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There is no one-size-fits-all security solution for all enterprises due to the unique nature of each company’s requirements. Mobility presents an additional challenge, heightening the complexity of data access and device security exponentially. The market for security technology and management solutions is diverse and active, with various point solutions solving specific problems sparring toe-to-toe with solutions from suppliers offering a comprehensive portfolio. Now the security solution deployment options are widening considerably with the addition of cloud-based services, which can either complement existing security infrastructure or replace it altogether.

Current Analysis now provides the insight you need to help identify partners and offerings for a security strategy that involves a true mix of technology suppliers, software suppliers, service providers, and integration experts.

Why Current Analysis?
  • We provide a more comprehensive perspective on IT security today by looking at all the angles, including the underlying technology solutions, delivery models, and ecosystem from end-to-end.
  • We pull in expertise from multiple disciplines, including data center and networking, to address all the security trends/issues that impact suppliers and their customers.
  • We provide richer analysis than the siloed coverage typically available.
  • Our emphasis on cutting edge technologies and emerging service trends supports a more proactive marketing strategy and better messaging.
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