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Consumer Electronics Show 2014:
The Good, the Bad, the Importance & Implications

| January 13, 2014 | Analysts:
  - Peter Jarich, Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure
  - Avi Greengart, Research Director, Consumer Platforms and Devices
  - Wes Henderek, Principal Analyst, Consumer Services U.S.

The Consumer Electronics Association’s International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held from January 7th through 10th in Las Vegas, NV. As the name suggests, ‘consumer electronics’ are the primary focus. As a result, the miles and miles of exhibit floor space – in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the neighboring Venetian hotel/Sands Expo Center and various other hotels – filled with robots, cameras, fitness trackers, phone covers and everything in between often associate the show with a circus-like atmosphere.

Circus aside, one look at the keynote address lineup is all it takes to highlight that CES is about more than just gadgets. Consider some of the companies represented in the keynotes this year: AT&T, Audi, Cisco, Ericsson, Facebook, Ford Motor Co, Intel, Qualcomm, Sony, Twitter, Yahoo!. As these names imply, CES is about the broader consumer experience, with consumer electronics being just one part of that.

To that end, while we have already released analyses of the key announcements from last week and have written wrap-ups coming, it is worth taking a moment to recap the main highlights and what they mean to the market. Specifically, in the podcast that follows, we hope to sum up the show along some key axes.

  • Cool: What news, insights or industry developments from CES 2014 were the most compelling or interesting?
  • Uncool: What news, insights or industry developments from CES 2014 were the most disappointing?
  • Important: Regardless of what was (or wasn’t) cool, what was the most important development coming out of CES 2014?
  • Needed: Given our understanding of what operators and vendors in the consumer space should be doing, what was missing from 2014 and what do they need to do going forward?
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