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Global Data WAN Services:
Trends and Market Leaders
| Oct 26, 2010 | Business Network and IT Services
| Analyst: Joel Stradling, Senior Analyst, Business Network and IT Services
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Global data WAN services continue to progress to meet customer requirements to virtualize networks and IT functions, as well as support mission-critical and bandwidth-intensive enterprise applications running across the LAN-WAN-LAN fabric. Service providers are focusing on several areas to run a tight ship, including for example tighter integration of Ethernet and IP VPN platforms, applications performance, and access strategies.

In this Webinar, Joel Stradling, Senior Analyst for Business Network and IT Services at Current Analysis, looks at the global market trends for data WAN services, as well as winning service provider strategies. This webinar examines key questions to help make sense of today’s market and understand where it is heading tomorrow. It answers questions such as:

  • What are the major market trends in the global data WAN market?
  • How are carriers positioning their portfolios to achieve differentiation and demonstrate value-add?
  • What is the look and feel and overall service wrap of a competitive data WAN portfolio?
  • What are the main initiatives underway to develop a stronger proposition including for example: local access, on-net reach, interconnection, client-side tools and monitoring, applications performance management, and security?
  • Who are main players in the global market, and why?
  • Who are regional leaders and runners-up in terms of service coverage and operations in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and Canada, and Latin America?


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