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IP Services Infrastructure
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Nov 2
Nokia’s R18.0 cloud SBC release is not its 18th iteration, but one readying itself to support year 2018 requirements. While new feature content is limited, it is the third-party testing content that steals the show; rivals need to take note.

Oct 30
It was not clear at first how the GENBAND/Sonus merger would be greater than the sum of its parts. But the new “Ribbon” is off to a good start, and despite lingering uncertainties and risks, its competitive positioning has strengthened.

Oct 24
Cisco’s BroadSoft acquisition will enhance its enterprise communications portfolio and generate additional service provider market revenues. Nevertheless the application server landscape, with a few exceptions, will likely remain undisturbed.

Oct 20
This year’s SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague is likely to be seen as the pivotal moment between the, albeit partial, completion of the original NFV vision and the start of “second generation” NFV leading to a far more “autonomous” network.

Sep 20
Sonus’ enhancements to the former Taqua T7000 show that the fixed side of its last acquisition is receiving some badly needed attention. Nevertheless, how it relates to the next acquisition (or merger) with GENBAND now needs clarifying.

Sep 8
Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) has dominated the IMS headlines for many years, yet IMS has always been about more than mobile network evolution. It’s time to revisit fixed network evolution again and see how vIMS changes the game for smaller carriers.

Sep 8
Mavenir is not short on ambition as CloudRange marks the company’s entry into the NFV MANO and 5G platform market. But without product details, operator and third-party VNF vendor validation, CloudRange remains at “headline” level only.

Sep 8
Nokia’s “AirGile” core network portfolio and online portal is aimed at accelerating third party VNF development. While well supported, rivals will naturally highlight that portal testing is only one part of the VNF interoperability equation.

Aug 11
That Miercom certified the performance and security of the SBC 5400 is “business as usual” for Sonus; however rigorous testing of Sonus’ virtualized SBC on private or public cloud infrastructure would have provided more market impact.

Aug 4
‘Cloud-native’ VNF marketing is in full swing as old-style VNFs go out of fashion. Surveying nine core network vendor marketing pitches reveals similarities but also stark differences. Selecting a best-of-breed cloud-native VNF won’t be easy.

Aug 2
Mavenir’s acquisition of Brocade’s vEPC folds well into its increasingly end-to-end 5G solution. But, the real reasons for the acquisition point either to a smart strategic move or cause for concern that it may fail; that depends on execution.

Jul 28
By spinning it off, GigaSpaces is helping Cloudify gain needed and justified recognition. However, while nothing much changes immediately, partners may need to reassess their relationship and open source rivals reflect on their own positioning.

Jul 27
Recent announcements by SK Telecom and Sonus Networks have drawn attention to some forgotten and unresolved NFV and NFV MANO basics. With the prospect of more turbulence ahead, some operators are deciding not to wait for industry-wide resolution.

Jul 19
At Perspectives17, GENBAND had no choice but to maintain a ‘business as usual’ stance prior to the merger with Sonus. Nevertheless, the company showed solid VNF product development and support, although commercial traction remains elusive.

Jul 18
Francisco Partners beat Vector Capital to acquire Sandvine and merge it with Procera. ‘Bulking up’ makes sense, but the network intelligence market is now far more than ‘commodity’; getting old foes to play nice with each other may not be easy.

Jul 12
Affirmed’s virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF) enables mobile operators to build virtual network slices across existing legacy or virtualized infrastructures. vSSF advances 5G-like services, but could be a bit early for broad market adoption.

Jun 7
Recent polls show that open source MANO initiatives continue to divide opinion across both the vendor and carrier communities. Whether or not open source MANO prevails, carriers would be wise to adopt a dual track NFV MANO strategy.

May 31
This year’s TM Forum Live! show in Nice was an opportunity for network vendors as well as carriers to showcase their “agile” credentials. The question is now whether the operator community as a whole, not just the early adopters, can do the same.

May 24
While it makes a lot of sense for Sonus and GENBAND to join forces, it’s not at all clear if the combination will eventually turn out to be greater than the sum of its parts. Even if new growth initiatives deliver, rivals, especially in the SBC market, can take advantage of merger disruption.


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