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Collaboration and Communications
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Collaboration and Communications
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Feb 9
At Engage 2018 Avaya showed its willingness to utilize some of its unlevered free cash, post-Chapter 11, to optimize and grow its business by acquiring Spoken; however, the vendor still needs to rationalize and simplify its as-a-Service portfolio.

Dec 22 2017
Our top predictions for 2018 tackle enterprise challenges including the ever-growing use of public cloud computing, the need to manage disparate cloud platforms, and a desire to reinvent DevOps for continuous integration and delivery.

Dec 19 2017
The team collaboration platform market is increasingly competitive, with each vendor having their own strengths, drawbacks and roadmap. This report explores two of the leading platforms: Cisco Spark and Microsoft Teams.

Dec 13 2017
New calling capabilities in Teams confirm Microsoft’s ability to deliver against its published roadmap; however, with its limited subset, Microsoft Teams is unlikely to be considered a viable enterprise communications platform until late 2018.

Dec 6 2017
Our predictions for collaboration and communications in 2018 are based on the overarching trend of the “consumerization of IT”. In this report, we look at the shifts and triggers in the market that will shape the next 12 months.

Nov 17 2017
Apple has more than 1 billion active devices in the world, a successful ePayment service and a Business Chat service currently in the hands of its developers. Will Apple become a new disruptive force to help businesses service their customers?

Nov 3 2017
Cisco Spark Assistant will add previously previewed features to its Spark service, bringing credibility to Cisco’s strategy of adding artificial intelligence to its portfolio; however, initial functionality may seem somewhat gimmicky.

Oct 24 2017
BroadSoft’s existing relationships with around 450 global service providers bolster Cisco with new growth opportunities in the service provider segment; however, overlap exists in both vendors’ portfolios and consolidation is expected over time.

Oct 11 2017
Industry jargon obfuscates much more than it communicates. Shouldn’t collaboration and communication vendors resist jargon and focus on how technology can be a strategic asset that helps organizations meet their business objectives?

Oct 9 2017
Microsoft Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business as the primary client for intelligent communications in Office 365; however, without further rationalization, users may struggle to decide which tool is best for collaboration.

Oct 4 2017
At its annual user conference, Oracle introduced a series of comprehensive investments in AI spanning both operations and business requirements with mobile chatbots, AI-infused LoB apps and a full set of AI cloud platform services.

Sep 21 2017
Facebook is turning its focus on the business market; however, despite having around 14,000 companies around the globe using Workplace, Facebook still has a few areas that it needs to improve before it can be considered a viable commercial tool.

Sep 19 2017
What does Microsoft need to do to win in collaboration and communications? Consolidate and rationalize Office 365 to avoid the chaos of having too much choice in its service. Only then will Microsoft start delivering on its productivity promises.

Sep 13 2017
Despite the hype, artificial intelligence currently helps people to do their jobs better rather than providing meaningful insights, but many organizations will need to re-platform to take advantage of such augmented collaboration.

Sep 6 2017
Facebook is going to monetize its WhatsApp acquisition by charging businesses for tools to better communicate with customers. Prepare for increased rivalry and decreased profit potential in the collaboration and communications market.

Aug 30 2017
Jive’s new owner, Aurea, has a history of restructuring for profitability and long-term success; however, the divestment of Jive-x removes much of the potential Aurea inherited with Jive’s customer engagement portfolio.


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