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The Current Analysis Consumer Portal is the industry’s most in-depth source of competitive analysis and tracking of handsets, voice, data, and content services.

Current Analysis has been tracking the wireless market since 2000, providing detailed analytical services to enterprises, carriers and device manufacturers. The Consumer Portal, delivered via the company’s CurrentCOMPETE™ Web platform, blends premium qualitative analysis of service providers and consumer devices with detailed quantitative tracking of pricing, packaging, and availability.

The Consumer Portal provides access to all of Current Analysis’ consumer content, including the qualitative CurrentCOMPETE analysis as well as the CurrentTRACK consumer pricing data. The content available via this portal includes:


• Consumer Services U.S.
• Consumer Services Europe
• Consumer Devices

• Wireless Price Tracking (Voice, Mobile Broadband, Media & Apps)
• Wireline Price Tracking (Broadband, Voice, Media & Apps, Bundles)

• Consumer Devices (Retail & Web Pricing, Features Database)
• European Mobile Broadband Services
(Analysis, Ratings, Prices)

| Events | Competitors | Devices | Voice Services | Broadband | Media and Applications | Bundles |


The Events tab provides access to the content from an event-centric perspective. In other words, if the key need is to have quick access to the most recent events and advisories within a “module” of content (e.g., Digital Home), this section provides that view.

Each page is split into three key columns, with the left column providing access to recently read reports, the central column providing access to the events and advisory reports while the right column provides access to additional relevant content for each section (such as pricing alerts, product assessments and other related content).

There are four “sub tabs” of options along the top:

  • Summary: Provides a view of all event content from the Consumer Group to which you subscribed. Additionally, it provides access to any recent pricing events covered under your subscription (such as wireless or bundled price changes)
  • Digital Home: Provides access to the Digital Home content including events, advisories, solution assessments
  • Mobile Devices: Provides access to the Mobile Devices content including events, advisories, product assessments
  • Wireless Services: Provides access to the Wireless Services content including events, advisories, product assessments
  • Consumer Services Europe: Provides access to the Consumer Services Europe content including events, advisories, product assessments

Each page additionally provides access to recently read reports.



The Competitors tab provides access to key performance information for each content segment (such as number of subscribers, ARPU and so forth) as well as detailed analysis of each key competitor. Further, this view allows a customer to access all information related to a specific company.

As with events, the content is split into Digital Home, Mobile Devices, Wireless Services, and Consumer Services Europe. Within each of these sections Key Performance Indicator charts are provided.

Selecting a specific competitor from the left side (or by selecting the name on a chart) provides the company-centric view. This view displays all relevant information for the specific competitor including access to the company assessment, recent events for the company, product analysis and any relevant pricing information.

For clients wishing to research a company, rather than a market area, this is the ideal view as it provides rapid access to all relevant information that Current Analysis has for the company (within the Consumer area).



The Devices tab provides access to all devices content including the quantitative CurrentTRACK pricing content as well as the CurrentCOMPETE analysis.

Within the devices section, the content is split into the following sections:

  • Contract Devices: Mobile devices sold by the carriers are tracked here. Information includes pricing and analysis of the devices.
  • Prepaid Devices: Mobile prepaid devices are tracked within this section, including pricing and analysis.
  • Smartphones: This section provides access to smartphone-only pricing and analysis. Note that this information is also found within the “Contract Devices” above.
  • Handset Distribution: Charts that quickly provide a breakdown of which carriers carry which devices. The charts allow the user to drill down from the manufacturers, to view the share of a specific manufacturer within the carrier space, to ultimately see exactly which handsets a manufacturer offers via a specific carrier.
  • Home Devices: Provides access to Service Attached Device content, such as relevant event reports, Product Intelligence Reports and Market analysis.

Pricing information is tracked as follows for devices.

Retail Collection - - -
Frequency Monthly Monthly Monthly
Markets 10 10 10
Retail Collection - - -
Frequency Weekly Monthly Weekly
Markets 5 1 5

Home Device Pricing is tracked as part of the related bundle, not as a distinct item.


Voice Services

The Voice section provides access to all voice-related price tracking (and related analysis). This includes wireless prepaid and postpaid (contract) pricing, as well as wireline (home) voice service.

Price tracking for wireless postpaid and wireline services are provided at a market level, with a map interface to provide access to each specific market’s pricing data.

The market level information can be viewed either via the search function, or via a local summary report (see right). Using the local summary report, specific plans can be selected via check boxes to view the in-depth detail of each plan in a side-by-side comparison model.

This side-by-side view enables users to see all of the features provided as part of the wireless postpaid plan, or wireline voice plan, to better understand price variations.

Content is collected using a variety of methods including calls to stores, Web site tracking, calls to customer service and direct discussions with the carriers. The result of this is a highly efficient, accurate methodology.

Content is tracked at the following frequency/depth:

Markets 25 National View 40
Frequency Daily Monthly Monthly



The Broadband section provides access to the pricing and analysis for broadband services including both broadband to the home as well as mobile broadband services (EDGE, UMTS, EV-DO and so forth). The Broadband section is split into two distinct tabs; mobile and home.

Mobile Broadband U.S.

For the mobile section pricing is provided on a national level as there is no significant market pricing variation at this time for the major players.

The Mobile Broadband U.S. content includes a detailed search function, as well as a summary of broadband plans. This one page snapshot includes standard phone data plans (Mobile Web access), BlackBerry/Smartphone data plans, and PC/Aircard plans. Information is provided in a side-by-side format for quick comparisons.

Home Broadband Europe

The Mobile Broadband Europe service provides detailed information and analysis on the mobile broadband portfolios of 60 national operators 17 European countries across both consumer and business markets. The service assesses the current state of mobile broadband services and tracks recent changes, highlighting key competitive differentiators, fresh innovation, and lessons learned.

Home Broadband

For the broadband to the home section, pricing is provided at a market level due to significant variations in the competitors and pricing on a market-by-market level. Access to the market level pricing is via the map interface and the tracking is purchased on a market-by-market level with a minimum entry point of five markets.

By selecting a market from the map interface, users can view the local summary report which shows all published plans and competitors available in that specific market in a grid form. This provides a snapshot view of the entire market, providing a quick view of how the competitive landscape is positioned. The grid is organized by bandwidth along the top, so the faster broadband offers are further to the right of the table.

By selecting one or more specific plan offers, a user can then elect to compare these plans, thus viewing the full metric details of each one (see right). See Appendix 2 in the Consumer Portal document for a list of all metrics tracked.

Markets National 40
Frequency Monthly Monthly


Media and Applications

The Media & Apps section provides access to mobile and home “entertainment” solutions such as web, application content and messaging on the mobile side, and video package and TV channel information for the home solutions.

As with the other sections, each of these areas includes the pricing alerts for new content, as well as any CurrentCOMPETE Intelligence Reports that are relevant to each section. As such, these pages provide the best access point for users who have a specific focus on media and/or applications.

Mobile Content

Mobile Content includes details of the available content for each carrier, as well as email and messaging solutions (text, MMS, etc). The two key tabs of information (Mobile Content and Mobile Messaging) each provide a Summary report which provides a side-by-side comparison of the key offerings of the major providers. For example, the Content Summary provides details of ringtone, music, video, LBS, game pricing and social networking applications that are provided. As such, this report provides a snapshot of the competitive landscape for each key carrier.

The messaging section provides a summary of text and multimedia messaging pricing including standalone message pricing and the available bundles. The information provided for mobile content and messaging is provided at a national level as there is not significant market variation.

Home Entertainment

The Home Entertainment information is provided at a market level due to significant variations in competitors and content availability within each market. Within each market, the basic and standard TV channel offerings for each provider are listed, including key details such as the cost of DVR service (and box), HDTV service and box monthly fees and so forth. Full details of the tracked metrics are provided in Appendix 3 in the Consumer Portal document. A future feature of this section will be to provide full details of the channel lineup for each provider (this will be an additional fee).

Markets National 40
Frequency Monthly Monthly



Bundled pricing information is the most important part of the wireline transition from individual pricing schemes to a more consolidated market approach. All major carriers now offer some variation of bundles with an array of options depending upon the required components – or broadband speeds offered within these variants. The Bundles tab of the Consumer portal provides comprehensive coverage of the bundled offerings available within the U.S., including published double, triple and quad play solutions.

The bundles information is tracked on a rolling monthly schedule (as are the individual components listed previously, such as broadband). As such, depending upon the number of markets purchased, there can be an ongoing flow of alerts to provide an up-to-the-minute view of the competitive landscape.
As with the other tabs of content, bundled information may be accessed via search functions, as well as via a local summary report. The local summary reports provide one page snapshots of the competitive landscape within a market, and support drill down investigation via a Compare feature.

This allows a user to view the competitive landscape quickly, and then drill down to specific plans as required to gain a full understanding of the market. Further, as with all other data, these comparisons can be exported to Excel.

There is also a National Summary Report, which provides a higher level view of the market, highlighting the most popular offers that are available for each of the competitors. Both the local and the national summary reports can display either the pricing including annual promotional deals (e.g., $99 triple plays for the first year), or the price without promotional deals, to gain a better understanding of the “real” bundle cost. Further, by providing easy transitions between the different bundle types (e.g., triple play, voice/data double play, data/video double play and so forth) it is easy to understand the impact of removing one triple play component (e.g., voice service) and what the impact on the customer’s monthly fee will be.

The bundled information is purchased on a per market basis, with a minimum purchase of five markets.
For full details of the metrics tracked, please see Appendix 4 in the Consumer Portal document.




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