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Current Analysis Company Assessments are the core element of our analysis in each market segment that we cover. They form the foundation for all company perspectives and advice, providing the baseline strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. Current Analysis assesses companies because such analysis is the critical element required to provide advice on industry events, new products, and market trends. Company Assessments are the primary entry point into our comprehensive analysis for our clients because the companies themselves are the key competitive agent in each market segment -- before even products.

Current Analysis selects companies to assess in each market segment based primarily on market share and relative competitive threat as determined by client input. We strive to provide Company Assessments representing 90% of the market share in each market segment that we cover. (Note: this is a guideline and target that is easily achieved in many segments, but impossible in some other, more fragmented markets.) We also rely on direct client polling to determine what companies they view as threats in their market segments.

Current Analysis Company Assessments are continuously updated – a minimum of every six months for Company Assessments in our Business Network and IT Services, Business Technology and Software, and Service Provider Infrastructure services, and a minimum of every four months for Company Assessments in our Consumer Services areas.

Current Analysis analysts are required to thoroughly research the following areas when preparing a new or existing Company Assessment:

  • Public domain information
  • Annual and/or quarterly results reports (when available)
  • Direct company briefings
  • 3rd party briefings and input
    • Customers
    • Resellers and partners
    • Competitors
  • Other Current Analysis assessments and Intelligence Reports
  • Primary research (when available)

A key element of each Current Analysis Company Assessment is the Competitive Index. The objective of the Competitive Index is to track current momentum and energy of the company in the relevant market segment. The analyst gives the company a score between 1 and 20 in each of several critical categories, including strategy, sales and marketing, product portfolio, service and support, and partnerships. (Note: the categories are fundamentally consistent across all Current Analysis services, but there are differences to match market requirements in each.) The guidelines for the scoring are provided in the table shown:

Leader: The acknowledged most important competitor for most in the market. Stable or strong financially, and a dominating presence that drives and creates markets with products and services. By default on every customer RFP list. Recent activities my include a market-changing merger, acquisition or partnership, or a new product or service that forces all competitors to change tactics.

Very Strong: A company that demands constant, proactive attention from competitors. A very strong product/services line and go-to-market capability, and that is generally included in bid situations on a regular basis. Recent activities may have included the introduction of a disruptive product or service that significantly changes the market’s competitive dynamic, or a strategic partnership announcement that re-shapes the market landscape.

Strong: A company that competitors should be focused on actively. A strong product/services line and good go-to-market plan, and capable of winning any contract. Recent activities may have included an important, proactive product or service delivery requiring action on the part of competitors, a solid acquisition, or an attention-grabbing customer win.

Competitive: Solid but unspectacular position – capable of winning business, but not disrupting the market, either. Recent activities may have included modest improvements to products or services that bring it up to par with competitors (or even provide a slight advantage), a good, strategic channel partnership, or the announcement of an interesting customer win.

Vulnerable: The company has important problems to resolve and is losing traction with customers and partners. Competitor sales teams are attacking the company to seek market-share opportunity. Recent activities may have included a missed product delivery, a major customer loss, or management shake-up and strategy shift.


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