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Mobile Access
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Sep 20
Last week’s inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas event in San Francisco was rife with discussions of vRAN, CBRS and 5G. But, to truly understand what happened at MWCA 2017, you need to understand the moves of key RAN vendors at the show.

Sep 12
Startup ASOCS unveiled its Cyrus virtual enterprise RAN solution, which uses a mix of cloud economics and value-adds like analytics to offer a more cost-effective alternative to DAS. How much more cost-effective? The jury’s out.

Sep 6
Ericsson introduced a new massive MIMO radio unit supporting FD-LTE, complementing its existing TD-LTE solutions. It’s another way to help operators prepare for 5G. For Ericsson, it’s also a way to keep up with its competitors.

Aug 31
Ericsson introduced a new version of its Radio Dot System enterprise small-cell solution that supports multiple operators, addressing a key hurdle. However, multi-operator solutions come with challenges of their own.

Aug 24
Operators may still have plenty of time before the migration to 5G mobile networks. But, radio access network vendors are already grappling with the migration to new base station portfolios in anticipation of 5G, and it ain’t easy.

Aug 17
NB-IoT and LTE-M are the cellular operators’ newest weapons in the push to “own” the Internet of Things. Neither technology is likely to generate significant revenue growth for operators until the “value” question is solved.

Aug 2
Mavenir’s acquisition of Brocade’s vEPC folds well into its increasingly end-to-end 5G solution. But, the real reasons for the acquisition point either to a smart strategic move or cause for concern that it may fail; that depends on execution.

Jul 21
Corning has acquired enterprise RAN equipment vendor SpiderCloud Wireless, extending the fiber optic giant’s Distributed Antenna Business into small cells. In a space that has frustrated other big firms, it needs more than big-company resources.

Jul 17
Nokia, already with numerous electric utility customers, got its feet wet with its first water utility deal. The engagement, along with a smart city deal announced a few weeks earlier, shows Nokia’s enterprise-focused initiatives are paying off.

Jul 12
Cisco will stop selling its in-house, licensed-spectrum small cells this month, effectively reducing that business to a loose partnership with SpiderCloud. It’s the end of an era, but may set the stage for Cisco’s next small-cell strategy.

Jul 12
Compared with its Barcelona counterpart, Mobile World Congress Shanghai provides a deeper view into the dynamics of mobility in Asia – China, in particular. Yet as APAC and China take a lead in driving 5G, what happens there matters everywhere.

Jul 12
Affirmed’s virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF) enables mobile operators to build virtual network slices across existing legacy or virtualized infrastructures. vSSF advances 5G-like services, but could be a bit early for broad market adoption.

May 26
ZTE’s Qcell Plus, a new version of its Qcell small-cell solution for medium and large enterprises, adds license-assisted access and other capacity-boosting technologies. But, its credibility around LAA could use some improvement.

May 19
With a definitive agreement with China Huaxin to form Nokia Shanghai Bell (NSB), Nokia can now take full advantage of a key asset from the ALU acquisition to provide a key differentiator in an important market, both in sales support and R&D.

May 17
SpiderCloud’s new “frequency-flexible” LTE radio unit for its enterprise RAN solution can change spectrum bands via software, encouraging enterprises to deploy it themselves. But businesses may need even more encouragement.

May 11
Verizon outbids AT&T and gets the prize of Straight Path spectrum to fuel its 5G aspirations for a cool $3.1 billion.

May 11
Core Dynamic Networks plans to partner with silicon suppliers to embed its OpenEPC in the RAN, enabling a small cell to become a complete portable mobile network. The move helps enable alternative ARM-based private mobile network use cases.

Apr 28
Over the past 20 years, CSPs have been prone to overhyping network performance and turning technological advancements into marketing-speak. AT&T’s introduction of “5G Evolution” indicates that the marketing wars around “5G” are about to begin.

Apr 27
Huawei’s new eLTE SmartCampus solution – aimed at ports, mining and manufacturing – combines the performance of 4.5G with IoT, video surveillance and more, doing the important work of urging enterprises not to wait for 5G.

Apr 24
At Huawei’s 2017 Analyst Summit, no big new RAN announcements could top last year’s debut of its CloudRAN vision. Meanwhile, the work it’s doing to capture new revenue opportunities illustrates the many challenges its RAN strategy entails.

Apr 6
At Mobile World Congress 2017, the topic of small cells was generally overshadowed by others such as 5G. In addition to the small-cell trends we identified from the show, a handful of individual vendor moves are worth taking note of as well.

Apr 6
With so much talk about 5G, massive MIMO and cloud RAN, many Mobile World Congress attendees may have overlooked some of the small-cell activity at the show. We examine both notable trends and individual vendor moves in this two-part analysis.

Mar 29
Ericsson announced a long overdue portfolio realignment and simplified management structure to counter operating challenges. But many questions remain regarding additional portfolio rationalization, investment focus and strategic partnerships.


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