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SDN in the Campus LAN Offers Immediate Benefits

| December 23, 2013 | Enterprise Networking |
| Analyst: Mike Fratto, Principal Analyst

Campus SDN is quietly poised to take off as networking vendors implement SDN technologies in LAN and WLAN equipment, and seek to differentiate their network offerings from competitors. Enterprise IT is ready for SDN in the campus since they are likely already using automation and programmatic control such as network access control and supporting unified communications at a hardware and software level.

Extending that automation to an SDN is a natural progression; however, network suppliers will meet resistance to campus SDN from enterprise IT because unfulfilled promises in similar technologies have left a bad taste with administrators. Network vendors can overcome those initial objections by focusing on how campus SDN benefits organizations by providing a more robust framework for network security, isolation, and application delivery without additional management overhead than is available using existing methods.

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