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Product Launch Assistance

New product introductions are the most important activity on a company’s marketing calendar. Current Analysis has a suite of services aimed at sharpening up your outbound communications, as well as your sales force’s preparedness to “hit the ground running” when new products go live.
Choose from a variety of product launch support offerings:
Pre-launch Message Testing/Briefing
Enter the market prepared for competitors’ responses and ready to capture business. Current Analysis analysts will provide an analysis of what differentiators and messaging will put your product in the best light, a description of competitors’ sales messages and tactics, as well as how to sell against those messages.
Trump Cards
Having an educated, ready sales force is key to winning business. This is never more true than in the weeks and months following a new product’s launch. Our Trump Cards provide succinct, tactical competitive intelligence about how to win against key competitors. With easy-to-access messaging about your product’s strengths, counterpoints to potential perceived weaknesses, as well as points to make about your competitor’s weaknesses, Trump Cards are essential to any successful new product launch.
Based on a comprehensive, expert analysis of a company’s product portfolio, technological capabilities, product roadmap, go-to-market structure, sales organization, marketplace positioning, and ecosystem, Current Analysis Battlecards provide sales and product teams with critical competitive information and insights on how to approach the market and how to differentiate to win.
Sales Force Training
These interactive workshops help equip your sales force to out-perform the competition, training them on factors that are driving market opportunities, how competitors are positioning their offerings, and how to differentiate effectively to win more business.


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