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The Current Analysis coverage of consumer telecom services in Europe is designed to reflect the intelligence requirements of the 21st Century services industry, driven by a new breed of ‘total communications providers’. All of Europe’s top Tier 1s and many Tier 2s have now structured their formerly diverse fixed and mobile units down consumer-centric lines, with a single customer-facing business for consumers and enterprises respectively. Europe’s new ‘integrated operators’ are now exploring the competitive opportunity for multi-service provision in a bid to improve the customer base quality, lifetime longevity and nurture ARPU, whilst simultaneously reducing service provisioning costs (distribution, support and marketing).

Multi-service provision is now a strategic urgency, but it’s proving tricky to get right. Everyone’s working on it, but no one has really ‘cracked’ it, yet. Consumer Services Europe will monitor the progress, flagging success stories, value-added innovation, best practice and disruptive behaviour along the way, as well as ongoing evaluation of key new service launches across the entire communications field.

The Current Analysis Consumer Services Europe practice features:

  • Analysis of major service launches, trends, and industry events in the form of structured Competitive Intelligence Reports and Intelligence Alerts from trade shows and vendor events.
  • Longer, free-form Advisory Reports assess major market shifts.
  • Company and Market Assessments provide context to events and help identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • Smart Innovations & Multiplay Trend Watch reports offer a weekly round-up of the most interesting ‘smart innovations,’ multiplay service modeling and value-add evolution from European service providers. Coverage includes new propositions which create differentiation or a new competitive coordinate, or which highlight ongoing trends in service modelling, positioning or value-add.
  • Monthly OTT Watch reports offer a roundup of the most interesting Over-the-Top innovations across the U.S. and Europe from a variety of players, ranging from pure-play OTT service providers to broadcasters, pay-TV operators, device manufacturers, retailers and financial institutions

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