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Current Analysis Product Assessments are central to our analysis in most market segment that we cover. In many ways they are the ultimate form of analysis in our Services, building on our Intelligence Reports and Company Assessments, and diving into the details of products and services as competitive differentiators. As such they are the most granular format for competitor perspectives and advice, delivering analysis on strengths and weaknesses at the product level.

Current Analysis assesses products because such analysis is an essential part of the sales-enablement agenda. They are highly valued component of our Services supporting the competitive knowledge needs of sales, marketing and product management in client organizations. The product assessments are unique for the reliability, delivered always in a consistent format that allows for side-by-side comparisons, and updated at regular, dependable intervals.

Current Analysis selects products to assess in market segments based primarily on market share and relative competitive threat as determined by client input. We strive to provide Product Assessments representing 90% of the market share in each market segment that we cover. (Note: this is a guideline and target that is easily achieved in many segments, but impossible in some other, more fragmented markets.) We also rely on direct client polling to determine what companies they view as threats in their market segments.

Current Analysis Product Assessments are continuously updated – each are reviewed for completeness, accuracy and relevancy a minimum of every six months.

Current Analysis analysts are required to thoroughly research the following areas when preparing a new Product Assessment or updating an existing Product Assessment:

  • Public domain information
  • Direct company briefings
  • 3rd party briefings and input
    • Customers
    • Resellers and partners
  • Other Current Analysis assessments and Intelligence Reports

A key element of each Current Analysis Product Assessment is the Current Perspective rating. The objective of the Current Perspective rating is address each product’s comparative threat level in the market place, providing a top-level viewpoint that is followed with justifications in the text of the Product Assessment. The guidelines for the ratings are provided in the table shown.

Leader(s): Set agenda due to technology, features, functionality, and/or market presence. Likely to make significant gains in (or maintain leading) market share.

Very Strong: Very strong competitive position due to features and functionality – very well positioned to win new accounts but must enhance value-added services or innovation to lead the market.

Strong: Completeness, differentiators and/or enhancements establish strong competitive position – Competitively well positioned to win in new accounts.

Competitive: Solid, but middle of the road market position. Expected to neither gain nor lose appreciable market share, and to be strongest in the installed base.

Vulnerable: Qualifications due to features, functionality, pricing, which impact competitive standing - Likely to see some decrease in market share due to competitive threats unless corrective action is taken.


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