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As the leading Telecom and IT industry research firm focused on Competitive Response, Current Analysis has created a Best Practice process for developing competitive intelligence tools for use by sales teams.

These tools have helped thousands of salespeople in dozens of different businesses by succinctly summarizing competitors’ strong and weak points and providing tactical, sales-ready arguments that they can use to gain the upper hand in sales situations.

Battlecards are short, sales-ready documents that provide sales teams with an understanding of a specific competitor’s marketing strategy, key sales messages, product information, and tactical sales messaging to use when selling against that competitor.

“This is the best competitive tool Iíve ever seen.”
Director of Marketing
for a leading Healthcare Communications Network

Battlecards are based on a comprehensive, expert analysis of a competitor’s product portfolio, technological capabilities and announced product roadmap, its go-to-market structure, sales organization, marketplace positioning and ecosystem… in brief, all of the factors that can lead a customer to choose them as a supplier for a particular solution.

The Battlecard deliverable is approximately 6-8 pages and is structured as follows:

  • Company Snapshot – Overview of competitors’ financials, recent announcements, etc.
  • Organization Profile – Organizational structure, sales organization, key partnerships, etc.
  • Solution Strategy – Insights on how competitors are approaching the market, what their objectives are, and how they plan to achieve them.
  • Product Features and Momentum – A description of the competitor’s products, announced product roadmap, and key technologies.
  • Sales Messages – A description of sales messages and tactics used by the competitors.
  • How to Sell Against Them – Key positioning points when selling into Business and Technical.
  • Point / Counterpoint – Sales ‘attack’ messages that the competitor will likely use against your firm and ‘defend’ messages for sales teams to use to address the issues raised by the competitor.
  • Recommended Tactics – Overall recommendations for how best to approach situations when selling against competitors to maximize your win rate.


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