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Current Analysis Intelligence Reports and Intelligence Alerts are the primary vehicle for our trademark on-going market insights and advice. As such, they are the key driver for the tactical use of our services. The reports are designed to be instant and actionable, and form a real-time market-insight bond with our clients. Current Analysis Intelligence Reports and Intelligence Alerts are the central element required to provide advice on industry events and new products, as well as market trends. The reports are build from the ground up to support the knowledge requirements of executive, strategy, sales and market departments within our client organizations. Their objective is to raise the intelligence of our clients in near-real time on companies, products and issues.

Current Analysis selects market events to address in Intelligence Reports or Intelligence Alerts based on competitive threat, buyer impact, and/or market impact. With competitive threat, the focus is on evaluating product, marketing or business activities by a company or companies that will have an impact on the activities of competitors in the marketplace. Likewise, reports will focus on how a product, marketing or business activity by a company or companies that will affect or influence buyer decision-making. Finally, reports will also focus on how a product, marketing or business activity by a company or companies will change or influence the way the market will behave going forward.

Current Analysis Intelligence Reports are generated when the action has impact on most competitors, buyers and/or the market in general, or is a high visibility or attention-grabbing activity – when client expectation for analysis and advice is high. Intelligence Reports are generally reserved for the most important activities each quarter.

Current Analysis Intelligence Alerts are generated for high impact activity that demand near-instant (within hours) analysis, and may be followed up by a full Intelligence Report. These may be important activities with impact on many or some competitors and/or buyers, or activities by a challenger or new entrant that may not have a high competitive impact but should be followed by market participants. Intelligence Alerts also cover activities that are a follow-up to a previous action by the company or companies.

Current Analysis analysts are required to thoroughly research the following areas when preparing a new Intelligence Report or Intelligence Alert:

  • Public domain information
    • Subject web site
    • News reports
  • Direct interaction
    • A specific briefing is recommended, but not absolutely required if enough public domain information is available
    • News reports
  • 3rd party briefings and input
    • Customers
    • Resellers and partners
    • Competitors

Two key elements of each Current Analysis Intelligence Report or Intelligence Alert are the Summary Ratings and Competitor Impact Ratings.

The objective of the Summary Ratings is to capture the essence of analysis and advice on:

  • General value (Perspective): is this good? how significant?
  • Vendor importance: what’s the impact on the company’s position?
  • Market impact: what reaction is required by competitors and/or buyers?
  • Innovation: does this action change the game or lead the way?
  • Response intensity: what should competitors do?

The objective of the Competitive Impact Rating is to provide a customized interpretation of the Market Impact and Response Intensity Ratings.

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