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Fixed Multimedia Access
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Fixed Multimedia Access
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Jul 21
AT&T’s recent SHAPE Technology and Entertainment Expo showcased its clear commitment to transform into an entertainment leader following its pending acquisition of Time Warner and supplement its already-strong networking business.

Jul 13
AT&T has seen the future of video service delivery, and it’s non-linear, OTT and app-based. To this end, AT&T has announced a beta trial of its next-gen video platform. With rivals also going OTT, AT&T must commercialize its new service quickly.

Jul 7
The U.S. pay-TV market continues to evolve – and devolve – at a fast pace, with established operators going non-linear, OTTs offering live TV, and content providers now offering direct-to-consumer services, all to the benefit of U.S. customers.

Jun 29
AT&T has revealed plans to trial XGS-PON, enabled by software-defined access technology and virtualized network functions. While the trial will not start until late 2017, this move should strike fear in the boardrooms of cable operators.

Jun 28
Witbe launched its new cloud-based OTT video monitoring solution, delivered through its Galilei reference network using multiple points of presence globally, but faces near-term operator resistance to third-party cloud implementations.

Jun 26
Nokia is bringing GPON to four Polish provinces, via a Joint Venture with Infracapital, enabling both Poland and the EU to make progress toward Digital Agenda 2020 objectives. Given Nokia’s 20% stake, this JV appears to be a low-risk investment.

Jun 14
In response to growing customer demand, Calix expanded its professional services business during 2016. The company has seen positive feedback from clients, but will need to scale its services business more effectively to remain profitable.

Jun 7
Calix, whose customer base consists mostly of North American telcos, has finally expanded its portfolio to include 10G EPON, in combination with its AXOS SDA solutions, to target the cable operator market, but building cable expertise takes time.

May 31
‘Remote PHY’ has been a cable industry buzzword for several years now, designed to enable a distributed access architecture and network virtualization. With Cisco, ARRIS and others debuting RPHY, we are finally moving from concept to reality.

May 31
While not formally an ANGA COM-tailored debut, ARRIS unveiled its Remote PHY solution this week, highlighting its win with Danish service provider Stofa, reminding operators that there is more than one vendor deploying Remote PHY gear.

May 31
Casa Systems, a CCAP pioneer, bolstered its ultra-broadband portfolio with the PON solution set debut, encompassing both EPON and GPON gear, and it is showcasing its IP networking products, although Casa confronts market expansion barriers.

May 30
ADTRAN, a long-time telco access systems vendor, is finally getting serious about targeting the cable market. But, while its enhanced RFoG solution may be appealing to MSOs, this week’s cable spotlight is clearly on Remote PHY debuts at ANGA COM.

May 25
Although subscriber metrics are lacking, Nokia garnered its first public customer win in North America with Frontier, which is leveraging the technology to deliver ultra-broadband services, including Gigabit access, to MDUs in Connecticut.

May 24
U.S. cable operator RCN, which along with Grande Communications was acquired last year by TPG Capital, has in turn acquired Wave Broadband, as TPG aims to capitalize on the growing demand for ultra-broadband in some very competitive U.S. metros.

May 24
Just ahead of next week’s ANGA COM event in Cologne, Germany, Iskratel has introduced its DPoG solution along with a cable-tailored ONT, targeting growing cable operator adoption of fiber-enhanced network upgrades.

May 24
Calix, leveraging its software-defined access (SDA) technology, has demonstrated NG-PON2 channel bonding with Verizon to support N x 10 Gbps services, enabling operators to “future proof” their fiber networks against potential forklift upgrades.

May 19
Recent industry reports point to increasing consumer uptake of subscription VoD/OTT services, in both North America and Europe. What can pay-TV operators do to remain viable in the brave new video world?

May 19
With a definitive agreement with China Huaxin to form Nokia Shanghai Bell (NSB), Nokia can now take full advantage of a key asset from the ALU acquisition to provide a key differentiator in an important market, both in sales support and R&D.

May 11
ADTRAN demonstrated 212 MHz and coordinated Dynamic Time Allocation (cDTA) at this week’s Summit in Paris. These advancements highlight steady progress on the front, but ADTRAN is neither alone, nor a leader, in R&D.

May 11
At this week’s Summit, ASSIA CEO John Cioffi presented the Terabit DSL concept, achieved with waveguide modes enabling 100 GHz frequencies. While clearly in the “science project” stage, it highlights copper’s longer-than-expected lifespan.

May 10
In June 2016, Nokia announced that Starman would be the first European operator to deliver 10 Gbps services. Today, Starman officially launched the 10G service, albeit as part of a relatively slow-paced, five-year plan for its fiber build-out.

May 5
Calix, always aiming for more access market traction, continues its aggressive SDA portfolio expansion with the new Routing Protocol module (RPm), enabling implementation of Layer 3 intelligence and routing capabilities in fixed access networks.

Apr 26
KEYMILE, which several years ago exited the telecom market to focus on key verticals, has reversed course. While its hiatus from the telco space may have hurt its chances of winning new business, KEYMILE gives operators another viable FTTx choice.

Apr 25
With Comcast and other cable MSOs touting Gigabit broadband, Verizon has unveiled Fios Gigabit Connection to counter the growing Gigabit threat from cable rivals. But Fios Gigabit service, like cable offerings, suffers from limited availability.

Apr 25
The 2017 Huawei Analyst Summit showcased its willingness to invest in high-potential technologies. While video is now a top strategic priority, will Huawei’s telco-centric IPTV focus lead to missed opportunities in the cable operator market?

Apr 21
‘Continuous, relentless improvement’ might as well be Huawei’s motto, as every year at its Analyst Summit, Huawei refines and evolves both its strategic and tactical messaging. This year, video was front and center on Huawei’s summit agenda.

Apr 21
The AT&T Fiber footprint has been expanded again, adding eight new U.S. metros, eventually serving 75. While cable operators are ramping DOCSIS 3.1 to deliver Gigabit access, AT&T Fiber’s expanding presence will make life more difficult for MSOs.

Apr 21
While fixed access was not as high-profile as at previous events, during its 2017 Analyst Summit, Huawei did unveil several new gems in its fixed networking portfolio, most notably new combo NG-PON cards and 25G PON.

Apr 7
Zeitgeist Content: While YouTube TV debuts with hard-to-overlook content and service footprint limitations, Verizon completely revamps and expands its go90 OTT service, and AT&T rewards its Unlimited Plus (wireless) customers with free HBO.

Mar 31
The 2017 TV Connect event in London saw Huawei and ZTE debut new video service delivery solutions, leveraging CDN technology aimed at accelerating high-resolution (4K) deployments, but both vendors are playing catch up with the competition.

Mar 29
Ericsson announced a long overdue portfolio realignment and simplified management structure to counter operating challenges. But many questions remain regarding additional portfolio rationalization, investment focus and strategic partnerships.

Mar 20
Nokia’s new org changes and management shuffle reflect the new strategic direction announced in November 2016. The moves make sense on paper, but are surprising at a time when Nokia appeared to have put its post-merger ducks in a row.

Mar 17
ADTRAN surpassed the 10 million vectoring ports shipped benchmark, becoming the third vendor to join this club. But, can ADTRAN leverage its vectoring success in driving adoption of its solutions in the emerging and FTTP markets?

Mar 16
At MWC17, telecom and IT hardware, software and services vendors focused less on “bells and whistles” and more on building the plumbing that will underpin emerging network architectures.

Mar 7
HughesNet has launched its Gen5 satellite, capable of delivering 25 Mbps connections nationwide in the U.S., providing rural customers and other underserved consumers a potential broadband lifeline.

Mar 2
ADTRAN has expanded its software-defined access proposition to address impending 5G network buildout opportunities, with its new fixed access network sharing (FANS) concept a potential differentiator.

Feb 24
Zeitgeist Content: With the lines between linear broadcast pay-TV and OTT blurring, operators are seeking out the best paths forward. For cable, telco and OTT providers, the end goals are the same: customer retention and revenue/margin protection.

Feb 24
With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 only days away, it’s fair to consider any recent vendor news as a part of their MWC messaging strategy. If so, Affirmed’s IoT solution upgrade suggests we’ll be hearing more about the enterprise this year.

Feb 23
Where Brocade acquired Ruckus for $1.2B last year, the sale of Ruckus (and Brocade’s ICX switch business) for $800M to ARRIS suggests a good deal. It’s also a deal that takes ARRIS out of its cable comfort zone and into new (enterprise) territory.

Feb 23
Possibly working on the premise that ‘it’s not bragging if it’s true,’ Calix has asserted another world first: symmetric Gigabit broadband via new kit. What’s also true is that hyperbole drives headlines, while customers drive revenues.

Feb 15
Nokia is incorporating support for low-latency, high-bandwidth mobile traffic into its NG-PON solutions, including its 7360 OLT series and several ONTs, aiming to win a sizeable portion of the high-potential and still-pending 5G ‘any-haul’ market.

Feb 2
Nokia’s Velocix CDN Accelerates Sky’s VoD VeloNokia has garnered its first nationwide CDN deployment, with Sky UK leveraging Nokia’s Velocix platform to deliver VoD services to Sky’s broadband and satellite TV customers. But can Nokia carry its Velocix velocity into more operator accounts?city

Jan 27
Cisco debuted its Infinite Video Platform Labs, and THX is developing a QoE streaming certification program with Conviva. Both video quality optimization solutions highlight the industry drive for improving the end-user viewing experience.


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