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Transport and Routing
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Transport and Routing
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Nov 15
AT&T and Verizon will align with Tillman Infrastructure to build hundreds of new cell towers. The deal is aimed at pressuring dominant U.S. tower operators to negotiate more favorable terms. Unfortunately, it is likely too small to have much impact.

Nov 9
Ciena expands its packet portfolio with new devices to add needed capacity and the ability to host VNFs at the edge to meet growing service requirements, but a highly competitive landscape may limit its ability to grow market share.

Nov 9
Now that all the results are in from publicly traded telco vendors, it is clear revenue was down across the board among the largest vendors. But, there were a few positive points: profit is up and Ericsson’s underlying business may be improving.

Nov 2
In the debate over open line systems, Juniper’s launch of an open line system and optical director software is a strong vote for disaggregation. An underdog in the optical market, Juniper can disrupt without fear of cannibalizing its business.

Oct 23
Although operators’ proclaimed aim remains an open, disaggregated environment, vendors showcased several different strategies for deploying WAN SDN at SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague. The pace of innovation remains rapid, but full automation is some time away.

Oct 19
Nokia’s alliance with AWS encompasses both internal and end-user applications like Nuage SD-WAN. This contrasts sharply with Huawei’s ‘go-it-alone’ approach, but with Ericsson already aligned with AWS, Nokia must show why its approach is better.

Oct 9
Ekinops’ acquisition of OneAccess gives it access to large telcos and NFV expertise, but there are few synergies between the two businesses, and the merged company will still be one of the smallest players in an increasingly consolidated market.

Oct 6
Ciena Analyst Day 2017: Ciena notes market gains despite a flat to declining CapEx market. Increased traction in DCI, APAC growth and a weakening of some competitors drive its goal to be the “Western” alternative to the larger end-to-end players.

Sep 20
MWC Americas: 5G brings its share of promises and network challenges, the least of which is how to deliver on the low and ultralow latency transport expected to materialize soon. The answer is new access and aggregation hardware.

Sep 14
Infinera touted the lighting of 10,600 kilometers of cable between New York and Sao Paolo as a public use case for its XTS-3300 meshponders, but evolution to a new business model and SDN capabilities will make a bigger impact in the long term.

Sep 1
Webscale operators are increasingly driving network equipment roadmaps and investments - where incumbent telcos have historically ruled – dictating the features, operation, capabilities and capacities of many new networking products.

Jul 17
Nokia, already with numerous electric utility customers, got its feet wet with its first water utility deal. The engagement, along with a smart city deal announced a few weeks earlier, shows Nokia’s enterprise-focused initiatives are paying off.

Jul 17
At NGON 2017, born-in-the-cloud technology drove the agenda – new DCI products, SDN, orchestration, analytics, automation and encryption garnered as much attention as coherent optics or faster and more versatile OTN gear.

Jul 6
ZTE’s new Flexhaul ZXCTN 609 delivers 100G link speeds and network slicing to cater to multiple 5G backhaul transport requirements, as well as adding yet another piece to ZTE’s expanding 5G portfolio.

Jul 5
ADVA’s offer to buy outstanding shares of MRV Communications is a sign of the times: the pie is not growing fast enough, and players in optical transport need to get big or go home. MRV will bolster ADVA’s geographic footprint and portfolio.

Jul 3
Coriant’s new Groove G30 muxponder offers up to 1.6 Tbps capacity in 1RU and market leading power efficiency per Gb along with flexible configuration and disaggregation features, but some competing offers deliver higher capacity.

Jun 23
Corning’s new multiuse platform lowers footprint, simplifies deployment, and enhances flexibility for fiber access deployments. Its pre-connected and factory sealed elements are not unique, but represent a worthy addition to Corning’s portfolio.

Jun 21
Nokia’s FP4 chipset and Deepfield analytics bring scale, automation and network intelligence to the IP edge and core network; strap on for the next IP wave.

Jun 14
Infinera’s XTM II platform delivers what’s needed to shake up the metro packet-optical market: high-bandwidth services, legacy support, low power and compelling packaging. Now its challenge will be to create sustainable market differentiation.

Jun 1
Netcracker shows it can orchestrate services across IP and optical network domains as well as between two carrier networks, just what operators need to deliver on-demand end-to-end services. All the solution needs now is operator commitment.


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