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Enterprise IT and Services

Enterprise IT and Services

As enterprises look for more holistic solutions, technology and services have become intrinsically linked. And staying on top of the latest hot topics and industry trends becomes even more complex. You may find information and analysis on devices and platforms in one place and software and services in another, but how do you integrate the silos for one all-inclusive view?
Current Analysis now offers a comprehensive look across technology and related services for four industry-leading growth areas:
Current Analysis provides and one-stop source for integrated, synergistic insights and analysis across technology and services. Our solutions provide:
Cloud Collaboration
Mobile IT Security
Current Analysis offers insight
from across technology and
services coverage areas to provide clients with a deeper
understanding of technology
shifts and what they truly
mean to their businesses
  • Competitive insights and responses to both services and technology issues that are critical to help shape your portfolios.
  • Deep “macro” views of both technology and services ecosystems that are needed for decision-making.
  • Integrated analytical perspective essential to identify the right partners and/or acquisitions to present a holistic solution.
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Cloud Technology and Services

Cloud computing and cloud-based application services are rapidly becoming an essential part of the enterprise IT mix as benefits of a no-hassle, pay-as-you-go service complementing or supplanting the cost and headache of internally managed technologies are increasingly being recognized. Current Analysis provides comprehensive coverage of:
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
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Collaboration Technology and Services

Collaboration tools are crucial in order to increase competitiveness and productivity, while decreasing the effects of corporate process latency and time-to-market. Current Analysis now offers comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of solutions, including rapidly evolving technologies such as:
Traditional IP PBX Platforms • Unified Communications • Business Video Systems • Web Conferencing • Document Management • Sharing Tools • Business-specific Social Media Solutions

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Mobile IT

Enterprise mobility is a huge growth area that includes a diverse ecosystem of services and equipment providers. Current Analysis now offers research and analysis exclusively focused on all aspects of Mobile IT, including competitive intelligence, partner information, and insights on trends and market evolution. Current Analysis provides comprehensive coverage of:
Managed Mobility Services • Mobile Devices/OS’s • Mobile UC/Videoconferencing • BYOD • Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms • Mobile Application Management • Mobile Device Management • Mobile Security
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Security Technology and Services

There is no one-size-fits-all security solution for all enterprises due to the unique nature of each company’s multifaceted requirements. Mobility presents an additional challenge, heightening the complexity of data access and device security exponentially. Current Analysis now provides the insight you need to help identify partners and offerings for a security strategy that provides a truly holistic solution for each individual customer’s needs. We cover:
Cloud Security • Security Management • Integrated Client Security • Identity and Access Management • Content Security • Governance, and Risk and Compliance • Threat Management
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