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Smart Innovations Watch: Services Ecosystem

| June 7, 2013 | Consumer Services
| Analysts: Emma Mohr-McClune, Service Director
   Lynnette Luna, Senior Analyst

The Smart Innovation Watch reports offer a round-up of noteworthy service innovations and launches in the services ecosystem, as they impact both U.S. and European service providers. Coverage includes the business, technology and regulatory trends driving, limiting and shaping the environment for communications services and solutions. Importantly, the report intends to provide a flag of new services, plays and technologies that create differentiation or a new competitive coordinate, challenge existing service limitations, or highlight ongoing trends in service modeling, positioning or value-add. Highlights from this report:

  • Carriers have an intense desire to wrestle control away from OTT players and the two dominant OS providers, Apple and Google. The result is more creative thinking about how to monetize mobile broadband services beyond access pricing.
  • Social networking juggernaut Facebook found itself on the defensive last week after acknowledging Facebook Home’s deficiencies.
  • Mozilla’s plan to push the Firefox OS as a carrier-friendly OS alternative moved forward with the addition of consumer electronics giant Foxconn, but still faces challenges coming to market.
  • The nascent standard WebRTC, which promises to bring new service opportunities to carriers, saw some momentum with Google’s integration of the technology in browsers. But mobile incorporation and adoption will be one of the technology’s biggest challenges.
  • The introduction of new net neutrality laws in Europe could spell the death of obscurely written fair usage policy (FUP), but will put the onus on carriers to give end users absolute transparency regarding their service plans.
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