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Enterprises are seeking to increase competitiveness and productivity, while decreasing the effects of corporate process latency and time-to-market. Collaboration tools are an important platform for streamlined operations through more efficient and effective communications and workflow.

Current Analysis now offers comprehensive coverage of collaboration technology and services. Collaboration can involve a wide variety of technological solutions, ranging from traditional IP PBX platforms and unified communications applications, business video systems, web conferencing, document management, and sharing tools, as well as business-specific social media solutions. Current Analysis will provide insights into:
  • Understanding how enterprises are combining collaboration with business processes in order to improve efficiency and foster innovation.
  • Understanding how preferences for collaboration provision and functionality vary by region.
  • Understanding how collaboration solutions are provisioned and managed according to varied vertical industry segments.
  • Understanding how users choose between collaboration solutions based upon deployment type (on premises, cloud, internal/facing, etc.) .
  • Understanding how Enterprise Social Networking is being adopted and how it will influence broader collaborative technologies.
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