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SDN & NFV: Evolving Requirements
and How to Benefit
Insights into Operator Adoption Plans

The concepts of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) have become embedded in the Telecom lexicon with a speed and pervasiveness that few disruptive network evolutions have enjoyed in the past. Yet, if 2012-13 was about network suppliers establishing their relevance in the ecosystem, then 2014 is shaping up to be about these vendors building the products and solutions necessary for meaningful deployments, and highlighting which aspects of SDN and NFV will get a near-term focus.

To help SDN/NFV solutions providers to understand where operators are in the consumption cycle of SDN and NFV today, and what their priorities for investment are going forward, Current Analysis has undertaken a series of primary research projects. The first in the series, “Software Defined Networks: Reshaping Modern Network Architectures,” collected 100 responses from network operators throughout the world in late 2013. Executives from both C-Suite and networks operations levels were surveyed on a range of pressing issues facing SDN and NFV deployments. Click here for a sample of these results.

Now, as 2014 sees the market’s focus on SDN and NFV getting both narrower and more real, we also is seeing the concepts getting applied more broadly. New use cases, for example, are being suggested and new requirements (like NFV Management and Orchestration – MANO) are coming to the fore. All of this, in turn, raises new questions. As the virtualization of carrier networks moves to the next stage of its evolution, some of these important new questions include:

  • The timing of SDN vs. NFV launches
  • How far to distribute telecom functions
  • How far to take the concept of virtualization
  • How much operators really know about their near-term virtualization trajectories

To answer these questions, and others, Current Analysis has launched its follow-on study "SDN/NFV: Evolving Requirements and How to Benefit." This study will feature the same rigorous methodology and sample requirements, and offer sponsors unique benefits study such as participation in survey design, customized “eyes only” questions, and customized reporting tailored to the sponsor’s specific strengths and weaknesses in this market.

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