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Mar 29
Ericsson announced a long overdue portfolio realignment and simplified management structure to counter operating challenges. But many questions remain regarding additional portfolio rationalization, investment focus and strategic partnerships.

Mar 23
IoT was, not surprisingly, big news at MWC. For IT vendors/systems integrators, the focus on IoT was largely buried into larger messaging around digital transformation; security, edge computing and ecosystem-building were the major IoT themes.

Mar 20
Nokia’s new org changes and management shuffle reflect the new strategic direction announced in November 2016. The moves make sense on paper, but are surprising at a time when Nokia appeared to have put its post-merger ducks in a row.

Mar 16
At MWC17, telecom and IT hardware, software and services vendors focused less on “bells and whistles” and more on building the plumbing that will underpin emerging network architectures.

Mar 10
It has been a year since Nokia announced its AVA platform. While the introduction of more services leveraging the platform is a positive, the nature of cognitive platforms suggests the real benefit will be the additional data sources it gains.

Feb 24
With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 only days away, it’s fair to consider any recent vendor news as a part of their MWC messaging strategy. If so, Affirmed’s IoT solution upgrade suggests we’ll be hearing more about the enterprise this year.

Feb 10
Nokia announced its worldwide IoT network grid as a service, targeting telecom operators and enterprise customers; access to its cloud packet core and global command centers for enterprise customers could serve as a valuable differentiator.

Feb 6
Preparation activities in advance of 5G are ramping up as vendors and operators collaborate to define use cases. Additionally, market conditions have developed new options for services vendors with enterprise ambitions.

Dec 22 2016
ZTE’s investment in Turkish integrator Netas shows ZTE will pursue ‘One Belt, One Road’ infrastructure opportunities. The initiative could signal a larger intention by ZTE to expand into new geographies and new verticals.

Dec 19 2016
Nokia’s purchase of BDA startup Deepfield aligns with its focus on proactive cloud network management and security, and enhances Nokia’s cable operator proposition. Nokia and its peers must continue to seek out analytics innovation.

Dec 14 2016
Nokia updated its mobile services vision and portfolio in December. While evolution and innovation at the RAN remains a clear priority, its end-to-end approach encompasses dramatic changes to the core, an enterprise focus and services everywhere.

Dec 5 2016
Rising complexity provided substantial growth in managed service and vertical market engagements. As vertical markets increasingly look to telecom vendors for expertise with large-scale networks, is this the new normal?

Dec 1 2016
Ericsson announced Accelerated Network Build services, leveraging elements of automation, remote delivery, and cloud-based tools. The package is a differentiator in the near term that could force competitors with similar tools to follow.

Nov 28 2016
Facing growing competition from a number of LPWA technologies, operators and traditional equipment vendors are deploying Cat-NB1 and Cat-M1. Each technology has its own optimal use cases, but true performance characteristics are not yet clear.

Nov 10 2016
The new Trump administration, with enviable dominance in both houses of Congress, could bring sweeping change to the FCC, DoJ, telecoms regulation and the market at large. Exactly how, and to what degree, is unknown. Much hangs in the balance.

Nov 1 2016
5G will require network transformations in the RAN and the network core. Yet, RAN innovations and requirements capture most attention. A presentation we delivered to European service providers last month details how to rectify that.

Oct 11 2016
During its annual services event, Nokia outlined plans to transform its professional services portfolio and delivery in anticipation of a new industry landscape. With a strategy in hand, the question will be the vendor’s commitment to investment.


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