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Current Analysis was founded in 1997 with a single mission: to help our clients in telecom, IT, and consumer electronics respond rapidly and effectively to competitive threats and opportunities.

Back in 1997, as the Internet promised new and faster ways of conducting competitive research, gathering market intelligence, and delivering real-time digital content, our founders saw a business opportunity. By providing actionable, tactical, and rapid analysis of competitor activity and delivering on the Web 24x7, Current Analysis could fill a large gap left open by traditional market forecasting and technology analyst firms.

It's been an interesting time for us - and you, our clients! Together we have felt the exhilaration of the worldwide telecom industry infrastructure build-up, the impact of billions of dollars of venture capital funneled into information technology, and the opportunities spawned by Y2K. We shared the pain of the dotcom burst, 9/11, the global technology slowdown.

A constant through this unpredictable time has been competition. Intense competition that challenges our clients every day and in many different ways. You can be sure that in the year ahead this will continue and accelerate. As we look to the future, all of us at Current Analysis pledge to continue to focus on our core mission and fulfill your expectation – to provide you with the competitive tools and knowledge you need to succeed.



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