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Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Reshaping Enterprise Networks One Application at a Time

Software Defined Networking (SDN) re-casts the competitive landscape for enterprise networking, as new technologies facilitate new ways of architecting and delivering networking services to enterprise users. Today, networking vendors are scurrying to gain the early market advantage to provide solutions to power next-generation, software-defined enterprise networks.

However, our analysis has shown that vendors’ approaches to marketing SDN are remarkably similar. Most vendors’ positioning and messaging for SDN revolves around either generic, undifferentiated attributes of SDN itself (leaving little room for solution differentiation); or around basic factors such as the number of ports their systems support (which can be a fleeting distinction in today’s fast-evolving marketplace). Sensing an opportunity, a few vendors are attempting to develop and position SDN “solutions” – but use cases and target applications for such solutions remain vaguely defined. Meanwhile, more and more vendors are entering the SDN marketplace.

Current Analysis, a trusted provider of tactical market and competitive intelligence to the networking industry, is launching a Multi-Client Research Program to fill the information gap and help SDN vendors to address these issues. Sponsors of this research will obtain a solid, research-based foundation for product development, marketplace differentiation, and go-to-market messaging.

Leveraging the tactical focus of the Current Analysis research methodology, the study will provide pragmatic answers to questions that concern people in the following roles at SDN solution suppliers:

  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Market & Competitive Intelligence
  • Sales Operations & Training

As such, this research will be focused on identifying the drivers and barriers to enterprise adoption of SDN over the short-to-medium term purchasing horizon. The study will also explore the key factors that enterprises are weighing as they make architecture design and purchasing decisions to incorporate SDN into their enterprise networking deployments.

Specifically, this multi-client research program will:

  • Clarify the market’s interest in comprehensive SDN deployments and adjacent technology service offerings (virtualization, security, etc.)
  • Discover key customer value points for SDN
  • Document where enterprises are in the adoption cycle today, and where they plan to be in the coming months;
    Understand their investment horizons are for SDN solutions
  • Identify enterprise strategies, preferences, and barriers for procuring either open-sourced, closed environment, or hybrid SDN offerings
  • Identify the specific SDN and Network Overlay solutions or tools that enterprises are using, or planning to invest in, and their timeframe for those investments
  • Clarify the preference of buyers towards single sourcing vs. multi-vendor sourcing SDN solutions
  • Outline purchasers’ and influencers’ perceptions of the vendors that provide systems, solutions, and services in the SDN market
  • Compare the roles of senior executives, line of business leaders, and the network planning organization in the SDN purchase decision process.

The results of this research will help Enterprise SDN players better understand which aspects of their portfolio should be emphasized in order to achieve meaningful differentiation in marketing and sales efforts. As such, it is an especially valuable opportunity for SDN players to obtain market insights that pertain directly to their go-to-market efforts and can drive early success in the SDN marketplace.

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