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Service Enablement Ecosystem

The Current Analysis coverage of the Service Enablement Ecosystem focuses on the integrated operation and billing system solutions that serve as the foundation of enabling service providers to design, offer and support new services offerings. The melding of telecom and IT networking technologies has become the key to allowing network operators avoid becoming marginalized as “dumb pipe” providers.

The service allows vendors to keep apprised of the moves their competitors are making with respect to enabling operators to transform their networks to participate in new business models, and generate new revenues. The service allows carriers to “keep tabs” on their suppliers by providing salient competitive information to be used in what can be make or break technology sourcing decisions.

Coverage areas include:

  • Integrated OSS/BSS and Network Transformations
  • Service Creation, Fulfillment, Assurance, and Billing
  • Analytics and Holistic Customer Experience Management
  • Capabilities Required Participate in New Business Models
  • Advanced Customer Attraction and Retention Strategies

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