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Consumer Services U.S.

The Current Analysis coverage of U.S. Consumer Services hones in on the growing intersection of wireless services and wireline (or fixed) services. Wireless services continue to be the growth engine for the U.S. telecommunications sector, providing an array of untethered voice and data possibilities for the mobile user. Much of this growth is at the expense of wireline providers as customers look to ‘cut the cord’ for voice and data services. Additionally, wireline providers - incumbent telco and cable providers are battling for consumer marketshare among each other vying for consumers with bundled offerings in voice, entertainment and broadband internet.

All providers, wireline and wireless are under intense competitive pressures as each segments fight for new growth or just to retain its base. More and more, providers with wireline and wireless assets are looking to leverage both sides of their business to provide a “digital home” to the consumer. The Consumer Services landscape is fluid, and while there are many sources for news (or rumors), vendors, service providers, and content owners are still left without a sense of what the news means, how it advances a competitors’ strategy, and what to do about it. Our analysts aim to answer these questions within an actionable timeframe.

The Current Analysis Consumer Services practice features:

  • Analysis of major service launches, trends, and industry events in the form of structured Competitive Intelligence Reports and Intelligence Alerts from trade shows and vendor events.
  • Longer, free-form Advisory Reports assess major market shifts.
  • Company and Market Assessments provide context to events and help identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • Monthly OTT Watch reports offer a roundup of the most interesting Over-the-Top innovations across the U.S. and Europe from a variety of players, ranging from pure-play OTT service providers to broadcasters, pay-TV operators, device manufacturers, retailers and financial institutions

Current Analysis clients subscribe to CurrentCOMPETE to help in the planning stage (product planning and strategy managers), the decision and rollout stages (product and marketing managers), and sales execution (sales managers, field sales representatives, and merchandising managers). Clients are actively encouraged to reach out to analysts with specific questions – inquiry time is included with all Current COMPETE subscriptions, and your client manager will be happy to set up ad hoc or regular meetings.

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