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Mobile Ecosystem
Mobile Ecosystem
Insight into the Events, Issues, and Technologies
Changing the Entire Mobile Communications Industry
Mobility is quickly becoming the face of telecom innovation and opportunity, so much so that the many segments of the industry — from mobile device silicon to mobile handsets and connected devices to wireless carrier services and the access infrastructure that supports them — can now be considered parts of an inter-connected business “ecosystem.”
Against this changing backdrop, the businesses of vendors and service providers that compete in the individual segments of the mobility ecosystem are increasingly sensitive to activities occurring in areas that they do not traditionally monitor. Without an understanding of the broader trends influencing the entire industry, segment-level players are vulnerable and segment-level innovation risks failing to meet changing cross-market realities.
Current AnalysisMobile Ecosystem service is a unique source of integrated analysis of the key events, issues, and technologies that influence the mobile communications industry.


Current AnalysisMobile Ecosystem coverage helps you understand – and puts you in a better position to profit from – the wireless industry trends that stretch beyond the traditional boundaries of the mobile network, mobile device, and mobile service layers. Mobile Ecosystem delivers a complete picture of what is driving, limiting, or otherwise shaping the evolution of the business environment for mobile offerings; and the issues coming from adjacent markets that vendors, operators, and other players in the industry need to track.

  • How do new silicon advances impact tomorrow’s services and usage?
  • What is the next wave of usage-generating services and applications?
  • How are the industries around applications like mobile commerce or marketing organized? And how are they impacting network architectures?
  • What standards do you need to know about this year? And next?
  • What is taking place in the global spectrum landscape and how does it impact the broader ecosystem?


The Current Analysis Mobile Ecosystem service includes:

  • Event Reports provide an up-to-date analysis of key new product launches, strategy shifts, partnerships, and all activities that impact the broader mobile ecosystem. These reports clearly explain the importance of a specific event to players in the various segments of the mobile industry.
  • Trend Roundups build on key themes, such as Femtocells, Mobile Silicon, Application Development, and Mobile Marketing, summarizing the recent activity in the space and examining near-term drivers, long-term drivers, and their impact on the entire mobile industry.
  • Spectrum Watch reports present the key events in the global spectrum landscape — new auctions, regulatory updates, innovative launches, etc. — with an eye towards what these developments mean to new services launches, product development, infrastructure requirements, etc.
  • Standards Watch reports investigate the key standards touching multiple parts of the mobile industry. What are the technical aspects of the standard? What does it promise? Who is driving the standard and when can we expect to see it commercially realized?

The Current Analysis Mobile Ecosystem service also includes one-on-one time with category-specific analysts. Their frontline perspective and industry experience ensures you receive the best guidance available.

  • Scheduled Inquiry – Discussion of trends and specific business implications. One-on-one or team-oriented.
  • Ad Hoc Inquiry – Unlimited opportunity to call or email analysts to discuss research, ask questions, gather opinions.
  • Analyst Outreach – Proactive contact from service leaders on identified issues.
  • Consultation – Direct access to project team leaders for customer-directed lines of research and RFP discussions.

  • Mobile Ecosystem Report Summaries
    • Applications and Services
    • Devices and Silicon
    • Infrastructure and Femtocell


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Research Director,
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