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Ericsson’s 2012 North American Analyst Conference: Optimization All Around

| Sep 4, 2012 | Service Provider Infrastructure
| Analysts:
  - Jason Marcheck, Director, Service Provider Infrastructure
  - Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure

Ericsson held its North American analyst conference at its San Jose, CA headquarters on August 28-29. This year’s topics focused heavily on the ‘optimization’ theme. From optimizing wireless networks to cope with complexity introduced by small cell network architectures to smartphone proliferation, to optimizing IP transport networks via SDN and multi-layer NMS, to optimizing carrier monetization opportunities through a comprehensive product and services-centric OSS/BSS offering, Ericsson went to lengths to demonstrate its capabilities aimed at improving on the current challenges facing its customers.

However, while Ericsson’s well-known strengths in RAN and professional/managed services and its rapidly solidifying prowess in OSS/BSS supported a credible message, new information related to bolstering its lesser renowned capabilities in the areas of IP and optical transport was less compelling. In the end, the conference ended up reinforcing Ericsson’s obvious strengths, in addition to making it equally clear that, while committed to delivering an all-IP network solution, the Business Unit Networks and its professional services organization remain subservient to supporting the growth in mobile broadband.

With that in mind, the vendor did a good job at showing how a variety of initiatives within the company are being orchestrated in support of its fundamental strategy: mobile broadband enablement and the support of services running over that network. It also successfully highlighted efforts such as its ConsumerLab research as a means of demonstrating expertise on the impact of devices on the network as well as an understanding of the prime factors influencing customer experience and/or satisfaction. In this sense, Ericsson made its case for being a go-to mobile broadband enablement partner on the basis of a rich and comprehensive understanding of the key success factors at play in the mobile broadband ecosystem.

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