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Customized Solutions to Help You Compete and Win
Our Ready to Win tactical competitive intelligence solutions are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your company and the supporting roles within your organization.
Competitive Landscape – Our expert analysts review market opportunities and analyze key competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in an interactive, face-to-face workshop to help you improve your position in the marketplace.
Competitor Deep-Dive – Geared to help you increase win rates against a specific key competitor, this interactive, face-to-face session provides a comprehensive analysis of your competitor’s overall strategy, go-to-market strategies, and product portfolio and roadmap.
Battlecards – Provides your sales and marketing teams with critical competitive information and insights in a 6-8 page report on how a key competitor is approaching the market.
Trump Cards – Provides your sales team with quick, easy access to key competitive insights in a brief, tablet-friendly PowerPoint format that they can carry with them on the go to prospect meetings.
Vertical Industry Sales Enablement – Empowers your sales force with integrated solutions that combine a foundation of knowledge of vertical industries, primary demand-side research, and qualitative deep dives into the underlying demand drivers in key vertical industries.

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Ready to Win Portfolio

Need Benefit Ready to Win Offerings
Sales Enablement Arm your sales force to compete and win against key competitors • Sales Workshops
• Battlecards
• Trump Cards
• Vertical Industry
   Sales Enablement
Product Planning Understand competitive dynamics to identify key differentiators • Competitive Workshops
• Message Testing
New Product
Enter the market prepared for competitorsí responses and ready to capture business • Competitive Workshops
• Battlecards
• Trump Cards
• Sales Workshops
• CurrentCOMPETE Reprints
Competitive Response Respond quickly to competitor actions • Competitive Workshops
• Sales Workshops
• Battlecards
• Trump Cards
Strategy/Leadership Guide executive planning with expert insight • Competitive Workshops
• Message Testing

These information-rich, tactical solutions are based on Current Analysis’ unique position as the only provider of real-time, actionable competitive intelligence for the telecommunications and IT industries.


Competitive Landscape – This interactive workshop is designed to help you improve your position in the marketplace. Our expert analysts review market opportunities and analyze key competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help you understand where you are situated in the market, and provide tactical guidance on your most important market-facing objective: enhancing your product positioning and differentiation.

  • Review prevailing trends and macro issues shaping the market space
  • Review demand-side requirements and purchasing drivers in the targeted market space
  • Identify key competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses vs. market requirements
  • Candid SWOT analysis of client vs. competitors in the targeted market space
  • Key success factors and differentiation areas for client
  • Recommended short-term / tactical actions for client
  • Recommended longer-term / strategic actions for client
  • Suggested competitive intelligence framework: Who to watch, what to watch, how to watch

Competitor Deep-Dive – Geared to help you increase win rates against a key competitor, this interactive session provides a comprehensive review of a competitor’s strategy, product portfolio, go-to-market strategies and roadmap. Our analysts provide the tactical guidance to help you anticipate and outmaneuver a specific competitor.

  • Competitor Review
    • Company Overview
    • Strategy: What they are up to
    • Core competencies & targeted adjacencies
    • Trajectory: Portfolio Evolution and Roadmap
  • Product/Service Analysis
    • Analysis of the competitive portfolio
    • Market strategy and positioning


Based on a comprehensive, expert analysis of a company’s product portfolio, technological capabilities, product roadmap, go-to-market structure, sales organization, marketplace positioning, and ecosystem, Current Analysis Battlecards provide sales teams with critical competitive information and insights on how a competitor is approaching the market.

The Battlecard deliverable is approximately 6-8 pages and is structured as follows:

  • Company Snapshot – Overview of competitors’ financials, recent announcements, etc.
  • Organization Profile – Organizational structure, sales organization, key partnerships, etc.
  • Solution Strategy – Insights on how competitors are approaching the market, what their objectives are, and how they plan to achieve them.
  • Product Features and Momentum – A description of the competitor’s products, announced product roadmap, and key technologies.
  • Sales Messages – A description of sales messages and tactics used by the competitors.
  • How to Sell Against Them – Key positioning points when selling into Business and Technical.
  • Point / Counterpoint – Sales ‘attack’ messages that the competitor will likely use against your firm and ‘defend’ messages for sales teams to use to address the issues raised by the competitor.
  • Recommended Tactics – Overall recommendations for how best to approach situations when selling against competitors to maximize your win rate.

Trump Cards

Current Analysis realizes that having an educated, ready sales force is key to winning business. Our PowerPoint Trump Cards, provide succinct tactical competitive intelligence about your company and your competitors. We provide messaging about your strengths, counterpoints to potential perceived weaknesses as well as points to make about your competitors.

With Current Analysis Trump Cards your can:

  • Improve sales call preparation.
  • Quickly bring new sales reps up to speed on products and competitors.
  • Compete more effectively by employing recommended sales tactics. Know what to say to trump your competition.
  • Understand how your competitors are positioning against you and how you should respond.
  • Review during last-minute meeting preparations in easy to view PowerPoint format.


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