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Citation and Usage Policy

Citation and Usage Policy


  • All Current Analysis intellectual property is subject to this Quotation and Usage Policy.
  • All syndicated research produced by Current Analysis is proprietary to Current Analysis and subject to copyright and other intellectual property protections.
  • All citations of Current Analysis research must be limited in scope. Full reproduction of research is prohibited.
  • All citations must come directly from the written research itself.
  • All citations must be accurately cited in verbatim or briefly summarized within the appropriate context and intended spirit of the research.
  • Custom quotes are quotes developed for a specific purpose by an analyst. Custom quotes must be approved by the appropriate research analyst, service director, consultant, AND Current Analysis Public Relations in the context of the materials in which the quote will appear. Custom quotes are not permitted in releases announcing merger and acquisition, funding, earnings, new executive hires.
  • Quotes and excerpts must be from published research that is less than 12 months old.
  • Quotes from published research must be properly attributed to the original research source.
  • The Current Analysis name may not appear in the subject line of an email or the title of a press release or newsletter.
  • Current Analysis reserves the right to allow or refuse the use of any quotation or citation of Current Analysis research.
  • Quote requests should be sent to To approve your quote request we require the following:
    • The quote you wish to use
    • The original research source of the quote
    • The materials in which the quote will appear
    • Indicate the location of the quote in both documents

External Communication

  • All external or commercial citation of Current Analysis research is prohibited without express written permission from Current Analysis. In standard cases, permission must be obtained from both the authoring research analyst as well as Current Analysis Public Relations.
  • Journalists or members of the press working under deadline are permitted to circumvent Current Analysis Public Relations, provided they obtain written permission from the authoring research analyst.
  • Current Analysis research may not be used to endorse a vendor, product, service, or to criticize a vendor's competitor. No company-specific excerpts are permitted as they may imply endorsement within the context of vendor materials.

Internal Communication

  • Limited use of excerpts internally within client organizations is allowed and does not require pre-approval. All copyrighted material should be marked "For internal use only".
  • Current Analysis research may not be used to endorse a vendor, product, service, or to criticize a vendor's competitor.



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