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Current Analysis Introduces
TMT Investment Research
Company, Market, and Product Intelligence
Current Analysis provides leading investment firms with daily intelligence reports, product assessments, and proprietary tools to analyze companies, product cycles and industry trends.
Investors use our research and data in several different aspects of their investment process:
Long/Short Idea Generation – Daily market intelligence on 300+ public and private TMT companies.
Company-Specific Analysis – Analyze product cycles and vendor positioning by industry segments.
Thematic Research – Identify key inflection points and emerging technology trends (Cloud, SDN, M2M, Enterprise Mobility, OTT, Big Data, and others).
Company/Sector Models – Track new products, pricing, and vendor positioning across companies with our unique retail and carrier level trackers for handsets and tablets.
Identify company specific trends faster for Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, and others with our proprietary data across Handsets and Tablets:
Detailed Company, Market, and Product Level Assessments:
How does Cisco’s Nexus Switching Family compare vs. Juniper’s QFabric?
What differentiates Cloud services from VMware, Red Hat, Oracle, and IBM?


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