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WAN Services (US)  
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AT&T WAN Services
AT&T has built a strong U.S. and global networking portfolio over the years, with flagships including Layer 2 OPT-E-WAN and a range of IP-VPN services. It is becoming stronger by partnering with regional carrier and global cloud/IT powerhouses. (11/21/2013)
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CenturyLink WAN Services
CenturyLink made its major investments in 2012, and it is now working its new services into the market. While CenturyLink's data center services are not growing revenues the way the company had expected, its networking segment remains robust. (11/26/2013)
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Level 3 WAN Services
Level 3's Cloud Connect Solutions portfolio enters the company in dynamic services at the intersection of network and cloud. Level 3 started big, teaming with Amazon Web Services as its first major cloud partner for the new portfolio. (12/20/2013)
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Sprint WAN Services
Sprint added national Ethernet wavelength services and introduced Sprint Spark, supporting 50-60 Mbps peak wireless broadband speeds over 4G LTE. Sprint serves its businesses well, but has not pushed hard to acquire wireline customers (12/27/2013)
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tw telecom WAN Services
tw telecom has kept its primary focus on its fiber play, where it will continue to invest in 2014. The provider also is building up a portfolio of dynamic and elastic services that is well-suited for flexible data center/cloud connectivity. (12/17/2013)
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Verizon WAN Services
Verizon is fundamentally changing the way it is selling and delivering its WAN and related managed services. The changes may seem complicated to outside observers, but buyers will find doing business with Verizon easier and more streamlined. (11/11/2013)
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Windstream WAN Services
In 2013, Windstream Business has continued to bolster its data center footprint complementing its national WAN infrastructure. The provider's new Advanced Application Reporting service gives customers premium visibility via detailed reports. (12/24/2013)
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XO WAN Services
In H1 2013, XO released an Intelligent WAN service that gives enterprises a toolkit to monitor and manage their networks securely. XO is enhancing both network and cloud services to help customers that are pulling these resources closer together. (10/7/2013)
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Product Assessment Report Information

Report Contents

  • Current Perspective Rating
  • Product Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Product Metrics


WAN Services (US) Product Metrics

    • Rating
    • IP CoS
    • Ethernet CoS
    • Converged Applications Support
    • Ethernet Performance Monitoring/ Management
    • IP Performance Monitoring/ Management
    • Applications Optimization
    • Bandwidth on Demand
    • Multicasting
    • Resiliency Options
    • IPv6 Support
    • IP/MPLS Billing Options
    • Ethernet WAN Billing Options
    • Additional Major Capabilities
    • Rating
    • CPE Options
    • CPE Sourcing and Support Options
    • Access Speeds and Interfaces
    • Switched Ethernet Access Options
    • Dedicated Ethernet Access Options
    • Notes
    • Rating
    • Tunneling Protocol
    • Network-hosted Security Services
    • Managed CPE Security Services
    • Notes
    • Rating
    • PoPs
    • Platform
    • Backbone
    • Hybrid VPN Gateways
    • SLAs
    • Rating
    • Latency
    • Packet Delivery and Jitter
    • Availability
    • Mean Time to Repair
    • Additional SLA Metrics


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