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Mobile World Congress 2013

Current Analysis is providing coverage of the 2013 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The world's biggest mobile-focused trade show, Mobile World Congress pulls in thousands of visitors and exhibitors marketing their offerings and, more importantly, their vision of the market.

To sort through these potentially conflicting messages - and determine their impact on the near-term competitive landscape - Current Analysis has a full complement of analysts on-site covering the entire wireless value-chain: mobile infrastructure, mobile services (business and consumer) and mobile devices.

Current Analysis at Mobile World Congress 2013
Intelligence Reports from MWC 2013
Analysts Speaking at MWC 2013
Analysts Attending MWC 2013

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Current Analysis MWC 2013 Intelligence Reports
Summaries of Intelligence Reports from MWC 2013 appear below. Clients with subscriptions to the respective services can read the full reports by clicking the Client Access links. Click here for more information on becoming a client.
MWC 2013 Roundup Reports
MWC 2013: RAN & Core Roundup
While advancements in LTE software and antennas will add value to existing base stations, two of the most talked-about trends at this year’s MWC – mobile content delivery and virtualization – have the greatest potential to shake things up. Mobile Access Infrastructure - 3/12/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Software Defined Networking and Virtualization – The Topics That Took Mobile out of World Congress
For the past few years, MWC has been morphing into the de facto global telecom trade show, from a sole focus on mobility. This year’s dominance of SDN and virtualization proved that the “guts” of the network still matter very much to the industry. IP Services Infrastructure - 3/12/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: There Were Phones and Tablets at the Show (Honest!)
The biggest mobile device and OS vendors now make announcements outside of trade shows like Mobile World Congress, but there was still plenty of hardware launched in Barcelona and even a few surprises. Enterprise Mobility Technology - 3/11/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Small-Cell Backhaul Roundup
t MWC 2013, vendors finally added clarity and diversity to their small-cell backhaul stories, just as the small-cell backhaul space has become unsustainably crowded. We give you the clearest look yet at this heretofore foggy landscape. Mobile Access Infrastructure - 3/7/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: The IPSI Roundup - A Virtualized and More Powerful Control Plane Emerges for Carriers to Leverage
Core network infrastructure became fashionable again in Barcelona, as both the IT and telecom industries continued to fuel virtualization. When will carriers start to take advantage of a more powerful and distributed control plane? IP Services Infrastructure - 3/8/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Small Cell & WiFi Roundup
At this year’s Mobile World Congress, WiFi/RAN convergence became much more real, and discussions of small cells turned sharply inward. We unpack the most important trends and developments from the show and what they mean for you. Mobile Access Infrastructure - 3/7/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Operators Seek Relevancy Amid OTT and OS Dominance
From a mobile ecosystem view, the theme at Mobile World Congress 2013 was carriers wrestling revenue away from OTT companies and dominant OS providers. RCS, APIs, telco OTT and mobile OS newcomers are all in play. Are they viable going forward? Mobile Ecosystem - 3/6/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: The Carrier Perspective… Partnerships, Partnerships, Partnerships
Carrier partnerships were the underlying theme of MWC this year, with massive Firefox OS support, ongoing joyn momentum, a new stab at cross-carrier APIs with the OneAPI Exchange launch and plenty of talk around carrier/OTT business models. Consumer Services - 3/6/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Vendor Services Discussion Moves from OpEx Saving to Service Enablement and Revenue Generation
As always, scores of companies were talking technology at MWC this year. Similarly, the idea that vendor services are the glue holding the network together was espoused. What’s changed? The services focus has moved from saving money to making it. Telecom Vendor Services - 3/5/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Anyone but Google
The biggest platform vendors skipped Mobile World Congress this year, and the biggest handset vendors are increasingly launching their biggest products at their own events. That left this show focused on new operating systems and price points. Consumer Devices - 3/5/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013: Enterprise Mobility and M2M Momentum and Maturation
Many of the 72,000 attendees at Mobile World Congress came to see 4G handsets and glittery demos. But enterprise mobility momentum was also a major theme, while M2M displays showcased the coming transformation in how we drive, work and live. Business Network and IT Services - 3/5/2013 - Client Access
MWC 2013 Event Reports
Ulticom’s DSC Goes into the Cloud with Mavenir -Even White Labels Need Name Recognition
Ulticom’s software-only DSC has gone into the cloud with Mavenir for an IPX LTE deployment. While one named partner and one unnamed deployment is only a start, Ulticom’s go-to-market strategy looks to be on track. IP Services Infrastructure - 2/27/2013 - Client Access
F5 Traffix’s SDC Suddenly Acquires NFV/SDN – Is That What a Good DSC Should Do?
At Mobile World Congress, F5 Traffix’s latest SDC release is suddenly revealed to be optimized for SDN and NFV. Was this just to catch attention or does it really mean that new architectures are now rivaling functional requirements? IP Services Infrastructure - 2/27/2013 - Client Access
Qwilt Adds IPv6 to QB-Series – Much Ado About Nothing
Qwilt unveiled support for the IPv6 standard on its QB-Series, achieving a near-term differentiator for its transparent caching and video delivery solutions, but the support for IPv6 was long overdue and only matches rival capabilities. Digital Media Infrastructure - 2/26/2013 - Client Access
Orange Tweaks Libon App Premium and Adds Starter Incentive – Evolution Still at Telco Pace
Giving new users a month of free calls could improve premium take-up rates of Orange’s flagship Libon app. However, the plans for later integrating Libon with Joyn are more interesting, illustrating the carrier’s customer-facing plans for RCS. Consumer Services - 2/26/2013 - Client Access
Alcatel-Lucent Paves the Way for Nationwide Ultra Broadband in Luxembourg with Zero-Touch Vectoring and Bonding Solutions
Alcatel-Lucent has garnered more than 40 VDSL2 vectoring trials and 11 commercial customers to date. While P&T Luxembourg is a small, trial deployment, it provides a glimpse of the fiber-speed-over-copper solutions coming to market this year. Fixed Access Infrastructure - 2/26/2013 - Client Access
Appcelerator Takes a Gamble on Controversial Linux OS Tizen
Appcelerator announced support for an emerging but immature Linux OS for mobile devices, Tizen, hoping to gain some attention among its heavyweight backers, Intel and Samsung, and further launch it into enterprise developer circles. Application Platforms - 2/26/2013 - Client Access
SAP Seeks to Secure Mobile Document Sharing, Shining a Spotlight on Shadow
SAP seeks to extend its Afaria MDM lead by adding secure mobile document sharing with SAP Mobile Documents, bringing another more secure alternative to the practice of users storing and sharing documents using improperly secured public file shares. Enterprise Security - 2/26/2013 - Client Access
SAP Enters the File Sharing and Synchronization Fray
Entering the current market-wide rush toward enterprise-class file sharing and synchronization with a home-grown solution, SAP intends to stand out with a mobile device management, multi-channel delivery offering tuned to support SAP customers. Collaboration Platforms - 2/26/2013 - Client Access
Acme Packet Releases Palladion 3.0, Adding Diameter to the SIP Monitoring Hook; Will Carrier’s Bite?
Acme Packet’s Palladion 3.0 brings together SBC, DSC and network management in an integrated solution. However, are carriers ready to attach value to the proposition, and will it help the company pull through its DSCs? IP Services Infrastructure - 2/25/2013 - Client Access
Deutsche Telekom Re-focuses for ‘Made In Europe’ Innovation
Deutsche Telekom’s focus on home-grown innovation reflects the highly localized nature of new revenue opportunities such as M2M and payments, as well as the need for local app development for priority initiatives such as Firefox OS and Joyn. Consumer Services - 2/25/2013 - Client Access
IBM Strives to be All Things Mobile for the Enterprise with MobileFirst
IBM is unleashing a slew of mobile technologies and services aimed at integrating and extending its portfolio in mobile app development, analytics, security and management. Enterprise Security - 2/25/2013 - Client Access
Mozilla Makes Big Splash with Firefox OS Thanks to Long List of Carrier Commitments
Mozilla announced solid carrier and device vendor commitments for Firefox OS, boosting the long-term fortunes of the platform. Still, the fledgling OS must prove itself out in terms of performance and developer support. Mobile Ecosystem - 2/25/2013 - Client Access
IBM MobileFirst Portfolio: Technology and Services Implications
IBM is unleashing a slew of mobile technologies and services aimed at integrating and extending its portfolio in mobile app development, analytics, security and management. New services focus on strategy, design, development and integration. Application Platforms - 2/25/2013 - Client Access
Mozilla Fans the Firefox OS Flame Thanks to Longer List of Committed Carriers
Mozilla announced solid carrier and device vendor commitments for Firefox OS, boosting the mid-term potential of the platform. Still, the fledgling OS must prove itself in the longer term in terms of performance and developer support. Consumer Services - 2/25/2013 - Client Access
Juniper Executes on the First Two Steps of its SDN Vision, Operators Should See Benefits this Year
At Juniper advances its SDN vision with new Services Activation Director and virtualized Mobile Control Gateway (MME/SGSN functions, co-developed with Hitachi), bringing mobile operators elastic mobile core scaling and OpEx benefits this year. Mobile Access Infrastructure - 2/22/2013 - Client Access
IBM’s MobileFirst Portfolio: Services Implications
IBM launches MobileFirst, a set of mobile technologies and services to integrate and extend its mobility portfolio in mobile security, analytics, app development and management. New services focus on strategy, design, development and integration. Business Network and IT Services - 2/22/2013 - Client Access
NSN Decides Operators Can Wait Longer for FlexiZone, but Not for Smarter WiFi or Femtos
NSN is pushing back expectations of demand for its FlexiZone small-cell solution to 2015 or 2016 and revamping its outdoor small cells for next year. Two areas it is giving more immediate attention: enterprise femtos and improving carrier WiFi. Mobile Access Infrastructure -
2/22/2013 - Client Access
Ericsson’s MWC ‘Must-Sees’ – Do You Really Need to See Them?
Two weeks out ahead of Mobile World Congress, Ericsson telegraphed the demos it plans to highlight at the event. Are they really must-sees? Have we seen them before? What do they mean to the larger Ericsson message or industry themes circa 2013? Mobile Access Infrastructure -
2/21/2013 - Client Access
Tellabs Expands Backhaul Portfolio and Adds Small-Cell Router, SON & SDN; Helping to Assure Its Backhaul Portfolio Relevance
Tellabs’ 8602 Smart Router boasts SON features such as automatic device configuration and service connectivity. It will showcase the product at MWC along with an 8000 INM-based SDN Congestion Control Application, demonstrating its commitment to LTE. Mobile Access Infrastructure -
2/21/2013 - Client Access
Juniper Converts Elisa’s Mobile Core Trial into a Full Deployment for its MobileNext Solution
Juniper announced that Finnish operator, Elisa, has deployed its MobileNext core solution for its LTE network. The announcement follows an extensive trial and evaluation by Elisa, which leveraged Juniper’s professional services capabilities. Mobile Access Infrastructure -
2/20/2013 - Client Access
Ericsson Strengthens & Differentiates Its Small-Cell Backhaul, Picking a Fight with Sub-6 GHz Guy
Ericsson rounds out its small-cell backhaul portfolio with a much-needed 60 GHz solution, a differentiating take on non-line-of-sight links and more. Its assertion that sub-6 GHz spectrum is unfit for small cells is sure to ruffle feathers. Mobile Access Infrastructure -
2/14/2013 - Client Access

Don't miss our analysts speaking at MWC 2013
P. Jarich
Meet-the-Analysts: Wireless Broadband Alliance Wi-Fi Zone and Lounge
Monday February 25, 2013 - 1:00 Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1F3
Meet with Peter Jarich, Current Analysis VP for Consumer and Infrastructure, for his views, opinions and forecasts on Next Generation Hotspot (NGH), Wi-Fi Offloading Strategies and Carrier Grade Wi-Fi developments. Click here for more information.

Small Cell Forum Presentation: The Intelligence Battle - the Edge versus the Core?
Wednesday February 27, 2013 - 12:30 Hall 7 Stand No. 7G74
Peter will also be giving a presentation at the Small Cell Zone. Click here for more information.
A. Greengart
MWC Devices Round-up: A Look to the Future
Thursday February 28, 2013 - 14:30 - 16:00
Stand: Hall 4 - Conference Village - Auditorium 4
Avi Greengart, Current Analysis Research Director for Mobile Devices, will be particpating in a panel at Mobile World Congress discussing the latest news on the trends and stand-out announcements from the show floor. Avi, along with other thought leaders from across the ecosystem, will also give a glimpse in this session of what's up and coming in the devices space. Click here for more information.

Current Analysis Analysts Attending MWC 2013
Jerry Caron
Senior Vice
Peter Jarich
Vice President,
Consumer and

Service Director,
Services - Global
Jason Marcheck
Service Director,
Service Provider
Mike Spanbauer
Service Director,
and Software
Avi Greengart
Research Director,

David Snow
Principal Analyst,
IP Services

Kathryn Weldon
Principal Analyst,
Ed Gubbins
Senior Analyst,
Mobile Access
Lynnette Luna
Senior Analyst,
Mobile Ecosystem


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