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Support & Operations Services
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Sep 19
Nokia’s new suite of consulting services promises to help CSPs identify and address lucrative vertical IoT opportunities. The largest, most proactive CSPs in IoT may not be interested, but smaller operators may be a better fit.

Sep 8
ZTE announced an AI solution encompassing cloud services, chipsets, terminals, and ‘intelligent’ networks. But, that’s vague; ZTE must follow up by defining what exactly its ‘solution’ is and clarifying its AI/automation roadmap.

Aug 29
Activity surged in EMEA as operators fortify current networks with an eye towards future network technology upgrades. Telecom activity declined, but vendors continue to show traction with vertical market customers for carrier-grade solutions.

Aug 17
NB-IoT and LTE-M are the cellular operators’ newest weapons in the push to “own” the Internet of Things. Neither technology is likely to generate significant revenue growth for operators until the “value” question is solved.

Jul 17
Nokia, already with numerous electric utility customers, got its feet wet with its first water utility deal. The engagement, along with a smart city deal announced a few weeks earlier, shows Nokia’s enterprise-focused initiatives are paying off.

Jul 12
Ericsson is leaning on its strengths in launching network services for the deployment and management of massive IoT networks. Leveraging its expertise and software focus could give them a near-term advantage the vendor must seize.

Jun 14
In response to growing customer demand, Calix expanded its professional services business during 2016. The company has seen positive feedback from clients, but will need to scale its services business more effectively to remain profitable.

May 31
Ericsson revamped its Support Services portfolio, addressing three key network operator pain points. The vendor’s combination of automation and human intervention is unique, but to succeed Ericsson must convince operators it is the best approach.

May 19
With a definitive agreement with China Huaxin to form Nokia Shanghai Bell (NSB), Nokia can now take full advantage of a key asset from the ALU acquisition to provide a key differentiator in an important market, both in sales support and R&D.

May 16
Managed services engagements made a comeback from a slow finish to 2016 as vendors demonstrated wide-ranging support for a variety of network technologies. Vendors announced contract renewals as the result of value-added services.

May 16
Alongside the launch of its Netcracker 12 product suite, Netcracker announced expanded services to alleviate the complexity of digital transformation. The effectiveness of its consultative approach might be hampered by few ties to the network.

Apr 27
Cisco services in support of telecom operators have traditionally been difficult to pin down, as the vendor engages with many verticals. Cisco clarified its strategy in this respect, but left some questions regarding capabilities and partnerships.

Apr 26
Huawei showed slow but steady growth in its CSP services business in 2016, as well as strong enterprise momentum. But the company still needs to ramp up its focus on automation and clarify inconsistent services messaging.

Apr 25
“ALL CLOUD” and “Openness” themes dominated this year’s Huawei’s Analyst Summit. While neither theme was new, the scope of the company’s ambitions has dramatically increased; rivals need to take note and carriers need to consider their options.

Mar 29
Ericsson announced a long overdue portfolio realignment and simplified management structure to counter operating challenges. But many questions remain regarding additional portfolio rationalization, investment focus and strategic partnerships.


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