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Competitive Carriers Assocation
Annual Convention
September 15-18, 2013 - Las Vegas
The CCA was founded in 1992 by nine rural and regional wireless carriers as a carrier centric organization. Since its founding, it has grown to become the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers serving all areas of the United States. Today, the licensed service area of CCA’s over 100 carrier members covers more than 95 percent of the nation. This year, the convention focuses on Opportunities and Challenges Facing Competitive Carriers. Click here for more information.

P. Jarich

W. Henderek
Current Analysis Session
Consumers, Services and Networks:
What it Means to Be Competitive
Monday, September 16th, 1:45-2:45 PM

As regional and smaller mobile operators struggle or get acquired, many pundits have suggested that it’s only a matter of time before they simply disappear. It’s a fair argument – but only if they do nothing to fight back!

Building on its recent survey of CCA member customers, Current Analysis is back to outline the state of competition for rural and competitive carriers circa 2013. Beyond our ongoing analysis of carrier service launches and network innovations, our latest insights will help you understand:

  • How consumers value the services offered by CCA members.
  • Where CCA members have an opportunity to differentiate themselves.
  • The device and service strategies of major national carriers that cannot be ignored.
  • The network evolutions that will help operators deliver meaningful services.

Peter Jarich – Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure
Wes Henderek – Principal Analyst, Consumer Services U.S.
How Rural Customers Choose Mobile Devices and Service Plans

Current Analysis has partnered with the Competitive Carriers Association to develop insights into how rural customers choose mobile devices and service plans based on the options available to them. Surveying rural consumers who have recently purchased, or are considering purchasing, a new mobile device, the work explores purchasing processes and customer satisfaction vs. the options available as these consumers comparison shop first hand with local or national providers, or over the internet.

Additionally, the study examines how rural customers perceive their options around mobile devices and services, along with how these users are actually using their mobile devices to access the internet and replace traditional wireline services.

Current Analysis is thrilled to join Competitive Carriers Association in this investigate and plans to unveil the survey findings at CCA’s fall convention September 16th in Las Vegas.


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