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Fixed Multimedia Access
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Fixed Multimedia Access
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Jun 13
ARRIS has integrated RDK software into its EPON gateways, easing and consolidating cable operator back office management of DOCSIS and fiber access networks. However, with more MSOs moving to EPON, this is a mandatory table stakes move.

Jun 8
Formula 1’s new OTT video streaming service, F1 TV Pro, has been very poorly delivered through the first two races. F1 owner Liberty Media needs to resolve this situation fast or face a fan base rejection of this direct-to-consumer service.

Jun 7
Nokia has garnered increasing traction in the 10G-PON market; this week, it announced XGS-PON builds with Frontier in the three most populous U.S. states. XGS-PON and upgradeable optics propositions are driving near-term 10G buildouts.

Jun 7
Iskratel and Teleste have garnered a key operator deployment for their joint GPON-DOCSIS solution, highlighting the fact that some cable operators are choosing alternatives to CCAP and/or EPON. Still, further market validation for DPoG is needed.

Jun 6
KEYMILE has expanded its FTTx portfolio with the MileGate 2112, which supports up to 16 ports and enables fiber-speed connectivity over in-building copper. While competition is tight in the FTTB market, the 2112 merits operator attention.

Jun 6
Cisco has debuted its Cloud-Native Broadband Router to address the emerging virtual CCAP sector, touting the superiority of its cloud-native solution over virtual machine-based rival platforms to establish differentiation in this nascent market.

May 25
Five years ago, antenna-based OTA TV in North America was all but dead, with wireless data operators lobbying to ‘repurpose’ the OTA spectrum for expanded data coverage. But with the advent of massive cord-cutting, consumers have rediscovered OTA.

May 11
ZTE’s decision to cease all major operations in the wake of a seven-year export ban imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce is prompting – for now – a change in all GlobalData’s ZTE company and product ratings.

May 3
Cisco is selling its Service Provider Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) business back to Permira Funds, in order to focus more acutely on its ‘Five Pillars’ (i.e., core business) strategy, ending its uneven six-year run in the video software space.

Apr 24
The seven-year export ban imposed on ZTE by the U.S. Department of Commerce hurts ZTE first and foremost, but could have major repercussions for many U.S. suppliers, ultimately reducing their role in the complex global telco value chain.

Apr 24
U.S. pay-TV operators lost 1.5 million subscribers in 2017, as consumers continued to migrate to OTT. While broadband gains are sustaining operator margins, both operators and content providers must explore new ways to capture consumer dollars.

Mar 30
At OFC 2018, ZTE demonstrated 50G PON, setting the stage for its new TITAN OLT platform. For ZTE, commercial proof points for TITAN remain to be seen, as well as the value proposition of a massive OLT in an increasingly decentralized, SD-A world.

Mar 29
ARRIS has enabled the first Gigabit services in Europe delivered by Remote PHY technology with Danish cable operator Stofa. While a small deployment at present, R-PHY promises a bright broadband future for cable operators and their customers.

Mar 23
AT&T’s collaboration with the Open Networking Foundation to integrate Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction, an open source software stack, with Open Network Automation Platform, demonstrates AT&T’s firm commitment to the open source SD-Access framework.

Mar 22
In a positive strategic move for ADTRAN and Sumitomo, their joint global alliance bolsters ADTRAN’s EPON portfolio and cable operator proposition, while Sumitomo Electric resells ADTRAN’s SD-Access solution set and new channel focus in Japan/Asia.

Mar 20
For years, vendors have been investing in – and talking up – the possibility of transmitting data using light waves. A trial launched by Philips Lighting in March is a clear sign that meaningful LiFi deployments may be just on the horizon.

Feb 15
With its Boston debut, AT&T is executing on its service expansion, targeting MDUs in metros outside of its current wireline service footprint. But AT&T must grow its customer base dramatically to exact a higher impact on the market.

Feb 15
Harmonic is well behind the leading vendors in the CCAP market in terms of both customer count and supported subscribers. But, the deployment of its virtual CCAP solution with Com Hem in Sweden shows that Harmonic is not to be counted out just yet.

Feb 14
Iskratel fired an opening salvo at the 2018 FTTH Council Europe, touting the benefits of a multi-PON deployment strategy. While PON coexistence is not a new concept, the absence of Huawei, Nokia and ZTE gave Iskratel greater exposure in Valencia.

Jan 31
In summer 2016, Calix and ADTRAN were the winning vendors for Verizon’s NG-PON2 lab trials, on the strength of their OLT hardware and software-defined access solutions. 18 months later, Calix stands alone as Verizon begins NG-PON2 field trials.

Jan 19
Huawei FANS the Flames of NetwoHuawei has successfully completed a Fixed Access Network Slicing (FANS) field trial with Vodafone Ireland, setting the stage for partitioning of networks by service/customer type, business division and even by operator. But commercial FANS awaits.rk Slicing with Vodafone Ireland FTTH Field Trial

Jan 3
GlobalData’s Global Telecom Technology & Software team prepared 2018 predictions. This document summarizes key findings and takeaways across all segments, providing a thorough view of the telco infrastructure market to aid in 2018 planning.

Dec 20 2017
2017 proved to be quite a year for fixed networking technology, with software-defined access (SDA) and virtualization taking center stage on both telco and cable fronts. This report looks to 2018, with key predictions for the fixed access market.

Dec 19 2017
As 2017 ends, Nokia’s focus on end-to-end solutions and continued commitment to its ‘lead-expand-grow-create’ strategy are logical. Differentiating on end-to-end and executing on non-telco strategic focal points will remain challenges.


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