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Trend Watch: Taking Analytics
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| April 1, 2014 | Enterprise Data and Analytics |
| Analyst: Brad Shimmin, Service Director

The idea of mobilizing business intelligence (BI) is not new. As long as users have sought to derive meaningful, actionable information from corporate data stores, they have taken that information on the road, first as large, unwieldy paper reports and later as digitized renditions of those same reports.

With the advent of the web and capable mobile devices, vendors added a much-needed sense of interactivity to such information, allowing users to work with the data itself. This has of course greatly expanded the role of BI, driving to a great extent the current trend toward the democratization of data. It has also breathed new life into traditional BI vendors and opened up opportunities for a new class of lightweight data visualization vendors seeking to not only grow traditional user counts but to also invent new usage patterns and market opportunities for BI itself.

Within this report, we will explore some of those opportunities, tracking and evaluating how the major BI and data visualization players are seeking to put the right information into the right hands at the right time and in the correct business context.

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