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IT Connection Product Assessment reports provide in-depth analysis of more than 200 products and services. Each Product Assessment report includes expert analyst advice and recommendations on what to look for when making buying decisions. Click here to view sample reports.

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WAN Services (US)  
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Available Product Assessments

AT&T WAN Services
AT&T is automating and streamlining to make it easier to do business with the company, including opening up internal processes via APIs. AT&T's NetBond network-to-cloud service is a solid example. (5/08/2015)
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CenturyLink WAN Services
CenturyLink remained quiet on dynamic bandwidth for WAN/cloud connectivity, while many of its peers have introduced services in this field. However, CenturyLink does have its own flexible bandwidth offer to hundreds of data centers nationwide. (1/12/2015)
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Level 3 WAN Services
Level 3 has expanded its Cloud Connect Solutions to connect enterprise WANs to both AWS and Microsoft cloud services. The company has a compelling offer on its extensive fiber footprint, but loses steam if a prospect needs major off-net reach. (7/22/2015)
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Sprint WAN Services
Sprint now has a fixed wireless router that supports its Sprint Spark high-speed 4G LTE access. The company's wireline financials (which include WAN services) continue to slide, with an unusual quarterly operating loss in the line of business. (7/20/2015)
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tw telecom WAN Services
tw telecom continues to reap the benefits of its national metro fiber footprint. In November 2013, the company announced it was stepping up its access investments, and it is following through with thousands of additional fiber route-miles. (6/30/2014)
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Verizon WAN Services
Verizon has a solid global network reach and comprehensive list of features. Most important, however, is its Rapid Delivery initiative, which offers streamlined Verizon products and packages as a faster, accurate deployment alternative. (5/08/2015)
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Windstream WAN Services
Windstream is investing in its fiber infrastructure, and in data center/cloud services enhancements. The company is still aligning some disparate managed network features, but today has a comprehensive offer set for customers. (7/20/2015)
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XO WAN Services
In H1 2014, XO added a Bandwidth-on-Demand option, giving customers usage-billed, flexible bandwidth not just between its WAN and data center/cloud services, but across the entire XO network. (7/20/2015)
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Product Assessment Report Information

Report Contents

  • Current Perspective Rating
  • Product Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Product Metrics


WAN Services (US) Product Metrics

  • Network
    • Rating
    • Global Reach
    • Platform
    • Backbone
    • Access Types & Speeds
    • Hybrid and Internet VPN Gateways
  • Portfolio
    • Rating
    • Performance Monitoring and Management
    • Customer Portal Capabilities
    • Applications Performance Management and WAN Optimization
    • Dynamic Bandwidth
    • Security
    • COS
    • CPE Options Managed and Sourcing
    • Resiliency Options
    • Pricing
  • SLA
    • Rating
    • Network Latency
    • Proactive or Reactive
    • Packet Loss
    • Jitter
    • Availability (POP-to-POP and CPE-to-CPE)
    • Mean Time To Repair
    • Provisioning Guarantee


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