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Enterprise Social Networking for Competitive Advantage
| Oct 24, 2012
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Brad Shimmin, Principal Analyst, Collaboration
and Conferencing
Moderated by Jerry Caron, Senior Vice President,

Social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. have without question altered the way we communicate with one another, greatly improved the we stay informed, and quite simply revolutionized the way we interact with business. And thanks to vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Jive, and many others, the ideals that have driven such successful consumer social networking sites are now actively transforming the enterprise landscape itself.

Through rich profiles, smart activity streams, and insightful analytics, companies are improving employee productivity, fostering innovation and encouraging the capture and dissemination of corporate knowledge. And yet, because every enterprise social networking implementation is unique, reflecting a company's corporate culture and understanding its business processes, IT buyers cannot simply provision server and software in order to garner a return on investment.

How do IT buyers, particularly those within the mid-market, where dollars and expertise are hard to come by, plan for success, avoid failure, and most importantly, architect for a lasting competitive advantage?

Join Brad Shimmin, Current Analysis Principal Analyst for Collaboration and Conferencing, for an exciting and interactive session where he will provide objective, pragmatic advice on how to best capitalize upon enterprise social networking software and services. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Ranking the Benefits of Enterprise Social Networking
  • Prioritizing Line of Business Application Integrations
  • Mapping Centralized vs. Diffused Deployments
  • Exploring Mentors and Evangelists
  • Charting Barriers to Adoption
  • Embracing Game Mechanics
  • Assessing the Demise of Email

During this webinar, Brad shared key results from our recently fielded 2012 Collaboration Survey of IT buyers from 600 international companies ranging in size from 100 to 10,000+ employees. Current Analysis will provide actionable intelligence gleaned from survey participants, zeroing in on the reasons IT buyers are adopting social networking products behind the firewall, the hurdles they've faced in doing so, and the methods they've adopted to get the most out of their implementations. We will then see how the current enterprise social networking vendor landscape stacks up against these requirements with survey respondents ranking more than 30 companies.

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