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Customer Decision Analysis

The Customer Decision Analysis program is a systematic analysis of completed business opportunities – successful or unsuccessful – to understand the reasons for the outcome and collect information that directly impacts future success. Collected findings are placed in the context of the real-world competitive environment to yield guidance that is immediately actionable and tuned to improve future competitive positioning and messaging.

Customer Decision Analysis from Current Analysis reveals the risks and opportunities associated with your sales strategies, your competitors’ tactics, and your target markets, exposing the buying habits, challenges, and adoption rates of your customers, your competitors’ customers, and your mutual prospects. Moving beyond standard Win/Loss programs, Customer Decision Analysis provides you with empirical yet pragmatic information that drives your sales, product, and marketing decisions toward greater competitive advantage, greater revenue growth, and greater market share.


Know how your competitors are winning business from you and respond accordingly:

  • Identify and respond to real-time trends in your marketplace
  • Understand the customerís decision-making criteria
  • Identify the training needs of your sales organizations
  • Identify the sources of your competitive advantage
  • Target the activities that generate real results
  • Improve your win/loss ratio by 10 percent or more

Customer Decision Analysis Methodolgy

Customer Decision Analysis deliverables include:
Opportunity Profile Reports
Trending Reports
Analyst Presentations
Customer Decision Analysis can be implemented as single-instance projects or utilized as a continuous competitive response solution.

Review of your Competitive Content - Your sales objectives, key initiatives, competitors, and sales issues.

Decision-Maker Interviews - One-on-one interviews with the decision-makers involved in the opportunity provide a combination of rich qualitative insight into the solution evaluation and selection process and detailed ratings of the products, companies, and sales teams competing for the business.

Data Analysis - The collected data is analyzed individually and in aggregate to identify trends and best practices. Statistical analyses of decision-maker ratings provide detailed and holistic pictures of how competing offerings and sales relationships stack up.

Competitive Response - Current Analysis’ market experts apply the interview and statistical data to the real-world business environment to derive recommendations for establishing and maintaining competitive advantage.

Predictive Analytics - Analysis that draws on years of competitive intelligence and advanced statistical tools, identifies the issues and activities that will result in measurable improvements.



There is one group of people that have all the information a vendor needs to understand why its winning or losing business:


“The output of this program was read by everyone, from account reps to senior VPs. This program has delivered us significant return on our investment, and showed that return from practically the first month.”

Tier One Provider

Who Needs Customer Decision Analyis
Customer Decision Analysis is mission critical in organizations of any size with selling environments characterized by:
  • Intense competition
  • Customer buying decisions with financial, strategic, or organizational impact
  • Decision-makers at many levels in the customer organization, often requiring a team sale
  • Lengthy, costly sales cycles
  • B2B direct and channel sales models


“The program provided value at every level…  

The results from the Trend Reports had the right mix of market insight, competitor intelligence, and information about our own operations to make it relevant to issues at hand.”

Tier One Provider

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