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U.S. Prepaid Service Trends:
Let the History Do the Talking
| Nov 9, 2010 | Consumer Services U.S.
| Analysts: Weston Henderek, Principal Analyst, Consumer Services U.S.
  Maidy Whitesell, Analyst, Wireless Services U.S.

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Prepaid continues to be the most active segment in the wireless industry. After seeing explosive growth, prepaid providers have been reshaping their portfolios to more effectively reach a wider range of customers and to support the growth seen in previous quarters. Part of the prepaid evolution has been focused on price, as the overall cost of many monthly prepaid offerings is now lower than many postpaid offerings.

The overall breadth of prepaid offerings has also increased, focusing on the needs of a much wider range of customer needs than in the past. In addition, many prepaid providers are now offering better handset selection and some now offer smartphones and touch-screen devices bundled with data services. As today’s prepaid players look for new ways to differentiate from the competition in a tough economy, innovation has increased and the market will continue to evolve and broaden.

In this Webinar, Maidy Whitesell, Analyst, Wireless Services U.S., and Weston Henderek, Principal Analyst, Consumer Services U.S., look at the ever increasing mix of prepaid offerings in the U.S. market and examine the overall strategies of the prepaid providers. They speak to the following questions:

  • What are the major trends in the U.S. prepaid market?
  • Who are the main players in the U.S. prepaid market and what do their offers look like?
  • How are prepaid providers positioning their offerings to demonstrate value and differentiation?
  • What overall industry trends are in place that are driving innovation in the prepaid space?
  • Are smartphones and increased wireless data usage having a driving impact on the prepaid market?
  • How is overall competition shaping the prepaid space?
  • What effect are carrier wholesale strategies having on the prepaid space?
  • What effect are distribution strategies and payment options having on the prepaid space?
  • What changes in strategy and pricing can be expected by leading prepaid providers over the next year?


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