instant, global multitenant cloud capabilities.

Feb 14
Avaya demonstrates further momentum in its transition to a software and services company; however, the introduction of additional communications platforms adds further confusion to a complex portfolio of premises- and cloud-based solutions.

Feb 10
Box’s partnership with RAD provider Mendix adds a modern alternative to enterprise content management, addressing enterprises’ need for both security/governance and rapid application development.

Jan 25
Cisco launches Spark Board and improves its Spark service in a move to increase revenue in the nascent collaborative teamspace market; however, a $199 monthly software maintenance subscription may be a barrier for budget-conscious customers.


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