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Apple’s launch of the iPad in January 2010 opened a new market alongside phones and traditional PCs, a market that exploded in 2011 with hundreds of new products from traditional phone vendors, PC vendors, and new market entrants.

It was relatively easy to track the market in 2010, but in 2014 there are over 300 different tablets and more than 500 total SKUs on shelves across U.S. carrier retailers, big box stores, and major online outlets. There is also considerable churn as new products, new vendors, and new operating systems reach the market and prices are adjusted to compete. The Current Analysis Tablet Tracker helps you monitor and react to changes in this explosive consumer device category.


Updated monthly, the Current Analysis Tablet Tracker provides vendors, carriers, and retailers with a snapshot of the competitive landscape for consumer tablets, enabling you to react to competitive shifts in the market:

  • Track new market entrants
  • Track pricing over time to better price your product
  • Track real-world pricing including promotions, rebates, and price shifts
  • Track channel availability monthly and trend over time
  • Trend tablet functionality over time including connectivity (3G, 4G, or WiFi-only), and screen sizes
  • Full access to the underlying data is provided for your own queries, including historical data for trending analysis
  • Analyst inquiry time is included for additional insights and to help answer your specific questions


The Current Analysis Tablet Tracker provides quantitative pricing and analysis for the tablet category derived from online pricing at national carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless), Big Box retailers (Best Buy, Target, RadioShack and Wal-Mart) and (where Amazon is the seller). Current Analysis Tablet Tracker includes both WiFi-only tablets and tablets with WiFi and cellular connectivity.

Updated monthly, Current Analysis Tablet Tracker collects tablet data including but not limited to:

  • Distribution channel
  • Pricing, contract pricing (where applicable), instant savings/rebates, mail-in rebates
  • Processor, speed, and number of cores
  • WWAN Technology and frequency bands (e.g., HSPA+ including speed variants such as 7.2, 21, 42 Mbps, LTE, WiMAX)
  • Base operating system and its launched version
  • Tablet dimensions, weight
  • Screen size, type, and resolution
  • Battery size
  • Storage and expansion capability


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