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Consumer Services

The Current Analysis Consumer Services practice monitors the evolution of fixed, wireless and converged services, multi-play innovation and new service business models from carriers, MVNOs, OTTs and third parties, across Europe and the U.S.

Key Coverage Areas

The Current Analysis Consumer Services practice features:

  • Analysis of major service launches, trends and industry events in the form of structured Competitive Intelligence Reports and Intelligence Alerts.
  • Longer, free-form Advisory Reports assess and provide insight on major market shifts within the Consumer Services market.
  • Company and Market Assessments provide context to events and help identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • Regular Zeitgeist report series casts a weekly spotlight on events that are representative of new competitive realities in the consumer services space, now host to an array of providers from carriers to OTTs, OEMs and other third parties.

Complementing the CurrentCOMPETE Consumer Services analysis, Current Analysis offers CurrentTRACK for tracking competitive service changes. The most popular option tracks consumer postpaid voice pricing and promotions in a representative sample of U.S. regional markets. With the increasing competitive focus on prepaid, mobile broadband and international services, Current Analysis also provides monthly tracking services to keep abreast of these segments.

The Current Analysis Innovation IMPACT provides a global view to innovative carrier service introductions, analyzes the innovative nature of the business models behind them and evaluates their success over time, tracking and analyzing the trends. We help you accelerate strategic innovation. More information >>

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