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Internet of Things
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Internet of Things Ecosystem

The concept of an "Internet of Things" is not new. In one form or another, machines have been network-connected for years. Today's Internet of Things, however, is much more than just a new name for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Beyond the industrial, vertical market focus of traditional M2M offers, new use cases are still evolving as deployments scale and solutions mature to the point where meaningful RoI might be expected.

In tandem, consumer IoT use cases have opened up, fueled by the development of smart accessories (watches, fitness trackers, jewelry) and home automation solutions, all of which service providers are looking to exploit in an effort to move beyond traditional service offers. As these use cases expand, however, so too has the broader IoT technology ecosystem.

New cellular technologies have evolved to support the diversity in deployments, joining the fixed and short-range (WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth) options that do much of the heavy lifting. New back office solutions have emerged in order to on-board the massive number of new connections today and going forward. Perhaps most importantly, new computing and analytics platforms have emerged in order to process, secure and make use of all the data these devices generate.

Current Analysis' coverage of the Internet of Things Ecosystem includes analysis of the services and technologies comprising today’s end-to-end IoT landscape: enterprise-focused services and solutions, consumer-focused services and solutions, and the underlying technologies that support them. Leveraging analysis from across diverse Current Analysis practices, the service is designed to provide in-depth insight into how IoT services and solutions are being deployed and the many ways in which vendors, operators and other service providers are competing based on timely analysis of key product launches, partnerships, acquisition and other events shaping the industry.

Industrial IoT Services

The Current Analysis coverage of services around the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) concentrates on managed solutions built around machine-to-machine communications. These solutions typically use remote sensors to collect and transmit data to central locations for storage, handling and analysis. Industrial IoT represents a wide collection of applications across vertical markets, with communications needs that can be grouped into low-bandwidth, low-priority (e.g., utility meter reading); low-bandwidth, high-priority (e.g., certain types of e-health and financial transactions); high-bandwidth, low-priority (e.g., continuous data streaming); and high-bandwidth, high-priority (e.g., video surveillance). The Industrial IoT practice covers business-to-business and business-to-business-to-consumer applications. These solutions frequently reach beyond the network to include packages of data center/cloud services, applications services, service delivery, management and security solutions, and professional services.

Coverage areas include:

  • Framework services for connectivity, data storage &processing
  • Middleware/application platform services
  • Applications development, deployment & hosting
  • Applications services for categories such as:
    • Smart Cities
    • Connected Car
    • Intelligent Infrastructure
    • Remote Device/Resource Telemetry
    • Utilities/Smart Metering
    • E-Health/Telemedicine
    • Retail
    • Inventory, Transportation & Logistics
    • Connected Worker
    • Education/Distance Learning
    • Security Monitoring & Alerting

Consumer IoT Services and Devices

The Current Analysis coverage of the Internet of Things (IoT) Consumer Services and Devices segment focuses on the evolution of B2C applications and use cases leveraging machine-to-machine communications technology. The resulting service typically deploys a device featuring remote sensors which collect and transmit data to central locations for storage, handling and analysis, for a wide array of connected home and on-the-road consumer purposes. These services are delivered to the end-user by an even wider array of players and ecosystems of players, spanning the traditional telco industry carriers and vendor set, to OTTs, health, fitness and vertical segment specialists.

Coverage areas include:

  • Connected B2C home monitoring, security services and related devices
  • Connected B2C car services and related devices
  • Connected devices and services in the B2C health segment
  • Wearables, and the evolution of new B2C connected devices
  • Key industry alliances and ecosystem development in the B2C IoT market

IoT Platforms and Technologies

The Current Analysis Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms and Technologies segment, complements the coverage of Internet of Things (IoT) Consumer Services and Devices and Industrial IoT Services and Solutions by focusing on the hardware and software solutions that power B2C and B2B applications and use cases leveraging machine-to-machine communications technology. Examining the breadth of the IoT technology landscape, the analysis looks to IT solutions supporting enterprise IoT initiatives as well as the technologies deployed by service providers in order to support IoT across their networks.  Across these diverse implementations, the services being supported (and the vendors delivering them) will focus on consumers as well as enterprises. As service providers increasingly deploy IT technologies and large enterprises act as service providers, the technologies analyzed will apply across both sets of solution providers.

Coverage areas include:

  • IT Technology Implementations
  • Streaming Analytics and In-Memory Data Processing
  • Data Security, Compliance and Governance
  • Mobile App Instrumentation
  • API Management and Hosting
  • Enterprise Data Storage
  • Middleware Application Platforms
  • Service Provider Technology Implementations
  • RAN Access Technologies, including 5G
  • Network Intelligence & Security
  • Telco Cloud Architectures
  • OSS/BSS Transformations
  • Business Consulting and System Integration Services

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