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Business Network and IT Services

The business network and IT services industry is one of the most dynamic and investment intensive industries in the world, fueled by a combination of deregulation and rapid technology developments that has led to a complete transformation of the market. It's essential for industry players to keep a close eye on this evolving ecosystem of network operators, IT service providers, OTT Internet companies, and software and hardware vendors, to meet customers’ demand for more integrated and cloud-based solutions tailored to their business. Real-time competitive intelligence has become a vital component to the marketing and sales strategies of telecom and IT organizations worldwide.

Intensifying cost pressures and competitive concerns are driving organizations to explore their options to outsource IT functions as a way to operate more effectively, efficiently, and successfully through difficult global economic conditions. This redefining of what is strategic and should be kept in-house, and what is merely a utility function that can be handed over to external service providers is accompanied by an increased focus on end-to-end application performance management between any fixed or mobile terminal and any application server.

The Current Analysis coverage of the Business Network and IT Services industry includes analysis of U.S., European, Asia Pacific, Latin Ameica, and global telecom and IT competitors that sell services to enterprises, from SMEs up to the largest multinational companies, as well as wholesale carrier services. We cover a unique blend of network operators, IT service providers, challengers, and emerging disruptors. Much of our coverage focuses on the competitive landscape around data center and cloud, UCC, enterprise mobility and the networks and security that underpin the delivery of key applications. We do this through in-depth product and competitor assessments and timely analysis of key service launches, deals, partnerships, acquisitions and market trends shaping our industry.


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