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Enterprise mobility is a huge growth area that includes a diverse ecosystem of services and equipment providers. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is generating an explosion of new vendors. Network, device, and application capabilities are now so robust that it has become difficult to discern any general performance gap between a mobile or tethered work process or function. Nevertheless, gaps do exist in the way applications behave in certain mobile environments, often depending on device and content format, and managing mobility across diverse OS’s presents data and device security concerns with mind-boggling complexity.
Current Analysis now offers research and analysis exclusively focused on all aspects of Mobile IT, including competitive intelligence, partner information, and insights on trends and market evolution. The Current Analysis Mobile IT solution goes a step beyond, addressing market convergence in cloud/mobility, UCC/mobility, and in mobility equipment, software, and services with some critical differences:
  • An all-inclusive look at the market, not siloed into separate device, platform, software, and services modules.
  • Expertise from diverse analysts with broad perspectives.
  • Thorough analysis with concrete examples, as well as recommendations for both vendors and buyers.
Watch for reports on BYOD, mobile videoconferencing, the MEAP, MAM, and MDM landscape, and global enterprise mobility trends, among many others. For more information on this burgeoning market, contact us today by filling in the form below.


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